Who Was Robbie Meiklem? Young Footballer Dies

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Robbie Meiklem, a young footballer dies, and this has made the whole soccer community go silent. May his soul rest in peace.

A player with promising talent, the death of Robbie Meiklem is truly a loss to all soccer fans. 

Robbie Meiklem Holding A Ball A Posing To Take A Picture Before The Game
Robbie Meiklem Holding A Ball A Posing To Take A Picture Before The Game (Source: TheSun)

Born in Girvan, Scotland, on June 10, 2003, Robbie Meiklem was not just a talented football player but also an inspiration to everyone he came in contact with.

His progression through the Girvan Football Club’s ranks served as evidence of his dedication, enthusiasm, and love for the game.

Robbie joined the Girvan Development team when he was still a young man. Still, it didn’t take him long to realize his potential.

In 2004, he played for the Coylton Boys team, which stood third in the Barcelona Summer Cup. He was able to bag the title of the top scorer. 

The 2004 team finished first in the West of Scotland league and won the Tom Young Cup, Kildrum Tournament Cup, Ayr International Scotland Cup Salver, Charles Hoggit Cup, and Presidents Cup.

Coaches, teammates, and fans all took notice of his abilities, resolve, and hard work ethic on the field.

Robbie Meiklem A Young Footballer Dies | Cause of Death

Robbie Meiklem, the young footballer dies at the age of 21. No further information is available about the cause of his death, which they claim to be suicide.

For now, it is only known that the young footballer left us on Saturday, September 23, in a bed at Ayrs Hospital. This loss has made the whole soccer community silent.  

Talking about him as a person, Robbie Meiklem was a shining example of ability and promising talent.

Robbie showed a commitment to the game of soccer from a very young age.

Everyone who had the luxury of getting to know him could see how passionate he was about the game.

Robbie Meiklem A Young Football Player Dies. May His Soul Rest In Peace
Robbie Meiklem A Young Football Player Dies. May His Soul Rest In Peace (Source: TheSun)

In addition to his outstanding on-field abilities, his teammates admired him for his strong leadership skills.

His Family Is Devastated, And His Father Sends A Message To The World

Following the untimely death of the young Ayrshire footballer, his bereaved Scottish family has issued a mental health plea.

Rab Meiklem, his father, revealed the heartbreaking news on social media while paying respect to his son, whom he described as a ‘kind, caring young man.’

Following the death of his son, who gave off “no signs or clues” that he was battling with his mental health, the father delivered an anguished plea to parents to “cuddle your children tonight and tell them you love them.”

Robbie had been on life support for three days before his family took the tough decision to turn it off.

Rab disclosed on Facebook that after a wonderful day at the races, his son took his own life on Saturday night.

How Is His Club, Girvan Football Club, And Well-Wishers Mourning?

Robbie was affiliated with the Girvan FC’s Under-20 development squad before his death, which has left the team devastated. 

They have recently posted an official statement dedicated to his passing. They have decided to pay respect to him in several ways. 

Firstly, the Girvan Development squad and First squad games scheduled for this weekend have been postponed out of respect for Robbie.

Robbie Meiklem With His Soccer Team In 2004
Robbie Meiklem With His Soccer Team In 2004 (Source: PressReader)

Furthermore, the club will work closely with Robbie’s family to support and assist during these difficult times.

Also, they understand that healing will take time, and they commit to being there for them every step of the way.

The news of Robbie’s passing has shocked the entire Girvan community. As a token of the utmost respect and affection that everyone had for him, they have canceled the matches this weekend.

It reflects the profound sense of loss felt by everyone who had the honor of knowing him.

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