Who Is Yamila Alvarez, Angel Cabrera Girlfriend? Age & Wiki

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Yamila Alvarez and Angel Cabrera share a deep bond that has evolved from boyfriend-girlfriend to a committed married couple.

While Angel Cabrera’s personal life has seen its share of challenges, including past troubled relationships that resulted in imprisonment, his connection with Yamila signifies a new chapter and a positive turn in his journey.

Their relationship has been a source of strength and transformation for both, highlighting the resilience of love in overcoming past difficulties.

Cabrera's International Prowess Shines on the Presidents Cup Stage, Representing with Distinction in 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2013
Cabrera’s International Prowess Shines on the Presidents Cup Stage, Representing with Distinction in 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2013 (Source: Wikipedia)

Angel Cabrera is a distinguished Argentine professional golfer with a notable career on European and PGA tours.

Renowned for his exceptional achievements, Cabrera boasts the prestigious title of a two-time major champion.

His triumphs include capturing the U.S. Open in 2007 and securing victory at the Masters in 2009—marking a historic milestone as the first Argentine and South American to achieve such a remarkable double.

Embarking on his professional journey at twenty, Cabrera faced initial challenges with three unsuccessful attempts at the European Tour Qualifying School.

Undeterred by setbacks, he forged ahead, eventually leaving an indelible mark on the global golfing stage.

Who Is Angel Cabrera Girlfriend?

Angel Cabrera, the renowned professional golfer, has consistently been in the spotlight due to his high-profile relationships.

The same can be said for his now-wife, Yamila Alvarez, who became a subject of public curiosity as their love story unfolded.

Since Yamila Alvarez entered the scene as Angel Cabrera’s girlfriend turned-wife, fans have been eager to learn more about her, especially her age.

However, despite the interest surrounding her, details about Yamila’s personal life remain shrouded in mystery.

Surprisingly, neither social media platforms nor the internet holds substantial details about her life, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative.

In July 2021, He Faced Conviction, Leading to a Two-Year Prison Sentence
In July 2021, Angel Cabrera Faced Conviction, Leading to a Two-Year Prison Sentence (Source: ESPN)

The mystery surrounding Yamila Alvarez deepened after her marriage to Angel Cabrera.

The golfer, known for his prowess on the course, entered a new chapter in his life, embracing the roles of both father and husband.

In November 2022, Yamila, Cabrera’s partner of four years, welcomed their son, Felipe, into the world.

Despite this joyous occasion, the details surrounding Yamila’s life continue to elude the public eye.

For now, Yamila Alvarez remains a captivating figure, drawing attention to her association with Angel Cabrera and the secrecy surrounding her personal life.

A Golfer’s Journey from Prison to Reflection

Angel Cabrera was granted parole from an Argentine prison in August 2023 after serving over two years for gender violence offenses against two former girlfriends.

Cabrera’s arrest by Brazil’s federal police on an Interpol warrant in January 2021 led to his sentencing in July 2021 to two years in prison for threats and harassment against Cecilia Torres Mana, his partner of two years.

Another former partner, Micaela Escudero, also filed a case against him.

Angel Cabrera And Ex-Girlfriend Cecilia Torres Mana
Angel Cabrera And Ex-Girlfriend Cecilia Torres Mana (Source: thesun.co.uk)

In a candid interview with Golf Digest, Cabrera publicly addressed his actions for the first time since his release, expressing deep remorse:

“I am embarrassed by my behavior, and I acknowledge making serious mistakes.”

Cabrera revealed that during the final six months of his incarceration, he found himself alone in his cell after his previous cellmate was released.

During this time, he turned to reading old golf magazines that featured articles about himself.

Despite the challenges, Cabrera occasionally had the opportunity to go out to a soccer field at the prison, where he would use a stick or a broom handle to take swings, providing a brief respite from his confinement.

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