Zach Thomas Wife Maritza Thomas Is A Pharmacist

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A seven-time All-Pro player Zach Thomas and his wife, Maritza Thomas, exchanged vows in 2006 and have been together for nearly two decades. Unlike him, his wife is a pharmacist. 

While Zach is renowned for his athletic prowess and vibrant personality, his wife, Maritza Thomas, embraces a different professional path with equal passion and dedication.

Maritza holds a doctorate in Drugstore, forging a successful career outside the realm of sports.

Retired NFL player Zach Thomas
Retired NFL player Zach Thomas (Source: Wikipedia)

The Texas-born former NFL linebacker Zach Thomas is among the most successful and greatest retired football players. 

Zach was the 22nd overall pick of the Miami Dolphins in the 1996 NFL Draft. Throughout his 13-year NFL career, he spent 12 seasons with the Dolphins and his final season with the Cowboys. 

Likewise, with Kanas City Chiefs, he only participated during the practice season and not in regular season games. 

The player reached significant heights with the Dolphins, earning notable success and recognition. He quickly made his name with exceptional gameplay, winning three titles in his first season. 

A seven-time Pro Bowl player, Zach’s other notable awards include 2*NFL Linebacker of the Year and Miami Dolphins Honor Roll.

In his career, he recorded more than 1,700 combined tackles, placing him fifth on the NFL all-time career tackles list. 

Zach Thomas Wife

Family man Zach Thomas lives a blissful married life with his wife, Maritza Thomas.

They initially met in 2003 at Gathering Country Western Club in Davie but didn’t get along then. A few months after, Zach crossed paths with Maritza in Florida, and the two began dating. 

After two years of dating, Zach kneeled and proposed to Maritza at the St. Maarten ocean side. Shortly after, in 2006, Zach tied the knot with his better half in a private ceremony. 

Zach Thomas With His Wife
Zach Thomas With His Wife (Source: Miami Herald)

His wife, Maritza, was born to her parents, Guillermo Lozano and Teresa Lozano. However, her birth date is not official yet. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a doctorate in Pharmacy. 

Despite her husband’s worldwide fame, Maritza has managed to maintain a modest profile away from the limelight. Additionally, the couple appears to favor a life detached from the modern world with no social media accounts.  

In addition to being supportive of one another, they share the same bond with their children. The duo are parents to three lovely kids- Valentina, Sienna, and Christian.

Along with their kids, Zach and Maritza reside at Hillsborough Beach home in Florida.

Zach Thomas Parents

Born on September 1, 1973, Zach Thomas is one of three children of his parents, Steve and Bobby Thomas. 

His father, Steve, is the builder and proprietor of the second largest cross in the Western Hemisphere, in Groom, Texas.

Zach Thomas During A Match
Zach Thomas During A Match (Source: Dolphins Wire)

Likewise, Zach’s mother, Bobby, has given him continuous support since his early playing days. The one who has been there for Zach, providing him with unwavering encouragement, has to be his mother.  

Besides, the player has two siblings, Bart (elder) and Katina (younger), with whom he grew up in Pampa, Texas. His sister, Katina, married Zach’s teammate, Jason Taylor, with whom she divorced in 2015. 

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