Who Is Sharmell Huffman, Booker T Wife? Married Life & Kids

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Booker T wife, Sharmell Huffman, married the WWE wrestler in 2005. The wrestling royalty share twins, born in 2010.

Before marrying Sharmell, Booker was already once married, but his heart fell for the woman he had first met in the late 1990s. The two supported each other’s careers, leading them to become household names in the wrestling world. 

Booker T And Sharmell Show Off Their Ring As They Attend A Football Game At AT&T Stadium
Booker T And Sharmell Show Off Their Ring As They Attend A Football Game At AT&T Stadium (Source: Instagram)

Sharmell has been away from the wrestling world for a long time. But a recent incident shows that the wrestling fans haven’t forgotten Queen Sharmell. 

Recently, the couple was at the Indiana Pacers game, and their star player, Tyrese Haliburton, couldn’t stop himself from fanboying over them. He excitedly greeted them and said he needed a picture together after the game. 

Booker T Wife: Get To Know Sharmell Huffman

Many wrestling fans do have an idea about Booker T’s wife, Sharmell Huffman, who once competed in WWE. Sharmell, 53, began her career as a pageant queen before joining the wrestling world. 

It was in the late 1990s that Sharmell met her husband, Booker T. She had just begun her career in World Championship Wrestling as a member of the Nitro Girl dance troupe. 

As Nitro Girl started gaining popularity among wrestling fans, she changed her stage name to Paisley and made her in-ring debut in 2000 against Tammy Lynn Sytch.

Sharmell Stands In Front Of Her Poster On The Night She Is Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame In 2022
Queen Sharmell Stands In Front Of Her Poster On The Night She Is Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

In 2001, Sharmell joined WWF as a full-time in-ring performer and backstage interviewer. But her wrestling dream came crashing down as she suffered a serious knee injury. But in 2005, re-entered the wrestling world, this time with WWE.

It was also the year she tied the knot with Booker, and when she came to the WWE, she was introduced as the valet for her husband. During her time in WWE, Shannon was part of one of the storylines that the former WWE champion, Kurt Angle, says was one of the worst ones who took part in.

During the entire storyline, Kurt stalked Sharmell. Angle said that was the most embarrassing storyline, as he respected Booker and Sharmell. 

In 2006, after Booker T won the King of the Ring Tournament, he was crowned “King Booker” and Sharmell as “Queen Sharmell.” In 2007, the couple left WWE and debuted in TNA later that year.

After two years in TNA, Sharmell left the company and announced her retirement. With her husband, Booker, Sharmell has been involved in wrestling matches as well as business deals.

In 2005, the wrestling couple established the company Reality of Wrestling. In 2022, Sharmell was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Booker T Kids- Relationship With Estranged Son

The WWE wrestler Booker T is the father to three kids. He shares two of whom with his present wife, Sharmell Huffman. Brandon, Kendrick, and Kennedy are his three kids.

Before becoming a household name in wrestling and settling into his married life with Sharmell, Booker had a history of visiting police stations. He also had relationships with other women before meeting Sharmell.

With a woman named Angela, Booker shared a son named Brandon. Brandon was born in 1984, and after returning from prison in 1989, the former wrestler fought for his son’s custody, who had been admitted into foster care. 

Booker and Brandon have previously talked about their tumultuous relationship in a six-part series focusing on Booker’s private life.

Brandon later went on to live with Booker and at times, his aunt. The wrestler’s oldest son didn’t get along well with Booker’s first wife, Levestia, but has said that his relationship with Sharmell was peaceful. 

Booker T And Sharmell Share Twins

After being married for five years, Sharmell gave birth to twins- Kendrick and Kennedy. The former wrestler has shared several family photos on her Instagram handle. Earlier this year, Sharmell celebrated them turning teenagers and joining eighth grade.

Previously, speaking to Helwani on The MMA Hour, Booker talked about his twins. He said that both Kennedy and Kendrick are wrestling fans. 

Sharmell Pictured With Her Two Kids-Kennedy And Kendrick
Sharmell Pictured With Her Two Kids-Kennedy And Kendrick (Source: Instagram)

He also stated that he has his son in the war room, listening to the angles and knowing what it means to the general and taking charge.

Booker added that his daughter is ready to get in the ring and run. But he wanted to teach his son the business side as he didn’t have any aspirations of seeing him become a wrestler.  

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