5 Best Darts for Beginners for Better Performance

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Playing darts is one of the entertaining ways of spending your leisure time. The game that started as the military pass time is now the favorite activity of many that you can even find in arcades and pubs.

But if you have come to our list reading the headline, we assume you must be a beginner. As a newcomer, you must be wondering how to start the game?

The first thing to do is find yourself a good set of darts to hone your skills. Even the expert players rely on their darts to play in the competition.

Ignat darts and board (Source: Amazon.com)

There are various kinds of darts available in the market. Therefore, to assist your search, we have prepared a list of the best darts for beginners for better performance.

We are looking at the various features, designs, and quality of darts in the list. Then you can decide which one is best suited for you and start with your game of darts with friends and family.

So without further dilly-dally, let’s get right into the list!

5 Best Darts For Beginners For Better Performance

We have prepared the list taking SportsBrower and Dartspin as our primary references. Before we look at the darts details, let’s preview the list in the table below.

Dart Set Brand
5. Steel Tip Darts Set CyeeLife
4. Black & Gold Steel Tip Darts CC-Exquisite
3. Aluminum Shafts Darts Set UZOPI
2. Steel Tip Set Of Darts IgnatGames
1. Viper Diamond Steel / Soft Tip Darts Viper

5. Steel Tip Darts Set

  • Length: 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds

The first dart on our list is the Steel Tip darts set by CyeeLife. The brand is a professional dart brand; hence, the set is made of premium quality aluminum and assembled professionally.

The set comes with twelve barrels, sixteen flights, sixteen plastic flight protectors, a tool sharpener, and twelve aluminum shafts with rubber rings. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing the shaft and flight.

The aluminum shafts are fat and strong. It also has many overlapping curves on it. As a result, the shafts are not easy to break.

Steel Tip Darts Set by CyeeLife
Steel Tip Darts Set by CyeeLife (Source: Amazon.com)

Similarly, the shafts with rubber rings will add more speed when the player throws them, helping to hit the board precisely. The barrel is coated with PVD silver with a cross-line design. The high quality makes the set very durable and sustainable.

Although the small size makes the set easy to store, however, the slit size of the dart being small is its con. The lightweight dart also makes it perfect for beginners. Furthermore, the set comes in four different attractive colors in a drawstring bag.

The set will give the best flights and handy grip, making for a powerful, swift throw. The unique design and premium quality are perfect for beginners. No wonder the set has a 4.6 rating out of 5.

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4. Black & Gold Steel Tip Darts

  • Length: 6.89 inches
  • Weight: 0.55 Pounds

On number 4, we have Black & Gold Steel Tip darts by the CC-Exquisite. The dart set boasts the perfect barrel, shaft, and flight combination for beginners.

The darts are made of brass with perfectly sharpened high-quality steel tips. The shafts are also solid and durable, made of aluminum. The darts are customizable, which makes every throw unique.

The set gives the players various possibilities of choices and a chance to experiment with different combinations of barrels, flights, and shaft lengths. Furthermore, the gold and black color give the darts a beautiful look.

Black & Gold Steel Tip Darts by CC-Exquisite
Black & Gold Steel Tip Darts by CC-Exquisite (Source: Amazon.com)

The Black & Gold Steel Tip darts include six unbreakable brass barrels, twelve extra shafts, twelve O-RINGS that prevent loosening, twelve flights in two different shapes and designs, and darts multi-use tool sharpener, and a slim case.

The different accessories that come with the set are perfect for beginners to experiment with various combinations. This will help the beginners figure out a set-up that the player will feel comfortable with.

The only con that the set possess is that it has a difficult fitting system of the tail with a dart. Overall, the set is one of the impressive ones that help beginners to imply the player’s style in the game.

3. Aluminum Shafts Darts Set

  • Length: 6.00 inches
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces

On number 3 of the best darts for beginners, we have the Aluminum Shafts darts set by UZOPI. The product has 4,955 ratings on amazon and is suitable for beginners and all skill levels.

UZOPI has developed a strategic design to give the players maximum control over the darts. The ergonomic wide glide flights of the steel tip darts have been designed to increase speed and minimize drag.

