Who Is Salvo Coppa, Adia Barnes Husband? Age And Wikipedia

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Adia Barnes and her husband, Salvo Coppa, are integral cogs of the University of Arizona basketball program as prominent coaches.

Adia Barnes is the head coach for their women’s basketball team, and her partner, Salvo Coppa, is the assistant coach.

Arizona HC Adia Barnes
Arizona HC Adia Barnes (Source: NBC Sports)

Adia Barnes, the head coach of the University of Arizona Women’s basketball program, has held the seat since 2016. 

She is also a former WNBA player and has worked as an analyst and commentator in basketball matches.

Who Is Salvo Coppa, Adia Barnes Husband?

Born on March 4, 1979, Salvo Coppa serves as the assistant coach to his wife, Adia, at the Univerisity of Arizona.

As the head coach, his wife’s leadership and his role as the assistant coach create a unique and special dynamic, forming a connection on and off the field.

Coppa boasts a diverse coaching background, including experience in the Italian First Division (A1), coaching national teams in Europe and Asia, and NCAA Division I college basketball.

With an impressive track record, he has secured three gold medals with three different teams.

During his seven seasons as the Associate Head Coach of Trogylos Priolo in the Italian Division 1, Coppa notably coached WNBA All-Star Tari Phillips.

The 45 years old also coached Michelle Greco, Kristine Haynie, and Florina Pascalau, all of whom played in the WNBA.

Adia Barnes And Husband Salvo Coppa
Adia Barnes And Husband Salvo Coppa (Source: Arizona Daily Star)

Before transitioning to coaching in the United States, he served as the head coach of the Thailand Women’s National Team.

Under his guidance, the team won the Gold Medal at the South-Eastern Asian Games 2011. Subsequently, it was their first gold medal in 16 years.

This accomplishment highlights his successful coaching tenure and impact on the international stage.

An original member of the coaching staff of his wife, Adia, the pair are the heart and soul of Arizona basketball.

Academically, Coppa obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Public Relations from IULM University in Milan, Italy.

He is also a certified FIBA coach and is proficient in four languages: Italian, English, Spanish, and French.

Balancing Coaching With Their Personal Life

The coaching couple have formed a tight-knit family unit with their two children, son Matteo and daughter Capri.

They are responsible parents and have sacrificed their personal lives for their betterment.

In a 2021 interview, the pair revealed how hard it was to juggle basketball with the upbringing of their kids.

Adia And Salvo Have Two Children
Adia And Salvo Have Two Children (Source: Instagram)

They acknowledge, like everyone else, that they are not flawless parents.

However, Coppa mentioned that they strive to do their utmost to spend time with their children, even amidst the demands of the basketball season.

Similarly, Adia talked about the sacrifices in raising the kids and how family always comes first.

“We care and sacrifice a lot for them. We don’t have a social life. We don’t care about that. We take all of our extra time and spend it with them. Sometimes that’s hard and you don’t want to go to the zoo on your day off.”

Their commitment to parenting is evident, as they prioritize family time for their kids even within the demanding and stressful job of coaching.

Subsequently, this underscores their strong sense of parental responsibility.

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