Who Is Strength Coach Thomas Stallworth? Will Falcons Fire Him After F- Report?

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American football strength and conditioning coach Thomas Stallworth has garnered fan intrigue in his career after the Falcons’ low ratings in the latest NFLPA report.

He has been with the Falcons since 2021 and possesses a long history of involvement in American football.

Falcons Strength Coach Thomas Stallworth
NFL Strength Coach Thomas Stallworth (Source: YouTube)

Thomas Stallworth is an American football strength and conditioning coach. He has coached for various NFL franchises, most recently the Atlanta Falcons.

Additionally, Stallworth has a doctorate in sports science and is highly experienced in his craft.

Who Is Strength Coach Thomas Stallworth?

To begin with, Thomas Stallworth has been the strength and conditioning coach of various NFL franchises like the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Giants.

Additionally, he is a highly educated individual in the field of health and fitness and is highly knowledgeable about athlete performance.

Stallworth had come to Atlanta after working three seasons as an assistant strength and conditioning coach with the New York Giants.

Before his time with the Giants, he had spent the 2017 season at Western Kentucky University. He was the football program’s head strength and conditioning coach.

Subsequently, Stallworth has an extensive background in strength and conditioning, having worked at Fresno State, Texas Tech, and North Carolina State.

He served as the associate strength and conditioning coach at Mississippi State for three seasons, contributing to the team’s historic 2014 season.

Notably, Stallworth also played a role in the success of the 2015 N.C. State football team. He helped produce three NFL draftees, including quarterback Jacoby Brissett and defensive tackle B.J. Hill.

Before his coaching career, he was a linebacker at the University of Tennessee from 1997-2001. He played during a successful period for the Volunteers, winning the national championship in 1998 and participating in five bowl games.

Stallworth Has A Doctorate In Sports Science
Stallworth Has A Doctorate In Sports Science (Source: X)

Academically, Stallworth earned his bachelor’s degree in sports management from Tennessee in 2001. Later, he completed his master’s in sports administration in 2004.

Following, he pursued his doctorate in sports psychology and sports science from the University of the Rockies.

With a rich and diverse background, he brings extensive experience to the field of athlete conditioning.

Subsequently, he has journeyed through various universities and contributed to successful football programs.

Low Ratings In The NFLPA Report

According to the latest NFLPA report for the Falcons, the franchise received an F- grade in strength and conditioning.

This has led to question marks over the performance and coaching style of Thomas Stallworth. Subsequently, the NFLPA gave him the lowest rating for a strength coach in the league.

“The number one issue that the players felt needed improvement at the time of the survey was the head strength coach. He received the lowest grade of any strength coach. The players described a negative culture in the weight room.”

Additionally, in the report, the NFLPA clarified the issue was only with Thomas and that the assistant coaches were great. This led to Thomas Stallworth being unretained by the Falcons for the next NFL season.

Stallworth Was Replaced By The Falcons After Poor NFLPA Ratings
Falcons Replaced Stallworth After Poor NFLPA Ratings (Source: Atlanta Falcons)

Subsequently, head coach Raheem Morris hired John Griffin. John was formerly the associate director of strength and conditioning for the Los Angeles Rams.

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