Yasiel Puig Wife: Is He Married To Andrea De la torre?

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Yasiel Puig Wife: Yasiel and his partner, Andrea De La Torre, who have been in a committed relationship since 2014, have not yet married.

The couple has three sons, with details about their youngest child undisclosed.

Recent social media inactivity and a lack of photos together have led to speculation about a possible separation, but neither party has confirmed the rumors.

American Professional Baseball Right Fielder Yasiel Puig
American Professional Baseball Right Fielder Yasiel Puig (Source: Instagram)

Yasiel Puig Valdés is a Cuban-born professional baseball right fielder born on December 7, 1990.

Puig is a professional baseball player in several countries and leagues, including MLB, KBO League, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Moreover, he has played for teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, and Kiwoom Heroes.

Puig won a bronze medal in the 2008 World Junior Baseball Championship. He signed a $42 million contract with the Dodgers in 2012 and debuted in MLB on June 3, 2013.

Is Andrea De la torre the Wife of Yasiel Puig?

Despite being in a committed relationship for several years, Yasiel Puig and his girlfriend, Andrea De La Torre, have not yet tied the knot.

The couple started their relationship in 2014 and are parents to three sons.

Their first son, Daniel Sebastian Puig, was born on February 2, 2017, and their second son, Damian Yair Puig, was born on January 28, 2018.

However, the name and birthdate of their youngest child are currently unknown.

Yasiel Puig And Andrea De la Torre's Three Children
Yasiel Puig And Andrea De la Torre’s Three Children (Source: Instagram)

Presently, the status of Yasiel Puig and Andrea De La Torre’s relationship is uncertain, marked by a noticeable absence of recent social media activity.

This has sparked speculation regarding a potential separation, although the couple has not officially addressed these rumors.

While glimpses of their family life, particularly their children, are shared on social media, the absence of recent photos featuring the couple together has fueled speculation about the current state of their relationship.

Without confirmation from either party, it remains unclear whether they are still together or have chosen different paths.

One aspect that remains certain is that, despite their enduring bond, Yasiel Puig and Andrea De La Torre have yet to exchange vows in matrimony.

Yasiel Puig’s Secret Settlement

In January 2017, two women accused Yasiel Puig of sexual assault, as reported by The Washington Post.

The women allege that Puig sexually assaulted them separately. And he settled privately with both of them for $325,000 that same year.

Despite the allegations, Puig was permitted to play baseball without the public receiving any notification.

Yasiel Puig Accused of Sexual Assualt By Three Different Woman
Yasiel Puig Accused of Sexual Assualt By Three Different Woman (Source: Instagram)

The first woman, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, described an encounter where Puig allegedly attempted to r**e her. Moreover, he then forced her to perform o**l s*x.

The second woman reported an incident where Puig became violent during consensual s*x, hitting, choking, and biting her until she nearly passed out.

In a separate incident, a third woman accused him of groping and kissing her against her will at a Lakers Halloween game.

Puig settled with the third woman for $250,000 after she sued him for $12 million, claiming the encounter was consensual.

Nevertheless, Puig’s legal representatives revealed that his financial situation suffered significant repercussions, potentially influencing the final settlement figure.

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