Abraham Toro Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anyone? Relationship Timeline

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After his performance this season, fans are curious to know who Abraham Toro girlfriend is and if he is dating anyone.

Abraham Josue Toro was born in Canada on December 20, 1996. He is a third baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball (MLB), playing alongside his teammate, Willy Adames.

Toro has previously played Major League Baseball for the Seattle Mariners and Houston Astros.

In the fifth round of the 2016 Major League Baseball draft, the Astros selected him, and in 2019, he made his MLB debut with them.

Additionally, the Mariners and the Brewers acquired him in trades during the 2021 and 2022 seasons, respectively.

Abraham Toro Taking A Swing
Abraham Toro Taking A Swing (Source: Instagram)

He is a promising third-baseman who can switch-hit. Furthermore, he is both French Canadian and Venezuelan. On top of that, Toro is fluent in French, Spanish, and English. 

He spent ample time in the city of Longueuil in Quebec, a mostly French-speaking province just outside of Montreal. 

Who Is Abraham Toro Girlfriend? 

Either the man is too good at hiding his stuff, or he just prefers his own company. Either way, he seems to be single to this date.

So what about his parents? Do they approve of this, or do they want to see their 27 year-old son married and see him raise their grandkids? 

He was born into the household of his mother, Natalie, and father, Douglas, who are both Venezuelan. 

They moved from Venezuela to Quebec in search of better opportunities and a better life. This happened a year before Toro was born. 

Abraham Toro Enjoying With His Mother Sister And Brother
Abraham Toro Enjoying With His Mother, Sister, And Brother (Source: Instagram)

Toro’s father had always been a die-hard baseball fan hence he managed to pass on this love for the game to his sons.

The player would often watch baseball with his father when he was growing up. One of the favorite players he would love to see and support with his father was Omar Vizquel.

His mother’s Instagram handle is @yamilahernandez2, but she keeps it very low-key.

Abraham Toro Brother Douglas And Sister Kimberling 

The player has an older brother Douglas and a sister Kimberling Toro. 

Toro’s family is very closely knit, and they frequently hang out for birthday celebrations and festivities. 

His brother Douglas who was named after their father, is married and has two lovely kids, a son, and a daughter. He also happens to be a baseball coach.

The brother’s career path might be in some way influenced by Toro, as he must have trained his little brother a lot when he was younger.

Douglas also played at Division II Lynn University in Boca Raton and in an independent league in Quebec. 

Abraham Toro With His Brother Sister And Mother
Abraham Toro With His Brother, Sister, And Mother (Source: Instagram)

We can see him in a lot of baseball games as he loves baseball. 

Kimberling, on the other hand, seems to be the brains of the family as she is heavily invested in academics. 

She received her B.A. in Hispanic Literature from Concordia University and her M.A. in Education from the University of Montreal.

Kimberling is also a doctoral student in the Department of Educational Psychology and Andragogy at the University of Montreal.

During the same time, she also worked as a

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