10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves in the World

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If you are the goalkeeper for a local football team, and you’re wondering which gloves to buy? Needless to worry, cause we have got you covered as we bring you the list of 10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves in the World.

Gloves are essential for goalkeepers. Firstly, you don’t want to be injured while playing the game. Secondly, the kit should not degrade your performance.

Adidas Predator 20 Pro (Source: Youtube)
Adidas Predator 20 Pro (Source: Youtube)

The pandemic has shown that sport is an integral part of our life. Football leagues were a lot helpful to people stuck at home.

So, maybe you want to play football to return to everyday life. Therefore, our list will be helpful in selecting the best goalkeeper gloves in the world

10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves in the World

The gloves mentioned hereafter are ranked based on how comfortable they are to wear. Both budget and pro gloves are mentioned on this list.

S.N. Company Price
10 Uhlsport Soft Flex Goalkeeper Gloves £34.99
9 Reusch Attrakt Grip £30.00
8 Puma Future Grip Hybrid £38.00
7 Nike Vapor Grip3 £84.95
6 Reusch Attrakt Fusion Guardian £120.00
5 Reusch Attrakt Fusion Ortho-Tec Guardian £150.00
4 Uhlsport HyperAct AbsolutGrip £57.00
3 Uhlsport HyperAct SuperGrip £66.00
2 Adidas Predator Pro Ultimate £112.00
1 Adidas Predator Pro £82.50

10. Uhlsport Soft Flex Goalkeeper Gloves

Starting off the list of best goalkeeper gloves globally is Uhlsport Soft Flex Goalkeeper Gloves. It is the budget version of the Uhlsport Hyper Grip.

The gloves look trendy, and they feel soft and warm on the hands. They are made from soft latex, and you have to worry only about blocking the ball.

Uhlsports softflex keeper gloves (Source: Instagram)

Needless to worry about if you are hesitant because it’s a budget glove. Uhlsport has a long history of supplying quality goods to the consumer.

Plus, it’s one of the best gloves in the budget category. It’s handy for the keepers who regularly train on the turf areas.

If you have premium gloves, then they can be your practice gloves. Currently, they are available in sizes 9 and 10.

You can order them from Amazon.

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9. Reusch Attrakt Grip 

Another budget entry on our list is Reusch Attrakt Grip. It’s the budget version of the Attrakt Fusion gloves.

Despite being budget-friendly, they feel incredibly light on your palm. Plus, the material is also soft and doesn’t feel cheap.

Reusch Attrakt grip best goalkeeper gloves (Source: Instagram)

The company has built a new design for the budget gloves, which allowed them to use natural latex. It means that now you can have more grip over the ball.

As a result, you will be able to save corner kicks and grab the ball quickly. In addition, these gloves can be used in practice games and turf like the Soft flex.

However, these are also 5 bucks cheaper than soft flex. If your pocket is tight, you can opt for Reusch’s attrakt grip.

You can get them from Amazon

8. Puma Future Grip Hybrid

The last budget entry on our list is Puma Future Grip Hybrid. Even though Puma has premium gloves, this one is a bang for the buck. 

Goalkeepers like Jan Oblak have been using Puma gloves since 2019. If the professional keepers find it reliable, you will find it helpful.

Puma Future Grip (Source: Amazon)

Compared to the other gloves, these gloves come in various colors. In addition, the design of the gloves is also different than the other brands.

To make the gloves comfortable, there’s complete backhand knitting. The latex on the gloves also makes them incredibly handy.

By wearing these gloves, you can be as fast as the Puma. You can buy these gloves from Amazon.

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7. Nike Vapor Grip3

Nike is one of the world-famous brands when it comes to sports. They have multiple celebrity endorsements.

Some of the best goalkeepers, such as Allison Becker and Thibaut Courtois, have been wearing Nike Vapor Grip3. Looking at both the player’s careers, it seems that Vapor Grip3 is one of the best goalkeeper gloves in the world.

Nike Vapor Grip 3, one of the best goalkeeper gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

These gloves have an incredible grip on the ball as they have a foam of more than 4mm. It also absorbs the impact of the ball on the glove.

These hybrid cut gloves use wool and latex and turn in backhand design.

It’s the best and the highest-selling glove by Nike. Even after a decade, these gloves are still the best by Nike.

It’s sad that the company with a slogan of ‘Just Do It’ hasn’t been able just to make more good gloves.

You can order it from Amazon.

6. Reusch Attrakt Fusion Guardian

One of the top brands for the best goalkeeper gloves is Reusch. Notably, the Attrakt model has been very profitable for the company.

These gloves are convenient for the goalkeepers. That’s why Hugo Lloris, the keeper for Tottenham Hotspur and keeper of France, always uses them.

He also helped to design the gloves and wore them during Euro 2020.

Reusch Attrakt Fusion Guardian (Source: Instagram)

All goalkeeper’s hands are sweaty due to the glove. As a result, the gloves feel slippery, and the keepers lose grip on the ball.

