WR Zay Flowers Girlfriend Ruby Antonioli Is A College Graduate

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Zay Flowers’ girlfriend, Ruby Antonioli, graduated from Boston College in May. Ruby started dating the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver in 2020.

The young couple, Zay and Ruby, might have crossed paths for the first time as students at Boston College.

Zay had his girl cheering for him as he walked up to the stage to be greeted by Roger Goodell with the Ravens cap and jersey. 

Zay Gives A Sweet Peck To Ruby As Ruby Shares The Picture On His 20th Birthday In 2020
Zay Gives A Sweet Peck To Ruby As Ruby Shares The Picture On His 20th Birthday In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

With Ravens heading into one of their most promising seasons, the 22nd pick, Flowers, has made many Raven fans dream high. 

The 23-year-old wide receiver, Flowers, has already started to impress his seniors at Ravens. In a recent press conference, Mark Andrews was one of those to praise the youngster.

The franchise player and the highest-paid player in the NFL, Lamar Jackson, is another one to sing praises about Zay. Despite the latest hamstring tweak, Flowers is expected to join his team in the minicamp. 

Zay Flowers Girlfriend, Ruby Antonioli

Zay Flowers’ girlfriend, Ruby Antonioli, comes from a family of Boston students. A native of Acton, Massachusetts, Ruby is the youngest of three sisters. 

The daughters of Jill Salamon and Greg Antonioli, Ruby and her older sister, Carly, are graduates of Boston College. Her father, Greg Antonioli, owns Out of the Woods Construction & Cabinetry. 

He is also the former president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and also looks after the subsidiary company, FirstCall Residential. A graduate of Santa Clara University, Greg has years of experience in real estate.

Ruby Antonioli Shares A Stunning Picture From Her Trip To New York Last Year In March
Ruby Antonioli Shares A Stunning Picture From Her Trip To New York Last Year In March (Source: Instagram)

Ruby’s mother, Jill Salamon, graduated from NYU and studied family health at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. She is available on Facebook but isn’t much of an active user. 

Her oldest sister, Carly Antonioli, was part of the rowing team during her time in Boston. She is currently a student at New York Law School. 

Ruby has another older sister, Sophie Antonioli, the family’s middle child. Sophie is a graduate of Lehigh University and was part of the track and field team.

She was one of the star athletes in her college and previously finished first overall in the Patriot League Championships. 

But unlike her sisters, Ruby didn’t show much interest in sports and graduated from Boston earlier this year in May.

Zay Flowers Started Dating Ruby Antonioli In 2020

Zay Flowers and Ruby Flowers first sparked romance rumors in 2020. The couple hasn’t shared many pictures, with Zay’s first picture with Ruby only coming this year in March. 

Her first post for the footballer came on September 12, 2020, on Zay’s 20th birthday. Ruby shared a series of pictures of her and Zay, including one with Zay placing a sweet peck on her cheeks. 

After a long hiatus, Ruby finally shared new pictures with her beau earlier this year in March. The future NFL star reshared the same images on his Instagram.

These were the first pictures Zay shared of Ruby on his social media. In late April, the young couple celebrated Flowers being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2023 NFL Draft. 

Zay Flowers Pictured With Girlfriend Ruby Antonioli During Draft Day In 2023
Zay Flowers Pictured With Girlfriend Ruby Antonioli During Draft Day In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Ruby was one of the supporters of Zay who attended the ceremony, and later the two were pictured partying hard with their friends. She captioned the post, “I can’t wait to see you in that purple. You’re a RAVEN, BABY.”

With Flowers ready to light up NFL, it’s for certain we will see several posts from Ruby attending his games. Many expect the wide receiver to have a historic rookie season with the Ravens and become one of the promising stars in 2023. 

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