Alison Lee Ethnicity And Parents: Where Is The LPGA Golfer From?

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Alison Lee Ethnicity: Professional golfer Alison Lee is one of the two kids of her parents, Johnny and Sung Kim Lee. Born and raised in California, United States, Alison is of Asian origin through her parents.

Inspired by her dad, Lee started playing golf at the young age of six. She still vividly remembers her dad buying her plastic club and balls to encourage her to play the sport.

This article will cover Alison Lee’s ethnicity, parents, and more. Please read it further to know more about the emerging young athlete.

American Professional Golfer Alison Lee
American Professional Golfer Alison Lee (Source: Naples Daily News)

Alison Lee is an American professional golfer representing the United States on the LPGA Tour. After her successful career as an amateur player, she turned professional in 2014 at 19.

Lee was at the top of the World Amateur Golf Ranking for 16 weeks in 2013-14. During the same time, she was a part of the team that won the USA Junior Solheim Cup in 2009, 2011, and 2013.

Similarly, she also participated in the Junior Ryder Cup and the Curtis Cup during her amateur career.

Alison has been playing on the LPGA Tours since 2015 and has won one professional tour, namely the Ladies European Tour. Before that, she was a collegiate golfer for the UCLA Bruins.

Alison Lee’s Ethnicity And Parents

Where Is The LPGA Golfer From?

Alison Lee was born to her parents, Johnny and Sung Kim Lee, on February 26, 1995, in Los Angeles, California.

Even though Lee is an American citizen, born and raised in California, she is of Asian ethnicity. Both her parents are South Korean immigrants.

Despite living in the United States all her life, Alison still feels connected to her parent’s home country and is proud of her Korean heritage.

Little Alison Lee And Her Dad Johnny
Little Alison Lee And Her Dad, Johnny (Source: Instagram)

Not only does she like Korean dishes and culture, but she understands her native language very well.

However, Lee has spent her entire life in Los Angeles, California. Growing up alongside her younger brother, she attended Valencia High School and continued her education at UCLA until 2015.

Lee’s Parents Are The Reason She Started Her Golf Career

The young American pro athlete Alison Lee would not have been playing golf if her dad had not taken her to the golf course when she was still a toddler.

Like every kid growing up in L.A., she was fond of Disneyland, and her dad, Johnny, utilized this to gravitate young Lee towards golf, and it eventually worked out well.

Remembering those days, Alison said, “The first time my dad took me to the golf course, it was really hot, and I just wanted to leave. I hated it. So he tried to bribe me by saying things like, ‘Alison, if you come to the golf course with me 10 times, I will take you to Disneyland.”

Alison Lee With Her Mother Sung Kim
Alison Lee And Her Mother, Sung Kim (Source: X. com)

Over time, she started going to the golf courses frequently with her dad, which became her favorite activity during her early years. By age seven, she entered her first competition and decided that she would make a career in golf.

Her parents supported Lee’s sports career from the start and are proud of her achievements.

Speaking to the UCLA Bruins newspaper in 2014, Sung Kim said, “As her parents, we have been there to help pick her back up and refocus on her game. She has sacrificed a lot to get to where she is today, and it has made her stronger.”

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