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Zeb Powell, the phenomenal snowboarder, was raised by adoptive parents Carl and Valerie Powell.

Their support has been a guiding force, shaping Zeb’s path from a young snowboarding enthusiast to a groundbreaking athlete.

Zeb made history as the first black snowboarder to clinch gold at the 2020 XGames Knuckle Huck.

Professional Snowboarder Zeb Powell
Professional Snowboarder Zeb Powell (Source: Instagram)

Zeb Powell, born on January 18, 2000, hails from North Carolina and has become a standout figure in professional snowboarding.

His journey began with a dislike for snowboarding due to an early instructor mishap, but he quickly overcame it, winning his first competition, Red Bull All Snow, at just 15.

Likewise, he continued to make waves in competitions like the Red Bull All Snow 2016 at Carinthia Parks.

Zeb Powell Parents: Father Carl And Mother Valerie

Zeb Powell was raised by his adoptive parents, Carl and Valerie Powell.

Carl Powell, the father, manages a local chip mill, while Valerie Powell, the mother, is a former teacher’s assistant.

Zeb, the youngest of five children, became a part of Powell’s family after his parents adopted him as an infant.

Zeb Powell With His Limited Edition Print
Zeb Powell With His Limited Edition Print (Source: Instagram)

Zeb’s journey started with boundless energy and extraordinary motor skills, earning him the nickname of a “freak child.”

Despite his lively childhood and a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, Zeb’s parents remained incredibly supportive, fostering his love for movement.

As Zeb’s love for snowboarding blossomed, Carl and Valerie stood by him, fostering his passion and celebrating his achievements.

After that, he transitioned from a lively kid to a snowboarding prodigy, capturing coaches’ attention at nine years old.

The Powell Siblings in Zeb’s Snowboarding Tale

Unfolding the heartwarming tale of the Powell siblings, they grew up in a close-knit family that made life in the Powell household an adventure-filled journey.

The story begins with Jessica, the eldest and the only biological child of Carl and Valerie Powell.

With her arrival, the family started to grow. Then, Tyler, the first adopted son, fulfilled his parents’ initial vision of having two kids.

As Valerie jokingly puts it,

“I wanted two kids because I have two hands.”

Dylan joined the family, bringing mischief and laughter, and Scout added her sparkle as the spirited daughter.

Zeb's Announcing Broken Board And Jackets Giveaway
Zeb’s Announcing Broken Board And Jackets Giveaway (Source: Instagram)

The Powell parents initially thought their family was complete, but fate had a surprise waiting.

A call from the adoption agency led to the arrival of one more special member, Zeb, named after his great-grandfather Zebulon.

The Powell siblings created a unique bond, navigating childhood antics, school days, and the challenges of raising a child with attention deficit disorder.

Zeb’s journey into snowboarding was shaped not just by his parents but by the lively presence of his siblings.

The Powell siblings, with their diverse personalities, have added joy to Zeb’s remarkable snowboarding saga.

Proving that family is not just a connection by blood but a lifelong support system through the ups and downs of life.

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