Meet Andre Ward Brother Jonathan Ward: Age Gap And Family Tree

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Andre Ward has a brother named Jonathan Ward. They are of mixed ethnicity: Irish American and African American.

Andre Michael Ward, also known as S.O.G., “Son of God,” was born on February 23, 1984, in San Francisco, California.

Andre Ward In His Childhood
Andre Ward In His Childhood (Source: Instagram)

S.O.G. is a former professional American boxer who fought from 2004 to 2017. The boxer retired with a great record and also held numerous world championships.

He held the titles of two weight classes; the unified super middleweight titles (2009-2015) and the unified light heavyweight titles (2016-2017).

In addition, in his era as a light heavyweight champion, Michael was ranked as one of the world’s best boxers.

According to the record of January 2022, Ward was ranked as the twelfth greatest pound-for-pound boxer of all time.

Andre is acknowledged for his natural left-handed fighting in an orthodox stance.

Also, his best punches came from the lead left, including the jab, which he shoots to the body as well as the head.

Andre Ward Brother

Andre Ward was born to Frank Ward, an Irishman, and Madeline Arvie Taylor, an African woman. The former professional boxer grew up with a younger brother named Jonathan Ward.

Andre had mentioned how his parents fell into drug abuse when they were small and were raised by his godfather.

Andre With His Father And Brother
Andre With His Father And Brother (Source: Instagram)

Even though their situation was bad, the brothers had a great bond and supported each other. Ward was encouraged by his father to pursue a boxing career, who registered him in the gym.

The former boxer has revealed that, due to the addition of his mother, his father raised them, but later found out his father was also the same.

After the death of their father, Jonathan and Andre were raised by their godfather, Virgil Hunter.

Not only did Virgil become their father, but he also became the coach of the great boxer throughout his career. Virgil is still a professional coach.

What Is The Reason Behind Andre’s Retirement?

Andre Michael Ward retired from his boxing career on October 21, 2017, at the age of 33.

Ward announced his retirement by thanking those who helped him throughout his career, and he also explained the reason on his website.

Andre Ward With His Coach And Godfather
Andre Ward With His Coach And Godfather (Source: Instagram)

The fighter wrote that he needs to be clear as his body can no longer put up with the rigors of the sport. S.O.G. also mentioned he doesn’t have a desire to fight anymore.

Ward had to go through several injuries, like knee and shoulder pain, during his professional years.

In his statement, he thanked the sport of boxing and showed his gratitude towards the sport, which provided him a platform, made him a champion, and helped him provide for his family.

He said, “As I walk away from the sport of boxing today, I leave at the top of your glorious mountain, which was always my vision and my dream. I did it. We did it.”

After he announced his retirement, the Warriors point guard Steph Curry also paid tribute on Twitter

Andre has earned lots of respect and achieved a lot in sports. The boxer won an Olympic gold medal and became the last American male to win one.

Since age 13, Ward did not lose and never tasted defeat in the pro ranks.

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