Alice Finot Parents: Jean Marc And Catherine Finot

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Despite her late rise in athletics, Alice Finot’s mysterious life has always been a matter of curiosity among the fans. However, very little about her personal life has been written in the media, so people have no idea about her early background and parents.

Alice Finot was born to Jean-Marc and Catherine Finot on February 9, 1991, in Montbeliard, France.

Even though she showed athletic interest at the early age of four, Finot prioritized her studies over her sports career.

A daughter of an engineer father, she also pursued a degree in the same discipline at EPF Engineering School.

French Professional Athlete Alice Finot
French Professional Athlete Alice Finot (Source: EPF Alumni)

Alice Finot competes for the French middle-distance athletics team in international tournaments. She won her first French championship title in the 3000-meter steeplechase in 2020.

Alice won the silver medal at the 2021 European Athletics Indoor Championships a year later, competing in the women’s 3000-meter event.

Furthermore, she was among the finalists in the women’s 3000-meter steeplechase event at the 2023 World Athletic Championships, where she finished fifth. 

Although an inconsistent player because of her academic career in the past, the French athlete has proved herself to be a top athlete in the last few years. She has committed to remaining on track until the 2024 Paris Olympics.

However, one of her goals is to become the finalist at the 2028 Olympic Games, which will be held in Los Angeles.

Alice Finot Parents: Jean-Marc And Catherine Finot

Alice Finot’s parents, Jean-Marc and Catherine, like staying away from the public view despite their daughter’s massive sports career success in the past few years. 

However, being involved in the engineering profession, her dad, Jean-Marc, has shared about himself in his LinkedIn profile.

Alice Finot Parents Jean-Marc And Catherine
Alice Finot’s Parents, Jean-Marc, And Catherine (Source: Instagram)

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering from Arts et Metiers ParisTech, one of France’s most prestigious technical institutes.

He works as senior vice president at Stellanis Motorsports in Versailles, France. Finot previously worked with PSA Peugeot Citroen for over a decade, specializing in vehicle design.

Following in his footsteps, Alice Finot did engineering at EPF Engineering School, where she graduated in 2015.

Despite being born into a well-educated family with no athletic background, Alice’s parents never restricted her from engaging in outdoor activities. She started horse riding at age four and joined the GA Haut Sanois, an athletic academy, at 13.

Her parents knew she was studious but had never thought she would achieve much more from her athletic career.

However, they were always there for her whenever she needed their support. As a result, she is winning competitions, even as an athlete who began her professional career late in her life.

Alice Has Been Living In Spain For Years

The French engineer-turned-professional athlete Alice Finot has lived in Spain for years.

Born and raised in Montbeliard, France, she moved to Spain around 2016 after finishing college.

Trained in automotive engineering, Alice lived in Galice, working for the CTAG-Centro Technologico de Automacion de Galicia.

Alice Finot With Her Trainer Manuel
Alice Finot With Her Trainer Manuel (Source: Instagram)

After working there for over a year and a half, she spent two over two years for the PSA Group in Vigo, Spain, until she rejoined the CTAG in 2020. 

Not to mention, Alice had enough time to train for her athletic projects despite her busy professional life.

She currently practices sprinting with a Spanish trainer, Manuel Martinez Ageitos, at the Celta Atletismo Feminino Club in Vigo, Spain.

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