Asia Durr And Brother Christian Durr Have A Special Bond

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The American professional basketball player Asia Durr grew up playing basketball with their elder brother Christian Durr. The siblings both graduated from the University of Louisville.

The shooting guard of Atlanta Dream was raised along with three siblings. Their older brother was the one with whom they would train while young.

With their younger brother, at Louisville, Asia Durr was part of the Women’s Basketball team. T.J. Durr, their younger brother, was on the management team. 

Asia Durr Arrives With A Fire Fit During A Basketball Game In August 2022
Asia Durr Arrives With A Fire Fit During A Basketball Game In August 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The second overall draft pick of 2019, Asia Durr, took a break from WNBA for two seasons. But now they are more than ready to light up the league. 

With teammate Rhyne Howard, Asia played in the opener of the 2023 WNBA season but was on the losing side.

The team will look to bounce back against the Minnesota Lynx, which features the second overall draft of 2023, Diamond Miller

Asia Durr Brother: Christian Durr

Asia Durr’s brother, Christian Durr, never backed down when it came to challenging his younger sister. The sibling rivalry remained intact on and off the basketball court. 

Five years older than Asia, Christian one day paid the price for being too cocky against his little sister.

In an interview with The Players Tribune, Asia talked about that one time their brother was talking so much smack that they had to reply by dunking on his head. 

Asia Durr In Action For Atlanta Dreams In 2022
Asia Durr In Action For Atlanta Dreams In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Asia was lucky their dad Terry Durr Sr was watching his two kids going at it. Because even now, during the family events, Terry boasts about Asia and their monstrous dunk over their brother.

The dunk didn’t change the tight bond the sibling duo has for each other. Through practicing with their brother, Asia kept on upgrading her skills.

Christian Durr Works For Zoom 

Christian might’ve been the older brother but began his education later. 

The elder brother of Asia Durr graduated from the University of Louisville in 2021 with a degree in Science and Criminal justice. 

Christian has been working as a Business Development Representative for Zoom since September 2022.

Christian Durr Pictured With His Partner Kelly Durr In 2019
Christian Durr Pictured With His Partner Kelly Durr In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Before working for Zoom, Christian worked for UPS part-time and as a store associate for RaceTrac.

Christian is married to a woman named Kelly Durr, whom he met while at Louisville.

On her Instagram in 2018, Kelly shared they were planning their wedding.

Though the couple has not shared pictures of their wedding ceremony, it’s safe to assume they have tied the knot, as Kelly has taken up Christian’s last name on her Instagram handle. 

Asia Durr And Her Relationship With Younger Brother T.J 

Along with having an older brother in Christian, Asia also has a younger brother named T.J Durr. 

T.J. Durr, also known as Terry Durr Jr, is the youngest member of the Durr family. He graduated with a degree in communication from Louisville in 2020.

During his time at UofL, T.J. was part of the management team of the Women’s Basketball Team.

Per his LinkedIn profile, T.J. works as a foreign exchange trader.

T.J. Durr Pictured Working For The Louisville Women's Basketball Team In 2016
T.J. Durr Pictured Working For The Louisville Women’s Basketball Team In 2016 (Source: Instagram)

T.J. previously had a brain tumor removed while in high school. It was a difficult time for the Durr family as they didn’t know what could happen. But thankfully, everything went as planned. 

In a short Facebook video, Asia talked about how their brother’s battle with a brain tumor and how happy Asia was that their brother is part of the same basketball team.

They said it made them happy to see their brother growing and maturing as a man and also that his health was now stable.

Older Sister: Genesis

Asia also has an older sister named Genesis Durr. Genesis graduated from Georgia State University in 2016 with a degree in Psychology.

She later joined Alabama State University and studied early childhood education and teaching.

In 2017, Genesis worked as a teacher at The SAE School and later worked at Noland Transportation Group.

Genesis Durr Pictured With Her Two Daughters In 2021
Genesis Durr Pictured With Her Two Daughters In 2021 (Source: Facebook)

Since 2019, Genesis has been working with Zoom like her brother, Christian. She started as an online account executive for Zoom and quickly rose through the ranks. 

Genesis currently serves as Team Lead in the video communications software company.

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