Baron Browning Bio: Childhood, NFL Draft, & Net Worth

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It’s good to see how NFL is giving a chance to young talents and helping them get the name and fame they deserve. One such talent is who started his journey in college football and is now in the NFL.

Undoubtedly, being a part of the NFL is a dream for every football player. And achieving and living your dream life in your early twenties is commendable.

Even though the journey of Baron Browning is not that long but in short, periods to has managed to become a fan favorite. However, this journey has not been easy for him; he had a fair share of ups and downs.

Baron Browning
Baron Browning During His Kennedale football days (Source: Instagram)

Browning last played on October 24, 2022, against New York Jets and suffered a hip injury that forced him to miss the last three games. He returned to limited practice until November 17, 2022. 

Today, in this article, we discuss the life of Baron. Including his experience of being in the NFL. About how he got a chance to be a part of the NFL, how Browning’s injury affected his career, and many more. Please stick with us till the last of this article to find answers to all the questions.

But before we begin this article, let us look at the quick facts.

Baron Browning Bio | Quick Facts

Full Name  Baron Browning
Place of Birth  Fort Worth, Texas
Date of Birth February 19, 1999
Age 25 Years Old 
Nationality  American 
Religion  Christianity 
Ethnicity  Black
Father’s Name  Barry Sr.
Mother’s Name  Keisha Browning
Sibling Barry Jr.
Education  Kennedale High School

Ohio State University

Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius 
Profession  Football Player 
Affiliation  National Football League (NFL)
Position  Linebacker 
NFL Draft 2021/105th/3rd Round
Net Worth  $7 Million 
Height  6’3″/191 cm/1.91 m
Weight  109 kg/240 lb
Hair Color  Black
Eye Color  Black
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Relationship Status N/A 
Girlfriend  N/A
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Updated June 2024

Baron Browning | Early Life And Education

Born on February 19, 1999, in Texas, Browning is the rising star of the NFL. He is the son of Barry Sr. (father) and Keisha Browning (mother).

Barry Sr. used to play college football, but he didn’t continue it as a profession.

Likewise, Baron’s brother Barry Jr. was also a good football player, but he also didn’t choose football as a career, but Baron did and made his way to NFL.

Baron Browning Ready To Enter The Game (Source: NFL News)

And subsequently, it won’t be wrong to say that his love for football came from his genes.

Talking about his mother, she was not a football player, but she indeed was an athlete. Keisha was good at volleyball, basketball, and running track.

Browning’s family helped him a lot to shape him as a football player; Baron started playing football when he was four years old. Besides, his father and brother were mentors from his early days.


Regarding his education, Baron went to Kennedale High school, and at that time, he was a lot bigger than the boys his age.

As a result, his mother had to bring his birth certificate to school so Baron could participate in youth football games.

After graduating from Kennedale, Baron joined Ohio State University. During his first year, Baron also did weightlifting, and he was also considered to be one of the strongest players on his team.

Apart from that, he was also into track and field, Baron used to run 100 meters in just 10.8 secs, and at that time, he was almost 230 pounds.

It is shocking how at the age of fifteen, one can lift a weight of 630 pounds, and yes, it isn’t an easy task, but Baron made this happen anyways.

Likewise, his coach in Ohio, Richard Barrett, described him as one of the fastest, most talented, and most influential rising stars. Besides, Richard was sure that Baron would make his way to NFL one day, and it did happen, and the rest is history.

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Baron Browning | career

As mentioned earlier, Browning went to Ohio State University and was also part of the college football team. In the beginning, Baron was given little playtime on the ground.

Baron played in twelve games as a middle linebacker in his junior year. In those twelve matches, he made forty-three tackles for five sacks and ten tackles loss. He used to play in any position whenever the coach asked.

Nonetheless, Browning was a great player; despite many hardships, he didn’t get demotivated. Instead, Browning prioritized his team and did everything that was best for the team.

Baron Browning Praying For His Knee Injury
Baron Browning Praying For His Knee Injury (Source: Instagram)

However, in 2020, during his senior year, Browning shifted from middle linebacker to outside linebacker. 

