15 Best NBA Cheerleaders Squad of This Year

Who is your best NBA cheerleaders squad? Is it Miami Heat or some other team? Whichever it is, cheerleaders these days have their own sets of loyal fans.

Cheerleading is a distinctly American phenomenon prevalent in the USA. However, slowly it’s starting to expand to other countries.

Miami Heat Cheerleaders in one frame (NBA.com)
Miami Heat Cheerleaders in one frame (NBA.com)

The NBA cheerleaders add excitement to the game. Apart from that, some cheerleaders are very good at performing stunts also.

Sadly, sometimes the cheerleaders get injured while performing the stunts. Further, their contribution to sports is slightly unrecognized.

15 Best NBA Cheerleaders Squad to Look for This Year

Today, we’ll be ranking the 12 best NBA cheerleaders to look for this year. The squads are ranked on the basis of the stunts they perform, fans following, and social media presence. 

Note: The followers on social media accounts mentioned below are as of November 2021.

15Indiana PacersPacemates
14Washington WizardWizards Dancers
13New York KnicksKnicks City Dancers
12Los Angeles LakersLaker Girls
11Cleveland CavaliersCavs PowerHouse Dance Team
10Orlando MagicMagic Dancers
9Philadelphia 76ersSixers Dancers
8Minnesota TimberwolvesTimberwolves Dance Team
7Atlanta HawksA-Town Dancers
6Boston CelticsBoston Celtics Dancers
5Los Angeles ClippersSpirit Dance Team
4Phoenix SunsSuns Dancers
3Golden State WarriorsWarrior Dancers
2Chicago BullsChicago Luvabulls
1Miami HeatHEAT Dancers

15. Indiana Pacers Dancers

The cheerleading team was formed in 1967. Since then, the team has been part of the Indiana Pacers.

They’re officially known as the Indiana Pacemates. Currently, there are 18 members in the squad.

Indiana Pacemates (Source: Instagram)

The Pacemates team started the dance and entertainment programs during the middle half of the game. So there are the veterans of the new style of cheerleading.

They were also invited to perform at the NBA All-Star Game. Currently, they’re sponsored by Pepsi.

Indiana Pacemates have 17.1k followers on Instagram. They have twenty dancers for the 2021-22 season.

14. Washington Wizard Dancers

Unlike many other cheerleading teams, the Washington Wizard Dancers have both male and female dancers on their teams. There are 15 members on the dance team.

Until 2018 they had only female dancers. But, since the 2018-19 season, they have hired both male and female dancers.

Washington Wizard Dancers (Source: Instagram)

The cheerleading team also rebranded themselves after changing its name in 1997. Previously, they were known as the Capital Bullets.

They have a total of 15.1k followers on Instagram. Similarly, they have more than 6k followers on Twitter and 7.3k followers on Facebook.

The Wizards also have a senior dance team Wizdom.

13. New York Knicks Dancers

The New York Knicks Dancers is one of the best cheerleading teams in the NBA. They recently celebrated their Silver jubilee.

In these twenty-five years, they have set the bar for entertainment. Compared to the other dancing teams, they also spend more on their production.

New York Knicks Dancers (Source: Instagram)
New York Knicks Dancers  (Source: Instagram)

Alyssa Quezada is the coach of the team. Similarly, Amanda Pierce is the director of the team. Currently, there are nineteen female dancers on the team.

New York Knicks Dancers have 27.4k followers on Instagram. Similarly, they have more than 29k followers on Facebook also.

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12. Los Angeles Lakers Dancers

The Los Angeles Lakers Dancers are also known as Laker Girls. They are the cheerleaders for Los Angeles Lakers team in the NBA.

The Laker Girls were formed in 1979. During the time, very few NBA teams had their own cheerleaders. Therefore, they are the most famous cheerleaders squad.

Laker Girls (Source: Instagram)

Currently, there are 18 Lakers Girls on the team. One of the previous cheerleaders, Paula Abdul, also choreographed ‘Torture‘ by Micheal Jackson.

