5 Best Radar Guns For Baseball

Radar guns are typically used in traffic. However, radar gun is also popularly used in baseball. There are varieties of radar guns available on the market. Some are accurate, and some are not.

Finding the best radar guns for baseball can be a task. However, it won’t be a task anymore. This article is the list of the best radar guns which are available on Amazon.

Radar Guns For Baseball

Radar guns capture every movement of the ball. In baseball, accurate movement of the ball matters to make a score.

Just throwing a fastball may not always help you to make a score. The way you throw the ball does matter in the field.

Pitching is an art in baseball. While throwing a ball, certain factors are considered, such as hand position, movement, velocity, and the trajectory of the pitch. These factors are vital for the pitcher to put the score on the board.

Pitchers are able to throw the ball from speed pitches to curveballs. Pitching depends upon the speed barometers, and it is not about just throwing a fastball.

Throwing a ball in baseball is more about the movement and getting the right velocity to achieve the perfect curve.

Radar guns estimate the speed and the velocity of the ball. Radar guns are adapted in baseball to enhance power development, monitor throwing intensity, and improve pitching velocity.

Why Use Radar Gun?

Enhance Power Development

The pitcher throws the ball until he reaches his maximum velocity. His every throw is recorded on the radar, and they try to improve over the course of time.

Monitor Throwing Intensity

Another use of radar guns for baseball is to monitor throwing intensity. It is important to count the performed number of pitches during the game.  The athlete then does best to improve intensity in the game.

Improve Pitching Velocity

Using radar improves pitching velocity. In training, you can use velocity and monitor the pitching to improve the performance in the pitching.

How To Use Radar In Baseball?

Just owning a baseball radar gun is not sufficient. You need to know how to use radar in the right way to get an accurate result.

Learning the right ways to use radar gun in baseball increase your chance to improve your performance in the field.

Do follow the instructions

  • Maintain a certain distance from the pitcher to get the measurement. You need to stand at a distance to get an accurate reading. You can also go through the instruction manual to get the accurate distance you need to make from the pitcher.
  • The radar gun has a continuous mode that doesn’t require you to keep pulling the trigger to record. Turning on this mode, the radar will automatically record how fast baseball is moving in the air. You will be able to track the ball’s speed from the movement it leaves the pitcher until it reaches its final destination.
  • Coaches stand in front or behind of the pitcher to track the movement of the ball. However, it would be much better to have a protective barrier if you are standing in front of the player. Coaches can stand behind the net to record the movement of the ball.
  • The best way to make good use of a radar gun is to use it while players are practicing. Test multiple pitches to find out the average speed. Ensure that you monitor every hit with the radar guns.
  • Radar can also be used to monitor the throw of the ball by catchers, infielders, outfielders, and other team members. The measurements you get can help improve the performance of every player.
  • With radar, you can check how adjustment impacts the performance. Changing the hand position can have a huge impact on the performance. Make a record of every changed position and analyze which works best for the pitcher.

Purchases Guides

Before buying a radar gun, there are certain factors that you need to consider. Getting a radar gun of any type may not work. Make sure you get the right radar gun that fulfills every purpose.

Speed And Distance Range

The main reason for using radar guns is to measure speed and distance. Professional coaches and athletes who are looking to improve the performance.

As a pitcher, you would want to detect at what speed the ball is traveling to the target. You also need to know at what momentum the ball is traveling. With all the data, you can identify the speed of the ball and the distance it travels.

When purchasing the radar gun, you would want to get that radar gun that gives an accurate measurement.

Size And Weight

This might not be a concern for some people, but this factor is important when you have to stand on the field for a long time. Not just in the field, if you are practicing for a longer time, then heavy radar may not be very beneficial.

Getting a heavy radar may cause hand pain which can give a wrong reading. If you cannot hold the radar gun in the right position, there is no meaning of having getting radar gun.

So, remember to get the radar which is light. Buy the radar gun as light as possible so that you can hold it for a longer duration.

Screen Type

Radar guns come with different screen types. You need to get a radar gun that has an LCD screen. This type of screen is bright and help you read easily in bright sunny day.

You can even try the radar gun before getting it. Check whether you can see the information in the radar gun when using it in light.

Else, you can check the description to verify it. You can also check the screen size. Getting a radar gun that has a large screen size makes it easy to read the number.  

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Velocity Speed Gun
Velocity Speed Gun

A velocity speed gun is quite simple to use. All you need to do is point the radar gun at the object at the time it moves toward or away from the radar gun. To record the speed, pull the trigger to get an accurate measurement within one mile per hour.

You won’t have any difficulties reading the information displayed on the screen because it has an LED display. This feature keeps things simple and easy to use.

