Who Was Shootergang VJ? DE Carl Granderson Brother

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Carl Granderson brother, Shootergang VJ, was shot dead on November 2, 2023, in Texas. The younger brother of the NFL player was a rapper and had gang affiliations. 

Unlike his older brother, Shootergang VJ wasn’t motivated enough to become an athlete. He admitted in an interview in 2021 that he wanted to become part of the gangster lifestyle since his teenage years. 

The Oak Parks Rapper Shootergang VJ Shared The Above Photo Only A Week Before His Demise
The Oak Parks Rapper Shootergang VJ Shared The Above Photo Only A Week Before His Demise (Source: Instagram)

The New Orleans Saints defensive end has yet to address the situation related to his brother’s demise. Since his brother’s death, Granderson has shared a post on Instagram, but it was a post about a paid partnership with Rocket X Denim. 

Last month, Granderson earned praise from former NFL player and analyst Brian Baldinger for his spectacular form. Earlier this year, Granderson had signed a four-year $52 million contract with the Saints. 

Who Was Shootergang VJ? Carl Granderson Brother

Carl Granderson’s brother, Shootergang VJ, first came into the public limelight in 2018. He released his first album, Off The Dribble, and since 2021 has released eight albums and EP. 

Born on June 13, 1998, Shootergang VJ was raised in Oak Park, California. The late American rapper is two years younger than his NFL brother, Carl. 

In his interview with Star Quality Entertainment, Shootergang VJ opened up about his childhood. VJ was one of nine kids and remained the youngest child of his parents for a decade. 

When asked about what it was like growing up in Oak Park, the rapper said it was normal for him but might not sound typical to others. VJ admitted he had always been a brash child and would always get in trouble. 

He spent most of his time in and out of the juvenile detention center. His first charge was for burglary when he was only 12 or 13. He was then ordered to wear an ankle monitor.

The American Rapper Shootergang VJ Pictured With His Daughter Earlier This Year At Her Birthday
The American Rapper Shootergang VJ Pictured With His Daughter Earlier This Year At Her Birthday (Source: Instagram)

A week after being freed from the ankle monitor, VJ had to once again head to the juve for another burglary. He explained to the host that it was one of his friends who snitched on him. 

Later in the interview, VJ talked about several beefs with other rappers and people around the Oak Park community. VJ also chatted about how he never had the right influence in his life and ended up looking up to older people who were already living a criminal lifestyle. 

Talking about his musical career, VJ said he began writing rap music when he was in juve, and one of his first inspirations was Shootergang Jojo.

The late rapper also stated that he started taking his music career seriously after Jojo went to jail. VJ felt he had the onus to carry on the legacy. 

Shootergang VJ Death 

The 25-year-old rapper was found dead in Bitter Root Dr, Texas. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is currently handling the case and is still actively searching for the killer. 

Witnesses present said they saw VJ arguing with another man, and soon the argument escalated. The culprit shot VJ multiple times, with the deputies later finding the rapper’s body in the driveway. 

On Reddit and Instagram, the rap fans talked about how the rapper should have stayed in his hometown and also the multiple beefs he had with other people. 

Shootergang VJ (Right On Top Of The Car) Pictured With His Friends Earlier This Year
Shootergang VJ (Right On Top Of The Car) Pictured With His Friends Earlier This Year (Source: Instagram)

One of the famous people Shootergang VJ had beef with was the American rapper Mozzy. Last year, VJ had posted photos of him wearing Mozzy’s chains, which they had snatched.

Some fans have speculated the rapper may know something about VJ’s murder. But if you check VJ’s Instagram handle, there aren’t many mourning his demise and are dissing him in the comment section. 

The Everybody rapper has a daughter, and earlier this year, he shared a video celebrating her birthday. The little girl has lost her father, and in this difficult time, our thoughts are with the rapper’s family. 

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