The Lakers Girl has 165k followers on Instagram. Similarly, they have 101k followers on Facebook. Therefore they are the most followed cheerleader squad in the NBA.

They also perform cheerleading for other organizations also. Some notable Lakers Girls alumni are Emily Harper, Tina Landon.

11. Cleveland Cavaliers Dancers

The Cleveland Cavaliers Dancers are a unique team. Most other NBA teams only have a single cheerleading squad.

The main cheerleading squad is known as the Cavs Powerhouse. It includes both men and women.

Cavs Powerhouse Dance Team (Source: Instagram)

The entertainment package focuses on tricks, tumbling, and dynamic choreography. Currently, they have nineteen dancers and performers on their squad.

However, the Cleveland Cavaliers also has other entertainment packages. The other teams include Scream Team, a Street-Style Hip-Hop dance team.

Additionally, other teams are 216STIX, Pogoliers, The Minis, Dancing Dads.

10. Orlando Magic Dancers

The tenth team on the 15 best NBA cheerleaders list is Orlando Magic Dancers. The team is called Magic Dancers.

After the 2019 season, the Orlando Magic Dancers began including men dancers also. Previously, once female dancers above 21 were included in the dance group.

Orlando Magic Dancers (Source: Instagram)
Orlando Magic Dancers (Source: Instagram)

Some of the notable alumni include Trinity McCray, a WWE Wrestler, and Sandy Fox, a Voice actress. The Orlando Magic team has other groups for entertainment programs.

The 407 is a co-ed hip-hop team. Apart from that, there’s also the 321 Hype and Magic Beatz.

The dancers for the Orlando Magic Dancers are some of the lowest-paid cheerleaders in the NBA.

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9. Philadelphia 76ers Dancers

The ninth team on the 15 best NBA cheerleaders list is Philadelphia 76ers Dancers. They’re officially known as Sixers Dancers.

Currently, they have nineteen dancers on their team. All of the dancers are female.

Philadelphia 76ers Dancers (Source: Pinterest)
Philadelphia 76ers Dancers during their performance (Source: Pinterest)

The 76ers entertainment team has 14.3k followers on Instagram. They have had the same cheerleading team since 2017-18.

The audition for the new dancers occurs in June. Currently, they are auditioning only female dancers for the team.

8. Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers

The Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers is officially known as the Timberwolves Dance Team. The current team is made of all-female dancers.

Timberwolves Dancers (Source: Instagram)

Currently, the Timberwolves Dancers have just selected their new team. The audition for new dancers took place in September. 

Currently, they have 10k followers on Instagram.

7. Atlanta Hawks Dancers 

The number seven cheerleading squad on our list of top 15 NBA cheerleaders is Atlanta Hawks Dancers. Hawks Dancers is also a co-ed dance group.

The dancers include Alexis, Ashley, Calvin, Demonte, Haley, Isabel, Jada J., Jada L., Jaleah. Similarly, Jasmine, Jayla, Kennedy, Lee, Lexi, Lindsay, Meghan, Manami, Stephanie, and Tori are other dancers. 

Atlanta Hawks Dancers (Source: Instagram)
Atlanta Hawks Dancers (Source: Instagram)

The recent team of dancers was selected through the auditions. Apart from the team event, the Hawks Dancers also perform at other events. They also organize different fan meet-up events.

Similarly, they have more than 18.6k followers on Instagram. Additionally, their notable alumni include Deneen Graham, Miss North Carolina, Kaulin Reque, Miss Georgia USA.

6. Celtics Dancers

Celtics Dancers are one of the most famous NBA cheerleader squads. The team has a total of 17 female dancers.

The dancers are selected from all around the country. Similarly, the dancers can dance in different forms of dance.

Celtics Dancers (Source: Instagram)
Celtics Dancers (Source: Instagram)

The team currently comprises Alena, Alicia, Brianna, Cassidy, Dannea, Gabrielle, Janelle, Kiki, Mackenzie. Other dancers are Mazie, Nichole, Shannon, Sydney, Taylor, Tony, Vanessa F, and Vanessa O.

