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Willie McGinest Son: While he was a renowned name during his NFL days, Willie’s successors in the family tree are also making a significant impact in the world of sports.

A 3-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots, Willie McGinest is a respected figure in the NFL.

Continuing his legacy and name, his descendants also excel in their respective sports.

NFL Legend Willie McGinest
NFL Legend Willie McGinest (Source: NBC)

Playing for the New England Patriots and the Cleveland Browns in an NFL career spanning nearly 15 years, Willie McGinest has a stacked resume.

Winning 3 Super Bowls and a 2-time Pro-Bowler, he also holds the record for the most post-season sacks.

Following his NFL career, he has worked as a TV analyst for reputed organizations like ESPN and Fox Sports.

Ryan Nixon: Willie McGinest Son

San Jose State University football star Ryan Nixon is Willie McGinest’s nephew.

Like his uncle, Ryan is also a robust and brisk-paced athlete, playing in the cornerback position.

An athletic specimen, Ryan is 6’3” and weighs 194 pounds. A star safety at Long Beach Poly High School, he even earned a first-team All-Moore League selection.

At San Jose, Ryan has featured chiefly as a role-player but makes significant impacts whenever he steps on the field.

San Jose State Cornerback Ryan Nixon
San Jose State Cornerback Ryan Nixon (Source: ESPN)

In limited game time, he has already won over the San Jose fans and is a favorite.

Going into his senior year, Ryan hopes to be a mainstay in the team and improve his resume for the NFL Draft.

Ryan is a skillful player in his own right and has the added hype of being Willie McGinest’s nephew.

With all the surrounding attention, fans are excited to see how his footballing career pans out. 

A sports lover since his childhood, Ryan idolizes LeBron James and Jalen Ramsey.

His Daughters Are Volleyball Stars

Contrary to Ryan and Willie, the three daughters of the NFL Patriots legend are involved in volleyball.

Starting with the Halie McGinest is a crucial cog in the Sierra Canyon Varsity Volleyball team.

Willie McGinest Daughter, Halie
Willie McGinest Daughter, Halie (Source: Instagram)

She is a senior and is 6’0” tall, playing in the Outside Hitter position (OH).

Sharing the Sierra Canyon Volleyball stage with her is her sister Hanna McGinest.

Hanna is in her freshman year and will graduate in 2027. With a 5’10” stature, she also plays in the OH position like her sister.

Speaking of, Willie’s eldest daughter, Rylie McGinest, is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina.

This is also her father’s alma mater, so she is continuing the great legacy of the McGinest family at USC.

Rylie McGinest, USC Volleyball
Rylie McGinest, USC Volleyball (Source: USC Athletics)

She is the eldest of the three sisters and plays as a Middle-Blocker.

Although featured mainly as a role player in her freshman and sophomore years, she hopes to be a permanent fixture in the USC team sheet in her junior year.

She has earned praise from USC’s head coach, Brad Keller, who likens her to an explosive, very speedy athlete.

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