The darts are strong and made of aluminum, as the name suggests. It gives the darts extra durability, while the handy grip barrel helps to make for balanced shots.

Aluminum Shafts Darts Set By UZOPI
Aluminum Shafts Darts Set By UZOPI (Source: Amazon.com)

The Aluminum Shafts darts set has three replacement flights and a dart sharpener. The replacement will come in handy if you lose any of your original flights, and the dart sharpener will help remove metal burrs and keep the darts sharp.

The darts come with five unique, different flight designs. Similarly, the set can be personalized as per your wish. The steel tip darts are detachable, and you can change the barrel, shaft, and flight as you wish.

Since the product is suitable for all levels of players, you will get the experience of playing the darts like a pro. The stern grip and powerful flight will make for beautiful shots with every hit.

2. Steel Tip Set Of Darts

  • Length: 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds

The Steel Tip set of darts by IgnatGames is one of the highly-rated dart sets with over 9,150 ratings on Amazon. The set will provide precise professional shots every time, thanks to its perfect weight distribution.

The dart set has strategically-knurl brass barrels that offer a firm grip for better precision. Similarly, the shafts are made of resistant aluminum so that they won’t break or bend. The rubber O-rings help to prevent any loosening during the game.

The Steel Tip set of darts has a unique design with magnetic closure. The custom-made EVA foam interior protects the darts against any loss and scratches. These sturdy metal darts are stylish to look and practical while playing.

Steel Tip Set Of Darts By IgnatGames
Steel Tip Set Of Darts By IgnatGames (Source: Amazon.com)

The set comes with six elegant darts with brass barrels and aluminum shafts. Likewise, the set has sixteen uniquely designed flights and two tools to keep your drafts in shape.

Another cool feature about the set is that you can take darts steel tip set professional with their free eBook “35 Ways to Play Darts.” The eBook has a step-by-step guide with illustrations, darts scoreboard templates, and useful tips to hone your skills.

The set is one of the best high-quality sets that is strong and durable. It is ideal for not only beginners but also professional players. It is one of the best sets within a friendly budget and our second-best darts for beginners.

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1. Viper Diamond Steel / Soft Tip Darts

  • Length: 6 inches
  • Weight: 0.2 Pounds

For beginners, our best darts goes to Viper Diamond Steel / Soft tip darts. The set is one of the highly acclaimed darts you can get at an affordable price.

The darts are designed with high-quality material, 90% tungsten and 10% nickel barrels. This provides exceptional balance and accuracy to the darts, providing an excellent performance level.

Similarly, each barrel has strategically placed knurled bands, deep grooves, and rings. As a result, the dart has an excellent gripping point and encourages consistent hand placement.

The heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum shafts feature locking holes and diamond-cut etchings to reduce the retightening during the game and improve stability. It also provides more secure fit to the barrel.

Viper Diamond Steel / Soft Tip Darts
Viper Diamond Steel / Soft Tip Darts (Source: Amazon.com)

The player can use the Viper Diamond Steel / Soft tip with the electronic dartboards. The quality flights are constructed to help increase speed and reduce drag. The detailed graphics on the darts adds to its stylish look.

The set comes with an additional set of convex nylon shafts, flights, flight protectors, 2BA dart points, and a dart mechanic wrench. The set comes in the Deluxe Dart Pal case with soft cloth lining and a hard outer shell.

With one of the best quality, stylish look, and top-notch performance levels, the Viper Diamond Steel / Soft tip darts are the best overall darts for beginners for better performance.

Honorable Mentions

  • RedDragon Razor Edge Original Darts
  • Dart World 19517 Piranha Razor Grip Dart
  • Travel Case Darts Set By Viper Blitz


As a beginner, buying your first dart is a difficult task. You might feel that all darts are similar to look at, but once you begin, you will come to find the differences in various types of darts.

Therefore, it is important to look at various features and designs of the darts to find the suitable one for you. The game might be a leisure activity for many, but there is no reason you cannot take the game seriously.

Finding the perfect set of darts is hence, important for beginners. We hope our list was able to assist you in your search for your perfect darts!

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