Who Is Pippa Hanson? Gavin Wanganeen Wife: Married Life

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Former rules football player Gavin Wanganeen has been married to his wife, Pippa Hanson, for over a decade. Together, they are raising four daughters.

A former Miss World contestant, Pippa first met Gavin while they were both on a South African trip, where they had gone for their work. Three years later, in 2011, they started dating.

Before Pippa, Wanganeen was married to another woman, with whom he has two kids- a son and a daughter.

Australian Former Professional Rules Football Player Gavin Wanganeen
Australian Former Professional Rules Football Player Gavin Wanganeen (Source: The Advertiser)

Gavin Adrian Wanganeen, better known as Gavin Wanganeen, is an Australian former rules football player who played in the Australian Football League for over fifteen years, starting in 1990.

Born in Mount Gambier, South Australia, to a family of athletes, Gavin attended Salisbury East High School. During those years, he played junior football for the Salisbury North of the South Australian Amateur Football League.

Wanganeen joined Port Adelaide’s academy in the late eighties at 14. He debuted in the SANFL for the club in 1990, in which he led them to a league victory and won the SANFL Premiership Player for his performance.

Moreover, Gavin later won numerous accolades for his games, playing for Essendon and Port Adelaide in the AFL. He became the AFL Premiership player twice, in 1993 and 2004.

Gavin Wanganeen Wife

Who Is Pippa Hanson? 

Pippa Hanson is a former Miss World Australia runner-up and model.

Born in 1979 in South Australia, Pippa attended Flinders University in Adelaide, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Drama and Dramatics in 1999.

However, she later joined the University of Adelaide, pursuing an LL.B degree. After graduating college in 2003, Hanson participated in the Miss World Australia, which she lost to Olivia Stratton.

Gavin Wanganeen's Wife-Pippa Hanson
Gavin Wanganeen’s Wife, Pippa Hanson (Source: LinkedIn)

A bold and confident woman, Pippa started her media career in 2008, starting as a snow reporter. Later on, she was a TV presenter at iSelect for two years until 2013.

Additionally, she was associated with other channels, including Inspirational Woman. TV and Hotham Media & Snow TV. Similarly, she appeared in several TV commercials and advertisements.

As a former model, she is currently associated with a talent agency named The Models, where she works as a mentor.

Aside from that, she is involved in various other sectors, including being the director of companies such as JooJu Coffe and Murra Partners. Furthermore, Pippa is an ambassador of Foodbank South Australia.

Marriage With Gavin And Kids

Pippa Hanson is married to a famous Australian rules football player, Gavin Hanson.

The pair first met each other in 2008 while on their South African trip. Even though Gavin liked her immediately, he did not think it was love.

Hailing from the same place, Gavin said he often saw her in programs, so he finally asked her out in 2011. She agreed, and that was the start of their relationship.

Gavin Wanganeen With His Wife And Daughters
Gavin Wanganeen With His Wife And Daughters (Source: Instagram)

After dating for a year, Gavin and Pippa tied the knot in the presence of a few close friends and family members at Kent Town’s Tin Cat Cafe in Adelaide in July 2012

Following their marriage, the couple had four daughters.

Gavin was previously married to Stephanie Richards, with whom he had two kids, namely Tex and Mia. Married in 2000, Gavin separated from his former wife in 2009, a year after he met Pippa.

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