Who Was Artie Garelli, Dana White Brother? Obituary And Death Cause

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Dana White Brother: The beginning of 2024 brought an unexpected and sad turn of events for the UFC CEO, Dana White.

As the first light of the new day dawned, Dana shared the heartbreaking news of the passing of his close friend, Artie Garelli, whom he affectionately called his brother.

The announcement resonated widely on social media, triggering an outpouring of condolences and heartfelt messages that flooded the comment section.

UFC CEO Dana White
UFC CEO Dana White (Source: Instagram)

Dana White, a prominent American businessman, holds the esteemed positions of CEO and president at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

In addition to his leadership role at the UFC, White owns Power Slap, a slap-fighting promotion that introduced a unique competition in January 2023.

Previously featured on TBS, this competition has garnered attention for its distinctive approach to combat sports.

Born on July 28, 1969, Dana White is the son of June and Dana White Sr.

His cultural background is Irish American, and he spent much of his early years residing in Ware, Massachusetts.

Dana White’s Heartfelt Tribute To ‘Brother’ Artie Garelli

In a sad turn of events to kick off the new year, UFC CEO Dana White took to Twitter to announce the sudden and heartbreaking demise of his dear friend, Artie Garelli.

In a heartfelt tweet, White wrote, “RIP my brother,” accompanying the message with a poignant image of Garelli.

While many are joyfully welcoming the arrival of 2024 with their families, the White family is grappling with the profound loss of Garelli.

The news of Garelli’s passing left many in shock, as not much was known about him or the circumstances surrounding his death.

Initial confusion arose when it was revealed that Dana White had referred to Garelli as his brother, leading some to believe they were blood-related.

Dana White Shares The Demise Of His 'Brother'
Dana White Shares The Demise Of His ‘Brother’ Artie Garelli (Source: X)

However, it became clear that Garelli was a close friend whom White regarded as a brother.

As the media picked up on the news, curiosity grew about Artie Garelli’s identity and his relationship with Dana White.

Despite the widespread interest, little information is available about Garelli, leaving many intrigued to learn more about the man who held such a significant place in the UFC CEO’s life.

One aspect that surfaced from White’s Twitter post is that Artie Garelli appeared to have been a married man.

Though details about his personal life remain scarce, the glimpse into his marital status adds another layer of mystery to the enigmatic figure whose untimely departure has left the White family in mourning.

Dana White’s Journey Through Loss and Complex Family Dynamics

Dana White, the UFC CEO, has faced not only the recent loss of his close friend, Artie Garelli but has also weathered the sorrow of losing his parents.

In a candid September 2023 interview with Piers Morgan, White opened up about the passing of his mother and father.

During the interview, White discussed the emotions surrounding the death of his parents, revealing a complex array of feelings.

“I didn’t wish any ill will on either one of my parents, but no, when they passed away I had almost no feelings about it, to be honest with you.”

Dana went on to recount the efforts he made during his father’s final days, moving him to Maine and ensuring family surrounded him before his passing.

Dana White's Mother June White
Dana White’s Mother, June White (Source: seacoastonline)

However, the dynamics were different when it came to his mother. White disclosed that he had no involvement in assisting her before her demise.

The strained relationship between Dana White and his mother became apparent over the years, reaching a point where she publicly criticized him in an unauthorized biography published in 2011.

In the book, she referred to her son as “egotistical, self-centered, arrogant, and cruel,” shedding light on the tumultuous nature of their connection.

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