A strong connection brews in the NFL; Drew Brees shares words on Jameis Winston’s emotional message

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“Make it your own and create your own style and be yourself.”
-Drew Brees

Amidst the ongoing gameplays and competition in the field, strong connections are made without realization. 

After Drew Brees retired earlier in March this year, Jameis Winston has had some comforting words for the former quarterback. Indeed, the communication was two-way, and Brees has taken a step to open himself up for the words. 

Jamies to work alongside Brees
Jamies to work alongside Brees

Indeed, it’s not a regular thing we see a story brewing in between the athletes. After Brees retired from the New Orleans Saints, their dueling relationship came to an end. Additionally, Winston had to stand on to prove he was eligible for the position still now. 

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Jameis Winston’s message to Drew Brees

Apparently, Winston has ever been so grateful to Drew Brees as he helped him improve his overall games. There is no bad blood between them as it all about thankfulness and memories. 

As Jameis opened about his time with Brees, he also stated in an interview with Michael Vick that Brees is what has left him with courage. Well, he is now comfortable with the sudden defense in the games. 

Although it’s the time that will prove whether Winston has really taken a toll in his games, however, he took his time to leave messages for Brees. Apart from being in the team together, they also shared a room together.

“I love you, and it was a privilege to get to learn from you last year and really to get to see what I’ve admired from afar. And it was real. You’ve shown me how to be an NFL quarterback man, and it was a privilege.”

Additionally, it was also not long since they came along together. As a matter of fact, Jameis featured in the Buccaneers before joining the Saints. 

During his tenure with the team, Winston reminiscence one of his playoff games when Drew Brees was passing words of encouragement in tears. Back then, Winston had portrayed a 56-yard touchdown pass against his former team, the Buccaneers.

“That moment really gets me emotional. Because I really love Drew Brees. I know my wife does; I know my family does. But y’all don’t understand the impact that he and a lot of other quarterbacks have had on me.”

Drew Brees responds to Winston’s message…

“That was really humbling. I guess it’s not until you have a moment like that where you really understand the impact you can have on someone. And I’m so appreciative for the time I had with Jameis.”

Initially, Drew Brees opened up about Jameis Winston’s message with USA Today. After spending exactly two decades with the NFL, Brees was mostly with the Saints throughout his career.

Indeed, breaking his name in the field was never easy, and he often struggled with it. However, today, he stands as someone that most athletes look upon. 

As a matter of fact, Brees announced his retirement earlier this year. Moreover, his retirement was something hard for him, and he stated it to be the reason drawn because of his injuries and family. 

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Currently, Brees is an analyst for NBC Sunday Night Football, and upon hearing words for him, he had to respond. According to USA Today, Brees never expected to gain such emotional words in the news conference from Winston. 

Also, being together over the course of the year, Brees indeed stood as a light for the developing players. All along with his career, Brees ended standing second in the career, passing touchdowns after Tom Brady.

Drew Brees: “…be yourself!”

Likewise, Winston, Brees stands for the ones with action. Brees made a statement for both Winston and Hill. Both being one of the best in the team, Brees ponders his words for them. 

“I think there’s certainly going to be a role for both those guys, and I think there’s an offense you structure around both based on the things that they do best. Those reps for Jameis in this offense to improve are so crucial. Those reps for Jameis in this offense to improve are so crucial.”

Brees and Winston has been strong together
Brees and Winston has been strong together

Most importantly, Drew Brees prepares the truth for them. 

“At the end of the day, each one of us has our own style. “At the end of the day, each one of us has our own style. I’ll give you whatever I have. Then you pick and choose the things that work for you.”

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