Zach Thomas Wife Maritza Thomas: Married Life And Kids

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Maritza Thomas is the wife of former American football player, Zach Thomas. Together they have three beautiful children.

Zach’s wife wasn’t that interested in football and didn’t really know much about the game either before meeting her significant other.

However, her disinterest in football didn’t stop her from getting swayed away by the footballer’s charm.

They tied the knot in 2006 after dating for two years.

Fromer Professional Football Player, Zach Thomas
Former Professional Football Player Zach Thomas (Source: Twitter)

Zachary Michael Thomas is an American former professional footballer who was a middle linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) for 13 seasons.

Born on September 1, 1973, in Pampa, Texas, Thomas attended White Deer Schools in White Deer, Texas, until he was a sophomore, then transferred to Pampa High School.

He showed his talent in football from an early age as he was a standout high school football player and was named a first-team all-state selection as a senior.

After that, he went to Texas Tech University, where he committed to play starter at linebacker for the Texas Tech Red Raider football team.

The linebacker started his professional career with the Miami Dolphins after getting selected in the fifth round (154th overall) of the 1996 NFL Draft.

He played for the Dolphins in his first 12 seasons in the NFL before playing his 13th and final season with the Dallas Cowboys.

Over the years, he has earned some significant accomplishments and awards, making him one of the best in his game.

Zach Thomas Wife: Maritza Thomas

Maritza Thomas is the other half of Zach Thomas. The former Miami Dolphins player’s wife is an alum of Nova Southeastern College.

The couple first met at a Gathering Country Western club in Davie, where Zach attended with his partner, Todd Swim, and Maritza was with her companions.

Zach Thomas And His Wife, Maritza Thomas
Zach Thomas And His Wife, Maritza Thomas (Source: Twitter)

They didn’t get to interact much during their first encounter.

However, after a couple of months, fate bought them together again in Florida. This time they instantly clicked and, not long after, began dating.

Maritza comes from a moderate Colombian plummet family background. Her parents are Teresa and Lozano.

At first, her parents weren’t dazzled by their daughter’s decision to go out with a footballer.

But, her brothers were quite excited about the possibility of having Thomas as their future brother-in-law. At some point, one of the brothers’ even said Zach was his No.1 Player.

After two years of dating, Zach popped the question to the love of his life in 2005 at the St. Maarten Oceanside. A year later, the two got married. 

To this day, Maritza is Zach’s biggest supporter and inspiration.

Zach Thomas Kids

Zach and Maritza are blessed with three beautiful kids. Their eldest son, Christian Thomas, was born in 2009. 

He is twelve years old and already shows interest in soccer. Zach said in an interview that it has become his daily routine to drop his child off at his soccer practice.

Zach Thomas With His Family
Zach Thomas With His Family (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, their middle child, Valentina Thomas, is 10 years old. She, too, like her brother, is keen on playing soccer.

The youngest is Sienna Thomas, born in 2015. There is not much information about Sienna, as Zach and Maritza have been trying to shield their children from all the limelight and paparazzi.

They have decided to stay away from the spotlight and live a peaceful life. We respect their privacy and are happy for their beautiful family.

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