Amanda Sauer Wikipedia And Age: More On Her Wife And Married Life

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Amanda Sauer is making history as the first publicly out official in the XFL and also as the first openly gay official in any football league.

With her achievements, Sauer has been able to gain public attention for both her personal and professional lives.

Sauer came out as bisexual and tied the knot with Michelle Cook, but later got separated. Prior to this, she was married to Peter Sauer and birthed three daughters.

Read to learn more about Amanda Sauer, her age, and Wikipedia.

The XFL umpire Amanda Sauer
The XFL umpire Amanda Sauer (Source: Outsports)

Amanda Sauer is an umpire in the XFL who is making history after being the first publicly out pro-football referee.

Amanda’s officiating career kicked off in 2011 after witnessing a high school soccer game with her late husband, Peter. Motivated by the game’s intensity, she embraced refereeing, starting as a junior high school judge.

Later, she attended the candidate school of the Westchester County Football Officials Association, marking the beginning of her formal officiating education. A week later, she officiated her first youth game, gaining hands-on experience.

Then, in 2017, she played a pivotal role in officiating the Ohio State spring game, transitioning from a passive official to actively engaging in and attending Big Ten games. Sauer started gaining recognition in NFL circles, excelling in youth and high school games.

In 2018, she broke new ground as the first openly gay referee in professional football, working for the Alliance of American Football. In the same year, she also married Michelle Cook, a former player in the Women’s Football Alliance.

Later, in 2020, Amanda transitioned to the role of umpire in the XFL, showcasing versatility and adaptability in different football leagues.

Amanda Sauer Personal Life & Wikipedia

Amanda was born in 1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which makes her 44 years old as of 2023. She grew up on a farm in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, northeast of Pittsburgh.

Growing up, she had a lot of memories of her farm as her family was involved in farm life.

Amanda Sauer Is The First Publicly Out Pro-football Refree
Amanda Sauer Is The First Publicly Out Pro-football Referee (Source: X)

Sauer says she started having an interest in soccer very early in her childhood. She said in one of her interviews that she still remembers how her father marked or drew various football images on his chest (while playing with the kids).

Amanda played soccer and other games with her cousins ​​and brothers in childhood. Sauer also played basketball, tennis, and lacrosse teams in her high school.

More On Her Married Life

Talking about Amanda’s married life, she is currently single as she divorced her ex-wife Michelle. Cook was actually a teacher to Sauer’s daughter.

The couple started seeing each other as they started getting interested in each other. They also shared a love for the game of football, as Michell was in the Women’s Football Alliance for the Pittsburgh Passion.

The couple decided to tie the knot in June 2018. However, it is reported that the pair are divorced now.

Before that, she was married to Peter, whom she met in Pittsburgh before they both entered junior college.

Her ex-husband, Peter, played basketball at Stanford, captaining the school’s Final Four in 1998. However, after just celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary, Peter passed away at the age of 35.

According to reports, Peter passed away after collapsing during a pick-up basketball game.

Besides, Amanda is a loving mother to her three beautiful daughters: Cassie, Charlotte, and Cate.

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