Who Is Rebecca Kill, Jerry Kill Wife? Married Life & Kids

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Jerry Kill’s wife, Rebecca Kill, has been married to the football coach for four decades. The football couple share two daughters, Krystal and Tasha. 

Jerry Kill’s family has gone through a lot for several years. It started with his diagnosis of cancer in 2005 and then his continuous seizures. In 2011, Jerry even collapsed on the sidelines as he suffered from a seizure.

Jerry Kill Addresses The New Mexico State University Fans In 2022
Jerry Kill Addresses The New Mexico State University Fans In 2022 (Source: Twitter)

His health made him retire from football in 2015, but he couldn’t be kept out for long. He returned in 2018 with Souther Illinois AD as a special assistant to the chancellor. His family gave him the green signal to return to the field. 

In 2022, Jerry became New Mexico State’s head coach, and in his first season, the Aggies won their second bowl game in its history since 1960.

On Saturday, the Aggies beat the Auburn for the first time in its program history. After the game, Jerry credited his players, assistant coaches, and fans, saying there was a relentless effort from all sides.

Jerry Kill Wife: Meet Rebecca Kill & Know About Their Married Life

Jerry Kill’s wife, Rebecca Kill, was only 19 when she walked down the aisle with the football coach. A small-town Kansas girl, Rebecca shared her husband’s dream and stood by his side during his highs and lows.

Jerry came to know about Rebecca when he played football at Southwestern College. He was roommates with Rebecca’s brother. Jerry was straightforward with Rebecaa’s brother about his love for Rebecca.

He said to her brother that he wanted to marry her someday. Jerry tied the knot with Rebecca, three years after making that comment.

It wasn’t always as easy for the couple as it is now. There was a time when they struggled to pay $150 monthly rent while living in Bartos Mobile Home Park. They hardly saw each other as football engulfed Jerry’s life.

Jerry Kill Is Greeted By His Wife Rebecca Kill After His First Win As A Gopher's Coach
Jerry Kill Is Greeted By His Wife, Rebecca Kill After His First Win As A Gophers’ Coach (Source: Twitter)

During their four decades of togetherness, the couple also went through many health scares. Jerry and his fight with epilepsy has been well documented, and during this time, Rebecca served as his rock. 

Jerry suffered his first seizure in 2000 and the second one in 2005. It was during his second seizure that it was discovered the football coach had stage 4 kidney cancer. 

Fortunately, the cancer was discovered on time, and Jerry beat it. But the seizure remained. It even drove him to retirement in 2015, but he returned in 2018.

In 2012, Kill even brought Rebecca on recruiting trips because of his history of seizures. After Jerry’s return to football, Rebecca became a spokesperson for epilepsy awareness.

In an interview, Rebecca admitted she keeps a watchful eye over her husband. She tracks whether Jerry has taken his medicines and has done his exercises. 

Jerry Kill Daughters: Krystal And Tasha Are A Supportive Pair

Jerry Kill shares two daughters with Rebecca, Krystal, and Tasha Kill. The duo has previously talked about their dad’s struggle with epilepsy.

During their dad’s retirement in 2015, Jerry Kill’s two daughters released a public statement. The sisters said it was hard watching their father walk away from something he loved doing the most. 

They further said it was hard because football had always been their life. Jerry’s eldest daughter, Krystal Kill, has been with her father on the sidelines since she was six. 

Jerry Kill Pictured With His Daughter, Krystal Kill After A Game
Jerry Kill Pictured With His Daughter, Krystal Kill, After A Game (Source: Twitter)

During an interview with CNN in the early 2010s, Krystal was said to be working on the sidelines with her dad, keeping a check on him. She knew what to do if Jerry suffered from a seizure during the game. 

During her conversation with ESPN, Krystal talked about the special connection she shared with her father on the sideline. Krystal said she was lucky enough to experience what her father loves doing the most. 

Jerry’s daughter said she learned a lot while working with her dad, but most notably, she understood his love for the game and all the people around him. 

Previously, Krystal was a teacher for special needs students but has kept herself away from social media. Tasha also has kept her distance from the public interaction. 

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