Top 10 Best Cricket Stadiums in the World

Cricket is the second most-watched sport in the world. All of its three formats provide competitive and exciting cricket throughout the year. 

So, with such a huge fan following, the venue is an essential factor to watch the best cricketing action.

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Which is the best cricket stadium in the world?

Each of the stadiums has its unique features, history, and atmosphere. Hence, stick with us to find out the top 10 best cricket stadiums in the world. 

 10. Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium

  • Location: Dharamshala, India
  • Capacity: 23,000
  • Establishment: 2003

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) is the youngest cricket stadium among the best cricket stadiums. 

The stadium is home of Kings XI Punjab for IPL games and the Himachal Pradesh cricket team in Ranji Trophy games. 

Soon after its establishment, HPCA became the center of attraction. So, later in 2009, it was again refurbished and expanded up to 23,000 seats. 

The most spectacular beauty of the stadium is the backdrop of the Dhauladhar range and other Himalayan ranges. 

But that’s only one feature that HPCA is one of the best cricket stadiums. Besides, the stadium has small-sized stands and an open view enabling the spectacular view to fans. 

Likewise, openness in the stadium allows seam bowlers to get wind assistance. 

HPCA is the first stadium in India to have winter ryegrass in the field to prevent grasses from dying in the winter season when the temperature is below 10 °C. 

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9. Old Trafford Cricket Ground

  • Location: Manchester, England
  • Capacity: 26,000
  • Establishment: 1857

The stadium has been called Emirates Old Trafford since 2013 after tieing sponsorship deal with airline company Emirates.

In domestic cricket, it is home to the Lancashire county cricket club. It is the second oldest Test ground in England after Oval and has a rich history in Test cricket.

Likewise, Old Trafford holds the record for hosting most World Cup matches (17) and semi-finals (5).

Old Trafford Cricket Ground
Old Trafford Cricket Ground

What makes Old Trafford among the best cricket stadiums is its prominent features itself. 

In the domestic cricket stadium, one will find 19,000 capacity but expands up to 26,000 capacity during international games. 

The stadium also holds live concerts occasionally, and seating capacity increased up to 50,000. 

Also, the most remarkable feature of the stadium is the £12 million Hilton Garden hotel that opened in 2017 with 68 rooms.

Likewise, half of the rooms have a balcony overlooking the pitch. On match days, a few of those rooms are changed into hospitality boxes. 

8. Western Australian Cricket Association Ground

  • Location: Perth, Australia
  • Capacity: 20,000
  • Establishment: 1890

Western Australian Cricket Association Ground (WACA) is regarded as the home of cricket in Western Australia. 

Moreover, it’s a sports stadium. But, WACA is mainly renown as a cricket stadium. 

Alongside being one of the best cricket stadiums, it has established a reputation as the fastest and bounciest pitch globally. 

In addition, the combination of afternoon sea-breezes and pitches has made WACA an attractive ground for fast and swing bowlers. 

In 2021, redevelopment works started at WACA ground, and its due to be completed by 2023. The estimated cost of plans is $75 million. 

Furthermore, WACA has a cricket museum near the stadium. Besides memorabilia of Australian cricket history, other sports are also are displayed in WACA. 

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7. Kensington Oval

  • Location: Barbados, West Indies
  • Capacity: 28,000
  • Establishment: 1871

Kensington Oval, located in Barbados, is arguably the most loved and best cricket venue in the Caribbean region. 

The venue also has other sports facilities, but it’s mainly famous for cricketing actions. For building a new stadium, the stadium closed in 2004.  

Kensington Oval
Kensington Oval

More importantly, the stadium has a rich history behind it. Its first ground to host the first England touring team in 1895. 

Likewise, its first stadium to host West Indies’ first test match, and Andrew Sandham scored the first-ever test triple century on that ground. 

Kensington Oval has already hosted two World Cup finals; the 2007 Cricket World Cup and the 2010 ICC T-20 World Cup. 

The ground also features a large grassy hill where fans can enjoy matches having picnics.

Likewise, there is also a jumbo TV screen and pool-like area for fans to relax while watching the game.

6. Sydney Cricket Ground

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Capacity: 48,601
  • Establishment: 1848

Sydney Cricket Ground (SGC) is one of the oldest and prestigious cricket stadiums in the world. 

In domestic cricket, SGC is home to New South Wales Blue and Sydney Sixers. Besides, cricket, rugby, soccer, Australian football is also played in the stadium. 

Its 48,601 seat capacity makes SGC the fifth-biggest sporting venue in Australia. 

One of the famous landmarks of world cricket, the green-roofed Ladies Pavillion built in 1896, is the most notable feature of SCG. 

Likewise, there are two impressive mounds on the opposite side of the Brewongle stand, and original Members stand The Hill and Paddington Hill. 

The ground has rich cricketing moments. Sir Donald Bradman scored his then First-Class world record 452 runs in SCG. Later, Brian Lara scored a record 501 on that ground in 1994. 

In 2019, Australia won a record-setting 1,000 win in international matches in SCG. They defeated India in the ODI match. 

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5. The Imperial Wanderers Stadium

  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Capacity: 34,000
  • Establishment: 1956

The Imperial Wanders Stadium earned the nickname Bullring due to its bull ring style design and intimidating atmosphere for the visiting teams. 