The same year, he graduated with a degree in communication. And after a while, his dream of being a part of the NFL came true in 2021. In July of 2021, Denver Broncos selected Browning in the third round of the 105th overall pick.

Besides, Browning, to date, after being drafted into NFL, has only earned only 71.8 grades in total. Likewise, he has made thirty-six solo tackles and eighteen assists.

However, there still is a long way to go for Browning, and as soon as he does something magnificent in his career, we will update you. 

Baron Browning | NFL Profile

Many of you might know that there are specific criteria to be a part of the NFL; you will be given points based on that, and your final grades will help you get drafted in the next draft.

His current NFL grade of Browning is 6.27, which falls under the average starter. Baron has a decent speed, but he is usually seen playing like a background player and not the leading player. 

In the strength part, Browning has ideal size, making him a threat to his opponent players. Likewise, he has good speed and plays all over the field rather than being in one position. Not to forget, Baron had good skill in blocking and forceful tackle.

Baron Browning working Out For Recovery
Baron Browning working Out For Recovery (Source: Instagram)

Regarding his weaknesses, Browning’s instincts are not considered good; most of the time, it is seen that Baron is playing irrationally without thinking about the next step.

Besides, he only focuses on the blocker and doesn’t care much about the player behind the blocker. Hence, this character of him is affecting the whole team’s gameplay.

Baron Browning | Denver Bronco Contract

Denver Broncos drafted Baron in the third round, 105th overall of the 2021 NFL draft. He signed a four-year rookie contract on July 22, 2022.

As per the contract, Baron would be given $4,785,852 in total, which includes an $840,620 signing bonus, a base salary of $877,539, and annual wages of $1,196,463.

The American football line breaker earns a base salary of $877,539 while carrying a cap hit of $1,087,694 and a dead cap value of $630,465 in 2022.

Similarly, in 2023 it is expected that his base salary will go up to $1,095,077 while carrying a cap hit of $1,305,232 and a dead cap value of $420,310.

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Baron Browning | injury

Baron Browning injured his hip during his match with the New York Jets and missed the last three games. Therefore, the official site of Denver confirmed this news.

Later, the coach also addressed Baron’s injury and his inability to attend practice sessions affected his career. Since it was a hip injury, the coach feared that he would have to change Baron’s position.

The team head changed Baron’s position, and from inside linebacker, he got degraded to outside linebacker. Instead of Baron, Curtis Robinson, who happened to be a rookie player from the practice squad of Bronco, was placed as an inside linebacker.

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Baron Browning
Denver Broncos Outside Linebacker Baron Browning (Source:

However, Baron didn’t make a fuss and took the decision positively. However, the day after, i.e., Friday and Saturday, Baron was fine and appeared for the practice sessions.

But unfortunately, just before the match, Baron informed his coach that he could not play that match and hence, opted out.

Baron Browning | Personal Life

NFL linebacker Baron is not dating anyone; he is focused on his career. Besides, Baron loves his parents and is working hard to give them a better life.

Nonetheless, Baron is seen taking his parents everywhere with him, and he believes he wouldn’t be in the position he is today without his parents.

The Browning Family.
Baron Browning With His Mother And Brother (Source: Instagram)

Henceforth, Baron is living a good life without any controversies. Unfortunately, we could only gather this much information about his personal life.

But as soon as we find any information regarding his personal life, we will update you.

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Baron Browning | Social Media Presence

Being a millennial kid, it is evident that Baron would be very active on major social media platforms. Nonetheless, Baron has verified Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

His social media feed is a treat to watch for his followers. Baron also interacts with his supporters through Instagram live sessions.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Baron Browning (@bdb5_)

Baron’s social media post features pictures from NFL games, recovery sessions, and spending quality time with family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is his jersey number as Baron?

Baron wears a #56 number jersey.

Where did Baron’s brother play?

Baron’s brother, Barry Jr., played as defending back at Stanford from 2010-2013.

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