Angel Di Maria Parents: Father Miguel Di María & Mother Diana Hernandez

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Miguel Di Maria and Diana Hernandez are the proud parents of the Argentine soccer sensation Angel Di Maria.

His parents’ support and encouragement helped Di Maria become a soccer superstar from the bustling streets of Perdriel.

In this article, we delve into the life of Angel Di Maria, exploring his early struggles and the significant role played by his parents in shaping his career.

Angel Di Maria Won The FIFA World Cup With Argentina In 2022
Angel Di Maria Won The FIFA World Cup With Argentina In 2022 (Source: Facebook)

Angel Fabián Di María is an Argentine professional soccer player known for his electrifying performances on the pitch. 

Currently, he plays as a right winger or attacking midfielder for Primeira Liga club Benfica and the Argentina national team. 

Although the Argentine began his career with Rosario Central, he rose to prominence after signing for Benfica in 2007.

Similarly, Di Maris has played for several clubs throughout his career. The list includes Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, and Juventus. 

Likewise, he has won the UEFA Champions League, the Copa del Rey, the FA Cup, and the Ligue 1 title.

Over the years, he has also represented the Argentine national team in several international tournaments, winning the FIFA World Cup and the Copa America.

Who Are The Parents Of Angel Di Maria?

Born on February 14, 1988, Di Maria is one of three children born to Miguel Di María and Diana Hernandez.

His parents have supported his soccer career since he was young. Thanks to their commitment, sacrifices, and guidance, Di Maria is a World Champion despite his humble beginnings in Argentina.

Di Maria’s childhood was marked by simplicity and necessity growing up in relative poverty. Reportedly, he shared a room with his sisters in their small house.

Meet Father Miguel Di María

Miguel Di María, the father of the renowned soccer player, has always been a source of inspiration in Angel’s life.

From a young age, he instilled in his son the values of hard work, determination, and perseverance.

Interestingly, Miguel was a decent soccer player as well. Unfortunately, his dream of becoming a professional player was shattered after he suffered a severe knee injury playing for River Plate Reserves.

Angel Di Maria Celebrating New Year With Parents (3rd And 4th From Left)
Angel Di Maria Celebrating New Year 2023 With Parents (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, Miguel was employed at a local coal yard. He worked hard in harsh conditions to provide for the family.

Even Di Maria and his sisters worked at the coal yard to support their parents. By the time Di Maria was 15, he was already helping with deliveries.

As the forward progressed through the ranks, Miguel became a mentor. He offered valuable insights and advice on and off the field.

He ensured his son had the best opportunities to hone his skills and reach his full potential.

“Son, this train only passes by once in a lifetime so you have to get on and go forward.”, Miguel advised Di Maria when Benfica made a bid.

Miguel worked at the coal yard for 16 years until Di Maria made him retire when he joined Benfica.

Meet Mother Diana Hernandez

Di Maria’s mother, Diana Hernandez, also played a crucial role in the soccer player’s life. She is credited for setting the stage for his future in soccer.

It was Diana who signed her son up for soccer at age three following the recommendation of a doctor.

Diana not only shared hands with Daniel at the coal yard but also fostered an environment where Di Maria could passionately pursue his dreams.

Angel Di Pictured With His Wife And Kids
Angel Di Pictured With His Wife And Kids (Source: Facebook)

In addition, Diana took her son to play for Rosario Central on a bicycle for over seven years.

Her unconditional support and encouragement strengthened Di Maria to overcome the challenges that come with a professional soccer career.

Beyond being a dedicated mother, Diana has always been a pillar of strength for the player during the highs and lows of his career.

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