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Chip Ganassi daughter, Tessa Ganassi, has come out swinging on her X account after eight years. Tessa has always been incognito from the racing world, but it looks like not everything is fine in the Ganassi family.

The only child of the Chip Ganassi Racing owner, Tessa Ganassi, isn’t holding back when it comes to her father’s action, which resulted in the death of Devlin DeFrancesco’s puppy.

The Chip Ganassi Racing Owner Chip Ganassi Seen In His Scooter
The Chip Ganassi Racing Owner Chip Ganassi Seen In His Scooter (Source: Twitter)

On her X account, Tessa has put her father on blast for what he did to her when she was a child, saying he had always been a reckless driver. 

The multi-millionaire, Ganassi, has publicly apologized for his action and has pledged a donation. The unfortunate accident happened at the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

Chip Ganassi Daughter: Meet Tessa Ganassi 

Chip Ganassi daughter, Tessa Ganassi, is his only child, with his wife, Cara Small Ganassi. Despite coming from one of the famous racing families, Tessa has kept herself out of the public limelight. 

But after several years, Tessa has spoken something about her father publicly. On January 30, Tessa logged on to her X account (formerly Twitter) to lambast her father and his recent actions. 

Chip Gannasi’s daughter graduated from Shad Side Academy in 2015. She previously tweeted about it, but after high school graduation, she hasn’t shared much detail about her life. 

Chip Ganassi's Daughter, Tessa Ganassi, Certainly Has A Bad Blood With Her Father
Chip Ganassi’s Daughter, Tessa Ganassi, Certainly Has A Bad Blood With Her Father (Source: Twitter)

Tessa is available on Instagram but has kept her handle private. It was also in 2015 that the media had pictured Tessa continuing a family tradition by being first to make a selection in the qualifications draw for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.

Previously, Chip said he named the car they built at Carnegie Mellon University after his daughter. So, from the outside, it looked like Chip had the best relationship with his daughter. 

Tessa is available on TikTok but has only shared three videos, one of them being of her cute dog. The other two are her enjoying dancing and lip-syncing to songs with her friends. 

In NASCAR and the racing world, it’s more common to see kids join their fathers to support their company. But doesn’t look like the case with Tessa and Chip Ganassi Racing.  

Tessa Ganassi Calls Out Her Dad

The car owner, Chip Ganassi, issued a public apology after he ran over and killed Devlin DeFrancesco’s golden retriever puppy. The incident happened in the motor home lot at the Daytona International Speedway. 

Chip also donated to the Indianapolis Humane Society on behalf of DeFrancesco’s dog, Lucky, and his family. Later, DeFrancesco also shared a post, thanking Ganassi for his apology and the donation pledge. 

But it looks like Tessa has been holding a grudge against her father for a long time. She wrote, “What a joke. He hates animals. Like when he let my dog out the front door onto a main road in the snow at night with no leash when I was eight, then called me “braindead” for not bringing a house key with me when I ran outside in the snow to get her?”

Tessa Ganassi's Statement After Her Dad Apologized For Running Over Devlin DeFrancesco's Puppy
Tessa Ganassi’s Statement After Her Dad Apologized For Running Over Devlin DeFrancesco’s Puppy (Source: Twitter)

She further wrote, “He always pulls out of the track like a maniac. Like pulling out of IMS when he hit a man walking with a cane, then the guy shattered my dad’s car window with the cane, and my dad just kept driving. 

He feels remorse for absolutely nothing, I promise you. Throwing money at the situation per usual.”

A few NASCAR were suspicious at first and thought Tessa had been hacked. But the post has now been up for almost 24 hours. 

One fan sided with Tessa and said, “This is probably why so many people in the paddock were pissed about what happened. He was probably driving like a maniac in the motor home lot, and it could have been prevented.”

But some have written Tessa wants her five seconds of fame. And reading a few others’ comments, it seems as if they know Chip Ganassi better than his daughter. 

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