Who Was Doris Smith, Fritz Von Erich Wife? Kevin Von Erich Parents

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Fritz Von Erich and his wife, Doris Smith, shared a remarkable bond over four decades.

Their union had six sons, five of whom ventured into professional wrestling.

In the later years, Doris Smith found solace in Hawaii, where she resided alongside her son Kevin and his family.

The Late Jack Barton Adkisson Sr. aka Fritz Von Erich
The Late Jack Barton Adkisson Sr., aka Fritz Von Erich (Source: today)

Fritz Von Erich, an American professional wrestler, wrestling promoter, and the patriarch of the famed Von Erich family, boasted an impressive career.

Accumulating a total of three world championships and securing an unmatched 20-time NWA United States Championship, Fritz established himself as a wrestling icon.

His prowess in the ring set a standard for excellence that resonated throughout the wrestling world.

In a pivotal moment in 1982, Fritz undertook his retirement match against King Kong Bundy within the newly rebranded World Class Championship Wrestling promotion in Dallas.

This marked a significant chapter in his storied career and reflected the evolution of the wrestling landscape.

Beyond his accomplishments as a wrestler, Fritz assumed the role of owner of the World Class Championship Wrestling territory.

Fritz Von Erich Wife Doris Smith

Doris Adkisson, also known as Doris J. Smith or Doris Juanita Smith Adkisson, was a central figure in the captivating narrative of the Von Erich wrestling dynasty.

Born on November 18, 1932, in Louisiana, USA, she was the daughter of Carey O’Bryan Smith and Eron Jane Johnson Smith.

Growing up, Doris shared her childhood with siblings Nancy Joe Smith Boettcher and David Eugene Smith.

Generations of Strength: The Von Erich Family - Kerry, Kevin, David, and Mike (standing), Doris and Fritz (seated), and Chris (kneeling)
Generations of Strength: The Von Erich Family – Kerry, Kevin, David, and Mike (standing), Doris and Fritz (seated), and Chris (kneeling) (Source: yahoo)

Doris and Fritz, whose real name was Jack Adkisson, were more than just life partners; they were high school sweethearts who attended Crozier Technical High School together.

Their love story unfolded, and they decided to plunge into matrimony.

On June 23, 1950, the couple exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony that began a lifelong journey.

This union coincided with Fritz’s junior at Southern Methodist University (SMU), where he was integral to the Mustangs football squad.

Despite their early challenges, their love endured, and they welcomed six sons into the world. Tragically, only one of their children is still alive today, adding a poignant layer to the family’s storied history.

In October 2015, at 82, Doris Adkisson passed away, leaving a legacy of love and resilience.

Kevin Von Erich Parents

Kevin Von Erich, a name synonymous with wrestling greatness, was born to Fritz Von Erich and Doris Adkisson.

Fritz and Doris, high school sweethearts who exchanged vows on June 23, 1950, embarked on a journey that saw the birth of six sons.

However, their union faced challenges, leading to their eventual divorce on July 21, 1992.

 Kerry, Fritz, Kevin, Chris (front), Mike, and David standing side by side, forging a timeless family legacy
Kerry, Fritz, Kevin, Chris (front), Mike, and David standing side by side, forging a timeless family legacy (Source: Wikipedia)

Tragedy struck the Erich family on September 10, 1997, when Fritz succumbed to lung cancer infecting his brain.

The patriarch’s passing marked the end of an era, leaving a void that resonated within the wrestling community.

Doris Adkisson faced her battles, grappling with emphysema.

Her health struggles persisted even after she moved from her Dallas residence to the tranquil shores of Hawaii.

Kevin, his wife Pam, and their children found solace in this idyllic haven for nearly a decade.

The final chapter of Doris’s journey unfolded with a poignant memorial service at First Baptist Dallas downtown.

She was laid to rest beside her husband, Fritz, and their sons, Chris, David, Mike, Kerry, and Jack Jr., at Grove Hill Memorial Park.

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