So, Reusch included ventilation channels that reduced sweat. Apart from that, there’s also the rolled thumb with a 3D thumb crotch.

The new aqua latex helps the keepers to maintain grip even during rainy games. Additionally, the backend doesn’t have finger protection but is stretchable.

The glove also has a negative evolution cut. But, again, you can buy it on Amazon.

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5. Reusch Attrakt Fusion Ortho-Tec Guardian

It’s tough to make a single great pair of goalkeeper gloves. Therefore, it’s incredible that Reusch has made the two best goalkeeper gloves in the world.

The fusion Ortho-Tec Guardian is a bit upgraded form of the Fusion Guardian. Think of it as iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max.

Reusch Attrakt Fusion Guardian best goalkeeper gloves (Source: Instagram)

The Fusion Ortho-Tec Guardian is endorsed by Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. Thus, it’s safe to say that it will be more than sufficient for practice and standard games.

The gloves have new R-Grip fusion foam, allowing even better grip than the guardian. It has a combination of both hard latex along with soft foam.

Apart from that, the evolution negative cut and finger protection means that you can freely move your hand. Like Fusion Guardian, this is also suitable for all weather conditions.

Similarly, the Free gel silicon on the backhand allows the goalkeeper to use the globe flexibly. Again, you can order it from Amazon.

4. Uhlsport HyperAct AbsolutGrip

The fourth entry on the list of best goalkeeper gloves globally is Uhlsport HyperAct AbsolutGrip. It’s one of the many great goalkeeping gloves by Uhltsport.

Oliver Baumann, the  goalkeeper for TSG Hoffenheim uses HyperAct AbsolutGrip. Apart from that, Alexander Sschwolow from Hetha Belin also uses AbsolutGrip.

It offers a consistently tight grip on grassy, dry, and hot weather and can absorb powerful shocks. Additionally, it has flexible pads on the backhand, allowing hand movement within the gloves.

Uhl Absolut grip best goalkeeper gloves (Source: Instagram)

The negative half-cut allows the goalkeepers to move their fingers easily within the glove. Apart from that, the latex also allows for easy movement and tight grip.

One of the most challenging aspects of goalkeeping is punching the ball during aerial shots. The flexible pads reduce the impact on fingers while giving more control.

The glove is a bit heavier than other models from Uhlsport. You can order it from Amazon

3. Uhlsport HyperAct SuperGrip

An even better version of the HyperAct Absolugrip is SuperGrip. But, again, it’s a bit like the phone’s Pro and Pro Max versions.

Both these models were made for the Euro 2020 matches. There’s even a SuperGrip+ version available which costs around $160.64.

Uhlsuper grip (Source: Instagram)

In both SuperGrip+ and SuperGrip, there’s new adhesive foam which allows for an extra high grip. It also allows for more durability of the gloves.

The gloves are available in Reflex cut and Half negative cut. These cuts are known for tight-fitting, which allows a tight grip.

The SuperGrip model allows more air which helps to reduce the sweat. Apart from that, the flexible pads allow more control but less direct contact with the ball.

With these gloves on, you’ll feel like Neuer. You can order these gloves from Amazon.

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2. Adidas Predator Pro Ultimate

Adidas Predator Pro Ultimate ranks second in the list of best goalkeeper gloves in the world. In a strange scenario, the cheaper glove is as effective as the expensive one.

However, this doesn’t mean that Adidas Predator Pro Ultimate is a lousy glove. In fact, it’s one of the most durable gloves in the world.

The Fingersave negative cut allows for a tight fit, which means more control. Apart from that, it also increases the overall grip of the ball.

Adidas Predator Pro ultimate (Source: Amazon.com)

Its URG 2.0 latex absorbs powerful shocks while providing comfort. Perhaps the best feature of this glove is the Velcro wrist strap. It allows for tight-fitting along with optimal grip.

The only reason it’s ranked below Predator Pro is its price. It’s too expensive than Predator Pro even though they share many similar features.

You can order the gloves from Amazon.

1. Adidas Predator Pro

The one that tops the list of best goalkeeper gloves in the world is Adidas Predator Pro. In addition, many Adidas Predator Pro Ultimate features can be found in Predator Pro.

They also have a negative cut, allowing for a tighter fit and more control. In addition, the full knitted backhand allows for more air, reducing the sweat on the hands.

Adidas Predator Pro (Source: Amazon)

The Demonskin 2.0 absorbs the shock while maintaining control. Even though it shares most of the qualities with Pro Ultimate, it’s much cheaper than it.

It’s actually surprising why Adidas would make the cheaper version as good as the expensive one. Since the cheaper version provides all the benefits of the expensive one, why spend more money.


Which gloves do you use while goalkeeping? Please tell us if we missed any gloves. Also, please tell us in your view which is the best goalkeeper gloves in the world?

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