Wrestling Referee Gerrard Flores Obituary And Death: What Happened To Him?

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Wrestling Referee Gerrard Flores Obituary- A beloved referee of the Colorado wrestling community, Gerrard Flores, passed away on January 7. 

Flores held pride in being a brush Beetdigger, and during his long career as a referee, he officiated several matches. He wasn’t only part of the wrestling community but other sports, including baseball. 

Gerrard Flores During His Time As A Wrestler In His Younger Days
Gerrard Flores During His Time As A Wrestler In His Younger Days (Source: Facebook)

A man who had touched the lives of many, several parents have taken to their Facebook handle to post lovely tributes to Gerrard and his impact on the wrestling community. 

Gerrard’s two sons have shared photos with their dad, and so have his two sisters. The Colorado wrestling community has truly lost a great man in Gerrard Flores. 

Wrestling Referee Gerrard Flores Obituary & Death Cause 

Gerrard Flores passed away on January 7 at noon during a wrestling tournament at Arvada West High School. Flores experienced a medical emergency during the match when fire and police officers responded.

The attempts to resuscitate Flores failed, according to police Public Information Officer Dave Snelling. Flores was brought to an ambulance but passed away and was declared dead at the scene. 

Snelling said, “One of the referees at the wrestling tournament fell ill. Arvada fire and Arvada police responded, and he was medically treated. Despite all resuscitation attempts, he passed away.”

The wrestling tournament was canceled after Flores’ death. Flores was one of the most beloved men in the Colorado wrestling community. 

An Avid Wrestling Fan Gerrard Dedicated His Life To Wrestling
An Avid Wrestling Fan Gerrard Dedicated His Life To Wrestling (Source: Facebook)

He was a former collegiate wrestler and graduated from Northeastern Jr. College in 1988 with a degree in business administration. Alongside working as a wrestling referee, Flores also worked as a supervisor at Time Warner Cable. 

A Colorado Wrestling Facebook page shared the link to 9News’ article related to Flores to mark as a tribute to him. Flores not only refereed wrestling matches but of other multiple sports as well. 

On Facebook, Flores has shared several pictures of the NFL team Denver Broncos. He would occasionally also share schedules of nearby wrestling matches on his social media handles. 

Tributes Pour In For The Colorado Referee

The Colorado native Gerrard Flores had two sons-Trea and Tristin Flores. His two sons haven’t released any statement but have shared throwback pictures with their dad.

Tera Flores, who happens to be a musician, shared a childhood photo of him sitting on his dad’s lap. He captioned the post with a broken heart emoji. Gerrard’s youngest son, Tristin, shared a picture of him and his dad at Fenway Park. 

There are videos of Gerrard being an umpire at kids’ baseball games. His sister, Malessa Hernandez, shared a compilation video of her brother umpiring various baseball games. 

Malessa reshared the video on her Facebook feed after a parent of one of the kids had shared the video on her social media handle.

Gerrard Flores Pictured With His Son Tristin Flores At The Fenway Park
Gerrard Flores Pictured With His Son Tristin Flores At The Fenway Park (Source: Facebook)

The person who shared the video, Mindy L. Albert, wrote, “You touched so many of these young kids’ lives through sports and gave many kids opportunities to shine.”

Chaparral Wrestling Club also shared their tribute to the legendary referee. The Wrestling Club shared various pictures of Gerrard at wrestling matches and wrote, “If you’ve spent any amount of time around youth wrestling over the years, you knew Gearrard.”

They continued, “The wrestling community lost a wonderful person! He gave so much to the sport and our youth.”

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