Amber Glenn Coach: Who Are Damon Allen And Tammy Gambill?

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Amber Glenn Coach: Amber Elaine Glenn, an accomplished American figure skater, has been receiving support from her dedicated coaches, Damon Allen and Tammy Gambill, as she strives to achieve remarkable success in the world of figure skating during the 2022-23 season.

Amber made a significant move to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to benefit from the guidance and expertise of these talented mentors.

Born on October 28, 1999, in Plano, Texas, Amber Glenn embarked on her skating journey at four in 2004.

Her professional skating career took off in 2013 when she clinched victory at the Junior Grand Prix (JGP) event. Notably, she achieved the title of national junior champion at the 2014 U.S. Championships.

Amber Glenn During 2022-23 Season
Amber Glenn During 2022-23 Season (Source: Instagram)

Glenn has accumulated a multitude of accolades throughout her career, including the prestigious 2014 Athlete Alumni Ambassador (3A) award.

She also secured a bronze medal at the 2019 CS U.S. Classic, a silver medal at the 2021 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb, and a bronze medal at the Skating Club of Boston’s Cranberry Cup event.

Moreover, it’s worth highlighting that Amber Glenn is a trailblazer, as she openly identifies as both bisexual and pansexual, making her the sole LGBTQ ladies’ figure skater on Team USA as of December 2019.

Amber Glenn And Her Journey With New Coach

In the 2022-23 season, Amber Glenn decided to relocate to Colorado Springs, where she sought the expert guidance of coaches Damon Allen and Tammy Gambill.

In addition to this formidable coaching duo, she also enlisted the assistance of Viktor Pfeifer, a former competitive figure skater from Austria.

Amber explained that her choice to leave the Cains was driven by a desire to foster personal growth, not only in her skating career but as a person in general. It marked a profound change for her, having spent her entire life in the same city and place.

Under the dedicated mentorship of her coaches, Amber achieved notable success. She secured a well-deserved bronze medal at the Skating Club of Boston’s Cranberry Cup event and followed it with a fourth-place finish at the 2022 CS Lombardia Trophy.

Furthermore, a pivotal moment in her career came when she achieved a personal best at the 2022 Skate America, securing her very first Grand Prix figure skating medal. Amber expressed that she was finally realizing her full potential.

Her journey continued with appearances at the 2023 Four Continents Championship and the 2023 World Championships, showcasing her dedication to her sport on the international stage.

Adding to her impressive accomplishments, Amber joined Team USA for the 2023 World Team Trophy in Tokyo, where she displayed her prowess by finishing sixth in both competition segments.

Amber Glenn Coach

Damon Allen

Damon Allen is a former American competitive figure skater currently working as a coach and choreographer. 

Furthermore, Allen is popular for being Amber Glenn’s coach. 

The coach is the 1992 World Junior bronze medalist. Not only that, he is also a two-time Winter Universiade silver medalist.

BegRegal Ambassador Damon Allen
BegRegal Ambassador Damon Allen (Source: LinkedIn)

Damon currently coaches at the World Arena Ice Hall. 

According to his Twitter bio, Allen is a BetRegan Ambassador. 

Talking about his personal life, the coach married in July of 2014 to his beautiful wife, Enrique Viveros, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Tammy Gambill

Moving on to Amber Glenn’s other coach, Tammy Gambill, she is an American figure skating coach and former national-level skater. 

Gambill is considered a successful coach, as several of her students have medaled at international competitions. In fact, three of her students have even competed at the Olympics. 

Tammy Gambill Posing For A Shot
Tammy Gambill Posing For A Shot (Source: Golden Skate)

For all her hard work and dedication to coaching, Tammy won the 2005 USOC Developmental Coach Award. Furthermore, she is also the 2017 USFSA/PSA Coach of the Year.

In addition, the coach bagged the USFSA/PSA Developmental Coach of the Year in 2005, 2012, and 2013. 

Gambill began coaching when she was just 19 in northern California. Later in the 1990s, she moved to Redlands, California, and began coaching in Icetown in Riverside, California. 

In May 2018, Tammy joined the World Arena Ice Hall in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Some of her current students are Karen Chen, Yi Christy Leung, Camden Pulkinen, Audrey Shin, and more. 

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