Using a radar gun gives data regarding how fast a pitcher pitches, which can impact the coach’s decision. When this radar gun is used for training, pitchers can identify their loopholes and make improvements accordingly.

In order to get an accurate reading, make sure you point the radar in the direction straight to the object, not perpendicular. When the radar is directly lined to the object, it gives the measurement, which can be +/-1 mph.

This radar weighs 19 ozs. So, it can be stated that this radar gun is light, making you easy to hold it on the field for a longer duration. Though it is light in weight, you need to hold it straight, not tilted.

The best feature of this radar gun is that it is a multi-purpose gun that can also be used to track the speed of a car, even a race car.

Plus, this radar gun is designed that features removable batteries. You need to use 2 C batteries in this velocity speed gun. While placing these batteries, make sure you insert the positive side at the top and the negative side facing toward you.

Amazon Reviews

Give Accurate Measurement

Reviewers have found this radar to be accurate. They have commented that it gives accurate reading when hold correctly to the object.

Easy To Use

Most of the reviewers claimed that this radar gun is easy to use. Anyone can use this gun with a simple guideline.

Works Well

Reviewers were satisfied with this radar gun. You can track the speed of the ball in baseball as well as the speed of the vehicle.  Reviewer reviewed that this radar gun works through the windshield of the vehicle.

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

Swing Speed Radar
Swing Speed Radar

Radars are not used to analyze how hard the pitcher swings the ball, rather it is used to measure how well the pitcher can swing the ball. You can measure the efficiency of the player with this radar gun.

This radar is ideal for baseball as it measures how well the ball is swing to the target. It helps the pitchers to improve their swings by measuring the swing speed. You can measure the best swinging speed of the pitcher to make a score in the game.

Sensors swing speed radar is a bit different from other radar. You don’t have to hold it to get the measurement.

You just have to hang the radar on a fence, batting cage about 5 feet in front or behind the player when he swings the ball to get the reading.

Using this radar help, you measure pitchers’ swing speed, record swing consistency, determine the optimum speed of the pitcher, and also choose the bat characteristics that best suit the swing type.

This radar is a powerful tool in baseball that gives an accurate reading. If you are a pitcher wanting to improve your swing, then this radar can help you.

Though it performs differently from other hand-held radars, it is great to improve performance. This radar is for those pitchers who are looking to take the pitching skills to the next level.

As this radar measures swing speed, you can also use it in golf as well. In this radar, you will need 3AA batteries.

Amazon Reviews


Reviewers have found this device to measure accurate speed. When you place the device in the right place, you will get the right reading.

Improve Game

Reviewers have supported the reviews which claim that this radar has improved the performance. If you show your dedication, this device can help improve.

A Great Tool To Measure Swing

It is a great tool to measure baseball swing and golf swing. Reviewer has reviewed that Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar gives accurate measurement which improves swing in the game.

Pocket Radar Ball Coach

Pocket Radar Ball Coach
Pocket Radar Ball Coach

This pocket radar measures the fastest velocity of the baseball. The ball coach radar is a pro-level radar gun and speed training tool to develop the skill of the player.

With this radar, you can determine pitching speed, serving speed, shot speed, throwing speed, and hitting powder. If you want to excel your baseball skill, you surely want this pocket radar ball coach.

As this radar is used to measure the fastest speed of a ball, you can use it in speed training to develop the skills of the players. You can make good use of radar in a training session to perform best on the field.

Plus, you don’t have to doubt the accuracy. Ball coach radar gives the same accuracy as the bulky within 120 feet of the range.  You just need to know to hold it correctly to get the right reading.

Similar to other radars, this radar can give an accurate rate of +/- 1 mph. When the radar is lined directly to the ball or any object that is moving, then you will be able to get an accurate measurement.

This hand-free radar is light in weight which fits in your pocket. You can carry it anywhere in your pocket. It is great for training. You can use radar to analyze your ball movement and develop your skills accordingly.

This radar has an LCD display which eases you to read the data. You can easily read the measurement even in the bright light.

Additionally, it has multiple modes, including constant-On, Clear Memory, Change Units, and Immediate Shut-down.

Amazon Reviews

Great Purchases

This radar is worth purchase. Reviewers have found it can last several months in the original batteries.


Reviewers have agreed to the comment, which states that this radar is easy to carry and gives an accurate reading.


Many reviewers are satisfied with the accuracy of this radar and recommend it.  

Supido Multi-Sport Radar

Multi Sport Radar
Multi-Sport Radar

If you are searching for the radar that is suitable for games that include a ball, then you will definitely want Supido Multi-Sport Radar.  

Whichever sport you choose to play, this radar is effective in giving an accurate measure of your performance.

