Will James Franklin Be Fired? Penn State Coach Future Uncertain After Loss

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James Franklin Fired – This is the headline most PSU fans want to see in the coming days. But few believe Franklin should be trusted at least until the end of 2024. 

Why? The new format is on the way next season, and some believe Franklin will benefit from it. The veteran head coach, James Franklin, was yet again disappointed by his team’s performance against a big team. 

James Franklin Was Booed By The PSU Crowd After The Loss Against Michigan
James Franklin Was Booed By The PSU Crowd After The Loss Against Michigan (Source: Twitter)

Franklin is now 1-12 against Associated Press top-five opponents. His record against Top Ten teams isn’t good enough. He has 1-9 against the Top 10 teams, with the only win coming against Utah in a bowl game. 

But who can replace him? Some college football fans have told PSU fans to be careful what they wish for as they wouldn’t want the same fate as other college teams. 

Will James Franklin Be Fired? Another Loss And Loud Boos

The Penn State fans want James Franklin fired, and they made that evidently clear after the loss against Michigan. James Franklin is now 0-6 against Ohio State and Michigan. 

The “Fire Franklin” chant isn’t new among Penn State football fans. They sang it in 2016, and later that year, Franklin and his men won the Big Ten Championship. 

But it doesn’t look like that is going to happen again. This time around, Franklin might lose his job. The running back Nicholas Singleton said the coach was emotional in the locker room. 

But Franklin composed himself for the post-game media session. The game against Michigan drew several criticism, with fans questioning the team’s offense. 

James Franklin Faces Challenging Time Ahead As His Future Hangs In Balance
James Franklin Faces Challenging Time Ahead As His Future Hangs In Balance (Source: Twitter)

The Penn State quarterback Drew Allar had only 70 yards passing and completed only 45% of his attempts. The QB shouldered the blame for the loss, but for now, it’s only Franklin who is the fan’s target. 

Franklin acknowledged Michigan’s strong defense but said he and his staff were part of the offensive struggles. After the game, Franklin said, “We have lost to the No.1 and the No.3 team in the country. That is not good enough; we have got to find ways to win those games.”

With Michigan handing Penn State their season’s second loss, Franklin can bid goodbye to his Big Ten Championship dream. 

Who Will Replace James Franklin At Penn State?

Though thousands booed James Franklin after the loss against Michigan, nobody seems to find the answer to who should replace the veteran coach at Penn State.

Many fans believe Franklin has hit his ceiling at Penn State, and it’s time for both parties to move on. But you can find a few fans on the internet who believe Franklin should remain at PSU even for at least one more year.

Some fans believe Franklin will benefit the most out of any coaches with the new format that will be implemented next season. One PSU fan on Reddit wrote, “If this is our ceiling, I can live with that. Better than being a Nebraska.

The fan further added, “I will take consistent 10 or 11 wins seasons each year, especially with the new playoff format.” 

A few names that popped up a few weeks ago include the likes of Chris Peterson, Clemson’s OC Garrett Riley, Washington’s HC Kalen DeBoer, and Duke’s HC Mike Elko. 

But the question remains, what if PSU turns into Texas, Nebraska, or Tennessee after firing their veteran coach? It is certainly a difficult choice for the higher-ups at PSU.

Sriyukta Pradhananga
Sriyukta Pradhananga

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  1. Penn State will never have a good Offense with James franklin. Would you come if you were a GOOD QB? It is the Worst offense in College Football. Run the ball & Defense, Hope that gets it done. It is tough to watch their Offense, if you can call it Offense. More OFFENSIVE than Offense. No good QB would ever go there. Their career would end there. Absolutely will not change until he is gone. Just watched a running play on 3rd & 8, how innovative & imaginative. He has to go. Fire the one who extended him.


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