Celtics Dancers have over 28k followers on Instagram. Like other teams, this team also performs at every home game. Apart from that, they also perform at other Celtics and community events. 

The team will be auditioning for new dancers soon. Dancers over 21 can apply to be part of Celtics Dancers.

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5. Los Angeles Clippers Dancers

One of the most famous cheerleader squad in the NBA is Los Angeles Clippers Dancers. They even have a reality tv show. The show premiered on E! cable network.

The Clippers Dancers are known for their complex choreography. Therefore, the fans love the Clippers Dancers.

Los Angeles Clippers Dancers (Source: Instagram)

The members of Clippers Dancers are Bernie, Blair, Brianna, Brooke, Chelsea, Claudia, Courtney, Emily, Gabri, Hannah, Karissa, Katy, Lizzie, Mariah, Savanna, Shannon, Tarra, Taylor, Tori, and Walesska.

The team usually hires the best choreographer for almost every dance performance. Hence, each of their dance routines is unique and entertaining.

Similarly, the team has 35k followers on Instagram.

4. Phoenix Suns Dancers

The fourth entry on our list is Phoenix Suns Dancers. The team is comprised of dancers from different genres of dance.

The Phoenix Suns Dancers are trained in jazz, ballet, contemporary, ballroom, and hip-hop. Therefore, the dancers have to be skilled in different forms of dance to get entry in Phoenix Sun Dancers.

Phoenix Suns Dancers
Phoenix Suns Dancers

Apart from the usual home game, the Sun Dancers also participate in the team’s community programs and other events conducted by sponsors. Along with it, they also held several events with fans.

The alumni of Sun Dancers are Brittany Bell, Miss Arizona USA. Apart from that, the cheerleaders of Phoenix Sun have also participated in The Bachelor.

3. Warriors Dance Team

The third team on our list of top 15 cheerleader squad to look for this year is Warriors Dance Team. The list of dancers for the 2021-22 season was recently announced.

The team includes Courtney, Licy, Kelsey, Ceci, Chelsey, Milan, RJ, Areli, Nelie, Malia, Sierra H., Kyra, Karrie, Nicola, Kiara, Leann, Sierra G., Margie, Charity, and Zoe.

Warriors Dance Team (Source: Instagram)
Warriors Dance Team (Source: Instagram)

Natalie Alvarado is the manager of the team. Additionally, she is also the coach for the Rockets Powers Dancers.

Similarly, the Warriors Dance Team has more than 20k followers on Instagram.

2. Chicago Luvabulls

The second team on our list is Chicago Luvabulls. They’re also one of the most followed cheerleader squads on Instagram.

Hence, they are very popular among the fans. Fans love their performances and cheer for them.

Chicago Luvabulls (Source: Instagram)

The dancers include Alaina, Claudia, Colleen, Courtney, Emily D, Emily P, Emma, Erika, Gabi, Hannah, Jade, Julia D, Julia P, Katie, Kellie, Klaudia, Melanie, Rachel, Savannah, and Taylor.

Chicago Luvabulls have more than 133k followers on Facebook. Additionally, they have almost 50k followers on Instagram.

Their notable alumni include Shanon Lersch, Miss Illinois 2008, and Ashely Bond, Miss Illinois 2009.

1. Miami Heat Dancers

The first team to rank on the top of our list is Miami Heat Dancers. They are perhaps the most famous cheerleading squad with many notable alumni.

The dancing team includes Aaliyah, Alexandra, Alyssa A., Alyssa C., Aniyah, Ariana, Bianca, Celina, Chelsea, Gabriela, Haylee, Jakirah, Katie, Krizia, Lea, Melissa, Nicole R., Nicole S., Sydney, and Vanessa.

Miami Heat Dancers (Source: Instagram)

Miami Heat Dancers have 76.3k followers on Instagram. They’re the second most followed dance team on Instagram.

Their notable alumni include Jessica Sutta, an actress, Layla El, an actress, Trista Rehn contestant on The Bachelor, Jenni Croft, a contestant on The Bachelor, Kristina Akra, a reporter.


Do you agree with our list? Which is your favorite cheerleader squad in the NBA? 

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