Why Was Opelousas Basketball Coach Fired? Breonna O’Conner Hired By Scotlandville

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Breonna O’Conner, a skilled basketball coach who once led the Opelousas team, was fired in early 2023.

The news of her termination initially surfaced through a Facebook post by Ghettowaze, a news and media website.

Nearly a year later, this post has garnered widespread attention again, reigniting discussions about the dismissal of Breonna O’Conner—a talented and dedicated black basketball coach.

Former Opelousas Basketball Coach Breonna O'Conner
Former Opelousas Basketball Coach Breonna O’Conner (Source: X)

Breonna O’Conner, born on April 3, 1995, in Lafayette, Louisiana, is the daughter of Michell Williams.

She graduated from Ville Platte High School in Ville Platte, Louisiana, in 2013, where her athletic prowess shone across basketball, track and field, softball, and cross country.

O’Conner achieved numerous accolades, earning recognition as first-team all-state and MVP for her district.

She was pivotal in leading her team to a pariah championship, district championship, and state runner-up position.

In pursuit of higher education and athletic excellence, O’Conner attended Indian River State College in Fort Pierce, Florida, during the 2014-15 season.

There, she lettered in basketball under the guidance of Coach Diana Couch and garnered recognition as Player of the Week honorable mention on three different occasions.

Opelousas Basketball Coach Fired

Breonna O’Conner, an exceptional former Opelousas Basketball Coach, was widely acknowledged for her outstanding coaching skills and unyielding commitment to discipline.

During her tenure with the Opelousas High School girls basketball team, O’Conner achieved an impressive 18-4 record, showcasing her prowess on the court.

However, despite her stellar performance, the team unexpectedly terminated her in January 2023.

O’Conner herself conveyed the shocking news of her dismissal via social media on January 24, stirring viral attention and controversy.

The reason behind her termination became a subject of intense debate, particularly after a post by the news and media website Ghettowaze on Facebook, which suggested that the decision was accompanied by the puzzling comment that coaching wasn’t a “fashion show.”

Breonna O'Conner Fired From Opelousas
Breonna O’Conner Fired From Opelousas (Source: Facebook)

This statement seemed perplexing, given O’Conner’s professional appearance and undeniable success.

The public sentiment strongly leaned towards wanting their children to be mentored by someone who commanded self-respect and wasn’t hesitant to showcase their capabilities.

The controversy surrounding O’Conner’s termination sparked a broader conversation about the values and expectations placed on coaches in high school basketball.

And now, after almost a year, the news has again surfaced in the media. 

However, to this day, the coach has not disclosed the reasons behind her termination.

O’Conner Hired By Scotlandville

Shortly after news of O’Conner’s termination emerged, Scotlandville High School announced that Breonna O’Conner would be their new head coach.

Taking charge of the Scotlandville girls’ basketball program in March 2023, O’Conner expressed her eagerness for the role.

“I’m already in place teaching here at Scotlandville, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet the players,” she remarked. 

“I observed them throughout this year, and with three starters returning, I can’t wait to get started.”

Scotlandville High School Reveals Breonna O'Conner As Their New Coach In March 2023
Scotlandville High School Reveals Breonna O’Conner As Their New Coach In March 2023 (Source: X)

O’Connor’s affiliation with the school dates back to a clinic where she first crossed paths with Hornets’ athletic director, Sample.

Notably, she played a pivotal role in the Ville Platte team that secured a Class 3A runner-up position against University High nine years ago—an experience that profoundly influenced her journey.

Subsequently, she continued her basketball pursuits at Northwestern State and Augusta University in Georgia.

Now, as the head of the Scotlandville program, O’Conner takes the reins of a team boasting three returning starters from the 2022-23 season, which concluded with them as the Division I select runner-up to John Curtis.

Embracing the challenge with enthusiasm, O’Conner envisioned implementing a new system, promising a fresh perspective that would undoubtedly benefit the players.

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