Audric Estime Cousin Terrence Fede: Family Tree Explored

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Audric Estime found the primary source of inspiration and guidance in his cousin, Terrence Fede. With Fede’s support, Estime might soon fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL.

We always love a story of young players looking up to NFL athletes, and Audric and Terrence’s is such. 

Moreover, the Estime has always taken his cousin as a role model.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Running Back Audric Estime
Notre Dame Fighting Irish Running Back Audric Estime (Source: Instagram)

Audric Estime is a 20-year-old collegiate football player from Nyack, New York. He plays as a running back for the University of Notre Dame.

Estime was an exciting talent from his young days, with an impressive amount of rushing yards. In addition, he was also the Football Player of the Year.

He picked the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for college football over other offers, including Michigan State University.

Currently, Estime is in his junior year and pursuing a degree in political science. Also, he has already taken over the starting role and is all set to explode as the years go by.

Meet The Cousin of Audric Estime: Terrence Fede

For Estime, he is fortunate, as he has a man who has already played in the NFL.

His cousin is none other than the defensive end Terrence Fede. Terrence is 32-year-old who played as a defensive end.

NFL Defensive End Terrence Fede
NFL Defensive End Terrence Fede (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he is an alumnus of Marist College, and he played with the Red Foxes and broke plenty of records. The defensive end became iconic for the program, recording several sacks and tackles.

The 2013 PFL Defensive Player of the Year went on to play for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. Since then, the defensive end’s career has been in a sort of downhill trajectory.

Moreover, at present, Terrence is not on the active roster. He last featured in the practice squad of the New York Giants.

More Into The Audric-Terrence Relationship

The dynamics of the relationship between Audric Estime and Terrence Fede are simple to understand.

Terrence is the son of Audric’s uncle on her mother’s side. In particular, his maternal uncle’s son, which would make him his first cousin.

Furthermore, Terrence is also the godfather of young Estime.

Young Audric Estime (Left) With His Cousin Terrence Fede (Center)
Young Audric Estime (Left) With His Cousin Terrence Fede (Center) (Source: Instagram)

However, their relationship is not only familial and goes further than that. They also share a bond of teacher-student. 

For the young athlete, his cousin has been a significant form of influence and support. From a young age, they lived together and also played together.

Audric saw Terrence living his dream and making it to the NFL, providing him extra motivation.

Similarly, Terrence always advises and ensures his godson is on the right path.

Estime-Fede Family Tree 

Although they were born and raised in New York, they have roots in Haiti. Terrence’s parents and Audric’s mother are proper Haitians.

Moreover, Audric’s mother, Bertha Noisette, introduced him to football at the young age of 4. Unfortunately, she died when Audric was just 10, leaving him under the care of her brother.

Audric With His Family
Audric With His Family (Source: X)

Bertha’s brother Garick Noisette and sister Marise Fede took young Audric in and gave him a proper life. They never showed any forms of discrimination and became his legal guardian.

In addition, they took him to train and kept him on the right path, ensuring he was not under the influence of bad elements of society.

Audric’s high school coach, Dan Marangi, acknowledged them as he said, “They’re very special people. They took him in and loved him like their own and would do anything for him.”


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