Whether you choose to play golf, cricket, football, tennis, or baseball, with this radar, you can get an accurate reading. You just have to place radar straight towards the direction where the ball hits the target.

It is designed with a durable frame and is very easy to use. Plus, this radar is lightweight, making it easy to carry in your bag.

The hand-free feature makes this radar easy to use. Like other radars, you don’t need to hold the radar in hand. You need to put the radar in the direction where the ball hits.

And the most amazing features of the Supido Multi-Sport Radar are that you get voice notification, adjust the angle, still/movement, and on/off the bottom.

The voice notification feature of the Supido Multi-Sport Radar announces total speed at the end of the game.

This device is ideal for measuring the speed and movement of the ball in any sport. Other than a sport that has the ball, you can use this radar in other sport like badminton, running, and even cycling.

This multisport radar is effective in measuring the speed of the body, ball, and any other object. It helps to refine your technical skills, which help you perform best in the game.

Amazon Reviews

Ideal For Tennis

As already mentioned, this device is ideal for all games that include the ball. Reviewers have found that this radar is effective in tennis.

Perfect For Handball

Reviewer recommends this device as it provides accurate results. Reviewers have supported one reviewer who has recommended Supido Multi-Sport Radar.

Good Purchases

Reviewers have found this device to be useful in various sports. They are satisfied with the performance of the Supido Multi-Sport Radar.

Sports Sensor Glove Radar

Glove Radar
Glove Radar

This glove radar from Sport Sensor is totally different from the radars that is listed in this article. It is directly attached to the glove of the player to measure the speed of the ball before it hit the target.

As the pitcher, he can measure the speed of the ball himself. He will not need a third person during practice. If you are a pitcher looking for ways for self-improvement, this radar can surely help you enhance your performance.

Right after you throw the ball, the screen on the glove radar will display the measurement in miles per hour. It displays the measurement of the ball’s speed thrown from any distance a few feet right before it is caught.

If you are looking for gloves, you may click the link.

This device is impactful and gives accurate results. You won’t feel heavy when you mount this radar to your gloves as it only weighs 3 ounces.

This device is designed lightweight just to help the pitcher to identify its speed and enhance performance.

However, there is a small drawback in the glove radar. This radar can measure the speed of the ball from 12 mph to above 100 mph, which is a small range compared to other radar guns. Despite this drawback, it is effective in practice.

You won’t find any problem in replacing the battery in this device. It uses less power and last longer. To save battery power, it automatically goes into sleep mode if it is not used for one minute.

Amazon Reviews

Cost-effective And Accuracy

Reviewers have found glove radar to be cost-effective and found that it provides accurate measurement. It is potable and can be easily installed on your glove to analyze your performance.

Works Great

Reviewers have recommended this radar to those who has to regularly measure pitch seed as it provides accurate results.

Awesome Training Tool

As you don’t need a third person to measure the speed of the pitch, you can use it anytime you want. Reviewers have found this impactful for training.

Do you have any questions regarding radar guns? Some questions are addressed below to clarify your curiosity.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are radar gun dangerous?

There is no proof that shows radar guns are dangerous. No evidence has been found which states radar are dangerous to one who uses or to the person the radar gun is pointed to.

How expensive is a Radar Gun?

You can find a different version of a radar gun at different prices. While reading this article, you surely have come across different radar guns with different price tags.

Can radar guns be wrong?

Radar guns are scientific equipment which accuracy depends upon the calibrated adequately. If the radar is not correctly calibrated, there is a high chance of getting false measurements.

How does radar gun work in baseball?

Radar guns transmit and receive radio signals and base on the that it gives measurement. They send a radio signal just at the time ball is thrown and receive a radio signal as it hit the target.

Do radar guns work on cars?

Radar guns are important equipment to measure the speed of vehicles like cars. They are typically used by police. However, they are now used in sport such as baseball, tennis, and in other sports.

How to use a radar gun in baseball?

Point the radar gun to the ball when it is going away from the radar or coming toward the radar. To get the accurate speed stand right behind or in front of the pitcher.

How accurate are pocket radar guns?

Pocket radar gun technology is tested and certified. Hence, it can be concluded that they give an accurate reading.

How far can a radar gun detect your speed?

The radar detection range can be 100 feet or less to over a mile. So, radar can be used to track the vehicle from a distance.

When was the radar gun invented?

The first radar was invented in 1904 by Christian Huelsmeyer, who was from German.

Do radar guns take pictures?

Many have misunderstood that handheld radar takes a picture, but it doesn’t take a picture.

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  1. Very satisfied with the Bushnell velocity speed gun. I have tested it a few times and the speed measurement results of the vehicles on the road in front of my house are very accurate. I often use it to measure my son’s baseball pitching speed, love it, works well as advertised.


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