Zach Randolph Sons: Meet Zachary Jr And Zacharia

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Zach Randolph has 5 kids in total among them three are sons. The former baller is the proud dad of all his offspring.

Zach Randolph was a dominant name in the NBA during the early 2010s era. He has earned his flowers and is living a peaceful retired life as of now.

Moreover, he has a huge family with 5 kids. We will be discussing his sons and other kids.

Former NBA Player Zach Randolph
Former NBA Player Zach Randolph (Source: Instagram)

Zachary McKenley Randolph is a 42-year-old former basketball player who spent 18 seasons in the NBA. He comes from Marion, Indiana, and played the role of a power forward or center.

Furthermore, Randolph was a bright talent right from his high school days. With his team, Marion High School, Zach won multiple state titles and was the MVP in McDonald’s All-American Game.

Eventually, Zach opted to join the Michigan State University and entered the NBA draft after his freshman season. The Portland Trailblazers selected Randolph as their first-round pick on the 19th. 

Moreover, the athlete played for 5 teams across his career including the Trailblazers, Knicks, Clippers, Grizzlies, and Kings. However, his best years were with the Memphis Grizzlies, where he played for 8 years.

With the Grizzlies, Randolph was a two-time All-Star and the franchise retired his jersey number as an honor.

Zach Randolph Is The Father of 5 Kids

All together Zach Randolph has 5 children, two daughters, and three sons.

Three of his kids are from his marriage with Fauna Vircille Drake, whereas two are from his other relationships.

Meet His Sons: Zachary Jr, Zacharia And Zaqary

Among his three sons, Zachary Jr. is from his marriage with his ex-wife Fauna with whom his relationship was public.

Furthermore, Zachary Jr. is a kid with an amazing personality and an interesting Instagram profile. Although he is only a child, he has pictures posing with cars and riding on bikes.

Zachary Jr
Zachary Jr (Source: Instagram)

In addition, he is following his dad’s footsteps and is playing multiple sports already. The junior Zachary plays both football and basketball and to no surprise is a winner.

Funnily, the kid is full of drip and has “the coolest kidd in the world” on his bio. We have no other choice but to agree with young Zachary there.

Zacharia And Zaqary

Regarding his other sons, Randolph had them from his other relationship which is on private terms.

We know nearly nothing about them, however, Zaqary does have a private Instagram.

Zach Randolph: Meet His Daughters

The NBA All-Star has two daughters, from his conjugal relation with ex-wife Faune. They are big sisters to Zachary Jr and both are sportspersons.

His eldest daughter MacKenley Randolph was born in 2006 and has become a sensational athlete. She played for Sierra Canyon High School and has recently announced she’ll join Notre Dame Irish for college.

Furthermore, MacKenley has also played for Team USA and was part of the squad that won the title.

Mackenley And Maziya With Their Mother And Brother
Mackenley And Maziya With Their Mother And Brother (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, her younger sister Maziya Randolph was born in 2009 and is also on the athletic path.

Maziya is currently in 8th grade and plays a basketball that resembles her father perfectly. Her aggressive rebound-winning abilities are surely an inheritance from pops Randolph.

Moreover, she is a teammate with Hamiley Arenas, the daughter of another NBA veteran, Gilbert Arenas.














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