Angus Brayshaw Parents: Who Are Mark And Debra Brayshaw?

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Angus Brayshaw’s parents, Mark and Debra Brayshaw, raised four athletic boys. The Melbourne player has two younger brothers who have played in the AFL.

The midfielder comes from a family with roots in cricket and footy. His grandfather, Ian Brayshaw, is a former cricket and premiership player, and his uncle, James Brayshaw, has a similar trajectory. 

Angus Brayshaw Applauds The Crowd After A Match In April 2023
Angus Brayshaw Applauds The Crowd After A Match In April 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Angus’s dad, Mark Brayshaw, though didn’t play cricket, played for both AFL and WAFL teams. One of his younger brothers has already taken up a coaching role with the West Coast team. 

Recently, Brayshaw was knocked out cold during the qualifying defeat against Scott Pendlebury‘s Collingwood side. Brayden Maynard, Collingwood’s vice-captain, has been reported for his high attempted smother. 

Angus Brayshaw Parents, Mark, And Debra Brayshaw 

Angus Brayshaw’s parents, Mark, and Debra Brayshaw, raised four boys, three of whom are professional footballers. The Brayshaw family has athletic roots going back to their grandfather.

The Melbourne players’ father, Mark Brayshaw, is a former footballer, having played for North Melbourne Football Club in the AFL. He began his footy journey in the WAFL in the 1980s, playing with Claremont Football Club.

He played 110 games for Claremont and kicked 70 goals, but that was until 1989. In 1990, Mark decided to join the Victorian Football League and was drafted by the North Melbourne Football Club.

Mark started 32 games for North Melbourne and kicked two goals before being delisted by the club in 1992. He returned to Claremont in 1994 and played 20 matches before hanging up his boots.

Mark Brayshaw (L) And Darby Brayshaw (R) Pictured With Angus' Fiance Danielle Frawley
Mark Brayshaw (L) And Debra Brayshaw (R) Pictured With Angus’ Fiance Danielle Frawley (Source: Instagram)

But even during his playing days, Mark was focused on the administrative side of the sport. He worked with the Big Four Audit Firm, KPMG, and served in the position of finance manager for Fremantle Dockers after his retirement.

He was the CEO of Richmond Football Club for two years before joining Clublinks Pty Ltd in the same position. From 2014-2021, Mark was elected as the CEO of the AFL Coaches’ Association and currently serves as the managing director for Levin Health. 

Angus’ mother, Debra Brayshaw, is a teacher at Hampton Primary School and tries to live a quiet life away from the public limelight. 

Previously, in an interview, Debra said her philosophy had always been to make her boys as independent as they could be.

She stated she was lucky that her boys were able to move out of their homes when they were 18 years old. A fierce supporter of her three sons, Debra is at times seen on Angus’ Instagram handle. 

Angus Brayshaw Brothers: Two Of Them Play In The AFL 

Angus is the second oldest of four Brayshaw brothers. His oldest brother, Will Brayshaw, is the only one who doesn’t play footy professionally.

Instead of kickstarting the trend for his brothers to join the AFL, Will joined the Defence Force. In an interview with The Age in 2018, Angus described his older brother as one with the drive but lacked focus. 

But Will changed that perception about him after he joined the Australian Defence Force Academy. Will graduated with a business degree and was in line to become an army lieutenant. 

The Melbourne player said he could never think of jeopardizing himself but admired his brother’s willingness to protect others. 

Hamish And Andrew Continued The Family Legacy

The two brothers of Angus Brayshaw followed in his footsteps and are footballers. Two years younger than Angus, Hamish plays for East Perth and has a coaching role. 

He joined the WAFL team in 2018 and appeared in eight games before joining the AFL team, West Coast. In his two years, Hamish only made one appearance for West Coast before returning to East Perth. 

Hamish (R) And Andrew (L) Have Both Played In The AFL
Hamish (R) And Andrew (L) Have Both Played In The AFL (Source: Instagram)

But in 2022, Hamish ventured into a midfield coaching role with East Perth. He plans to continue in the position for the rest of 2023. 

The youngest Brayshaw brother, Andrew Brayshaw, is the co-vice captain of the Fremantle Football Club in the AFL. Born in 1999, Andrew joined Fremantle in 2018 and has since appeared in 123 games, kicking 43 goals. 

The youngster finished fourth with 25 votes in the 2022 Brownlow Medal count. He had a solid 2023 season and was among Fremantle’s best in round 20. 

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