The high stands occupy most of the stadium, but few small grassed areas are most popular among spectators. 

To replace Old Wanderers Stadium, Imperial Wanders was built in 1956 with 34,000 seating capacity. 

The Imperial Wanderers Stadium
The Imperial Wanderers Stadium

In October 2004 devastating fire occurred in the stadium clubhouse. Later that destroyed the pavilion and some of the priceless historical items. 

The Wanderers has a history of memorable moments in world cricket. For example, in 2006, SouthAfrica chased down the ODI world record 434 runs against Australia in Wanderers.

AB de Villers scored the fastest ODI fifty (50 runs off 16 balls) and fastest T20I fifty (50 runs off 21 balls) on the same ground. 

Likewise, in 1995 Mike Atherton batted for about 10 hours to save the Test for England. 

The one unique feature of the Wanderers is its pitch is favorable for both batsmen and bowlers. 

4. Eden Gardens

  • Location: Kolkata, India
  • Capacity: 80,000
  • Establishment: 1864

The home of Indian cricket and the oldest cricket stadium in India, Eden Gardens is next on our list of best cricket stadiums worldwide. 

Eden Garden is the second biggest cricket stadium in India and the third-largest in the world.  It has a total of 80,000 seating capacity. 

In domestic cricket, it’s home to Bengal in the Ranji trophy and Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL. 

In 1987, Eden Gardens became the first stadium to host Cricket World Cup Final outside England. 

Moreover, the stadium has already hosted six ICC World Cup, and five ICC IT20 World Cup matches. 

Eden Garden is well known for its huge and loud and energetic fans. So, former Australian skipper Steve Waugh named Eden Gardens as ‘Lords of the subcontinent.’

In 2016, Eden Garden installed a bell similar at the Lords. Since then, in every match bell is rung to start the match. 

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3. The Oval

  • Location: London, England
  • Capacity: 27,500
  • Establishment: 1845

The Oval has been home to Surrey County Cricket Club since its establishment in 1845. However, it is also ground where England’s test history all began.

In 1980 it became the first England stadium to host international test cricket matches. 

The Oval
The Oval

After the inaugural test match was played in the historic venue, Ashes was born two years later, in 1982. 

Besides cricket, The Oval also has memorable historic moments in football. In 1970 Oval hosted the first-ever international football match in the world. 

England played against their bitter rival Scotland, where the match ended in a 1-1 draw. 

Likewise, the Oval hosted the world’s oldest football tournament, FA CUP finals, for two decades, from 1872 to 1892. 

Besides, the rich history Oval is also famous for providing state-of-the-arts hospitality to its members and spectators. 

The famous OCS stand features ‘The Corinthian Roof Terrace,’ which provides the dramatic look of the London skyline. 

Likewise, since 2002 it has gone through many modern renovations so that both fans and players can enjoy the best cricketing actions. 

2. Melbourne Cricket Ground

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia 
  • Capacity: 1,00,024
  • Establishment: 1853

Australian National Heritage listed Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the sports stadium locally known as “The G.” 

The G is the second biggest cricket stadium globally and the eleventh largest sports stadium globally, with a total seat capacity of 1,00,024.

It also has a reputation birthplace of test cricket (1877) and ODI cricket (1971). Australia played England in both the matches, winning both of them.

During Summer Olympics in 1956 and Commonwealth games in 2006, it served as the centerpiece stadium. MCG also hosted the 1992 and 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. 

MCG always comes to life on Boxing Day each year. Besides, cricket MCG has also hosted other important sporting events. 

Moreover, in 2019 the stadium hosted the AFL Grand final that later became the highest attended league championship match. 

Also, MCG is home to the Australian Sports Museum. It is a must-go place when someone visits Melbourne.

It brings together Melbourne Cricket ground history and more than 3,500 historical items of about 95 different sports. 

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1. Lords

  • Location: London, England
  • Capacity: 31,100
  • Establishment: 1814 

The number one on our list of best cricket stadiums is no other than Home of Cricket, The Lords.

Its the oldest cricket stadium in the world, established in 1814 and named after the owner of and founder of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), Thomas Lord.

Despite going through numerous renovations works, Lords still hold a special place in the cricketing world. 

Playing a Test match at Lords at some point in their career is still the dream for many cricketers. 

Lords Cricket Ground
Lords cricket ground

The Lords have hosted more ICC Cricket World finals than any other stadium. It hosted finals in 1975, 1979, 1983, 1999, and 2019. 

Many unique and iconic features make Lords the best cricket stadium.

The most distinctive feature of Lord is its Victorian-era pavilion built with bricks and ornate terracotta facing. 

Likewise, Lords is the first stadium to start ringing the bell tradition to start the match. 

Another famous tradition of Lords is the Long Room, where players walk out to enter the field.

Only MCC members and special guests are allowed in there filled with famous cricketers paintings. 

It has a unique honor board that presents names of players to have scored 100 or taken five wickets in innings or ten wickets in the match there.  

Lords is home to the world’s oldest sports museum MCC Museum. It has a collection of historical cricket memorabilia, including The famous Ashes urn.

Besides cricketing history, Lords is well-known for having a sloping outfield.

The northwest area of the field is 2.5m higher than the southeast area that influences the match and makes the ground stand out. 

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