Who Is Rachael Ellering, Paul Ellering Daughter? Family Tree

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Paul Ellering and his daughter Rachael Ellering are a popular father-daughter duo in the realm of professional wrestling. With both stars in the wrestling limelight, fans are interested in knowing more about the Ellering family tree.

Prominent in the wrestling scene of the 1980s, Paul has been active once again, undertaking a role as a manager for most of his career.

Additionally, his daughter Rachael Ellering is also a household name among wrestling fans. Undoubtedly, her talent and personality have helped endear her to fans of all ages.

Authors Of Pain Manager Paul Ellering
Authors Of Pain Manager Paul Ellering (Source: X)

Paul Ellering was born on August 22, 1953, and is a native of Minnesota, United States. Starting as a powerlifter, he entered the wrestling business in the mid-1970s.

In a journeyman career, he appeared in various promotions such as the American Wrestling Association(AWA) and World Championship Wrestling(WCW).

Renowned for his exceptional talent on the mic, he mostly appeared in the role of manager. Most notably, he is known for being the manager of the legendary Legion of Doom in the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE).

After a decade-long hiatus, he returned to WWE in 2011. Currently, he is the manager of the destructive tag team Authors of Pain.

Known for his trash-talk and ability with the mic, Paul is a celebrated character among fans of WWE.

All About Paul Ellering Daughter Rachael Ellering

As aforementioned, Rachael has followed the footsteps of her father and entered the world of professional wrestling.

Academically, she is a graduate of Melrose High School. She then achieved a degree in Communications from St. Catherine University.

Born in 1992, the Minnesota native graduated from the Storm Wrestling Academy in 2015. After brief showings at smaller promotions, she joined the WWE in 2016.

Rachael mostly featured on NXT and the Mae Young Classic while in WWE in two separate stints.

She also appeared in Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling in the years between 2015 to 2020. Commencing, she joined Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2020. 

Most recently, she has re-signed for Ring of Honor. A supremely talented performer, Rachael’s career has been stop-start so far with moves from one promotion to another.

Ring Of Honor Star Rachael Ellering
Ring Of Honor Star Rachael Ellering (Source: Instagram)

Fans of professional wrestling hope she can make a strong mark wherever she goes, as she has earned many admirers thanks to her hard work and talent.

In terms of her personal life, she is active on Instagram(@therachaelellering). She posts snaps from her wrestling events, pieces of training, and travels on the social media platform.

Additionally, she is engaged to fellow professional wrestler Chris Hero.

Overall, a hard-working and captivating former, Rachael has certainly won many fans with her charm and talent.

Ellering Family Tree

Paul Ellering exchanged wedding vows with his present wife Joan Satzer in 2006. However, he was previously married to Debra Randall.

Rachael is the daughter of Paul’s first marriage with Debra. Additionally, Paul has two other children: Rebecca and Saul.

Paul Ellering And The Authors Of Pain
Paul Ellering And The Authors Of Pain (Source: X)

With Paul being a recognized name in wrestling, it certainly inspired Rachael to follow the same career path.

Undoubtedly, fans are excited about what comes next for both Paul and Rachael in their wrestling storylines.




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