Amber Glenn Parents: Father Richard And Mother Cathlene

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Amber Glenn, a talented figure skater from Plano, Texas, comes from a family of accomplished individuals. 

Her mother, Cathlene, is a fitness instructor, while her father, Richard, is a police officer.

Amber Glenn, A Figure Skater
Amber Glenn, A Figure Skater (Source: Instagram)

Born on October 28, 1999, Glenn‘s skating journey began in 2004, and she has since achieved numerous accolades.

She won the bronze medal at the 2013 Junior Grand Prix (JGP) event in the Czech Republic and was crowned the national junior champion at the 2014 U.S. Championships.

In addition, Glenn also won bronze medals at two ISU Junior Grand Prix events (2013 JGP Czech Republic, 2014 JGP France).

She recently became the 2024 U.S. national champion and secured two ISU Grand Prix bronze medals and three ISU Challenger Series medals.

Amber Glenn Parents: Father Richard And Mother Cathlene

Amber Elaine Glenn, an accomplished athlete, was raised in Texas by her parents, Richard and Cathlene, alongside her younger sister Brooke.

Cathlene is a fitness instructor who has always instilled healthy habits in her family, while Richard is a police officer.

Despite the limited information available about their personal and professional lives, it is clear that Richard and Cathlene have been Amber’s supporters since the early stages of her career.

Amber Glenn Parents
Amber Glenn Parents (Source: Instagram)

Their support can be seen in their Facebook post, where they regularly share about their daughter’s achievements.

One such post by Richard, written with excitement, documented Amber’s participation in the prestigious Broadmoor Open in Colorado Springs, CO, United States, when she was just nine years old.

Throughout Amber’s journey, Richard and Cathlene have continued to be her pillars of strength and encouragement at every turn.

Amber’s Sister Brooke Glenn Is A College Student

Amber Glenn’s sister, Brooke, is currently pursuing her education at Texas State University, where she is studying Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology.

Born in July 2001, Brooke is two years younger than Amber.

Amber Glenn With Her Parents And Sister
Amber Glenn With Her Parents And Sister (Source: Instagram)

Apart from her academic pursuits, Brooke has showcased her athleticism as a cheerleader during her school years, participating in various events.

The bond between the two sisters appears to be strong, with Amber frequently sharing pictures of her and Brooke on her Instagram.

First LGBTQ+ lady In Figure Skater on Team USA

On January 26, Amber Glenn made history by becoming the first openly queer woman to win the US Women’s Figure Skating Championship.

As she accepted her gold medal, the audience cheered for the 24-year-old athlete who draped the Progress Pride flag over her shoulders.

She publicly revealed her bisexuality and pansexuality in 2019. Her coming out has made her an important role model for young LGBTQ+ figure skating enthusiasts.

Amber Glenn Proudly Raising Rainbow Flag
Amber Glenn Proudly Raising Rainbow Flag (Source: Instagram)

At the 2021 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships, she achieved another significant milestone by becoming the first openly LGBTQ+ U.S. ladies’ medalist.

Looking back on her journey, Amber shared that the figure skating world often assumes the sexual orientation of men, leaving a lack of representation for bisexual and queer women.

But she decided to come out and proudly represent herself as a bisexual woman in the sport of Ice. 

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