Naomi “Wrestler” Bio: WWE, Net Worth & Personal Life

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In this modern world, women break all the stereotypes created about them in the past. Nowadays, women are independent, strong, capable, and determined. Talking about strong women, Naomi, “wrestler,” is one of them.

Naomi is a happy soul who loves to sing and dance. From her childhood, she loved singing and dancing.  Besides, she has also won a lot of medals for dancing on various occasions.

Later, she decides to become a wrestler as she was fascinated by WWE Divas after seeing them in a show. After that, she instantly joins a training school to pursue her career as a wrestler.

Naomi Wrestler

However, while making her in-ring entrance, she makes her audience sing and dance with her. Indeed, she makes the atmosphere lively.

Today, we dive into the life of Naomi, “wrestler.” Here, we will discuss her early life, age, height, net worth, WWE career, personal life, and many more. But first, let us have an instant glance at the quick facts.

Quick facts

Name Trinity LaShawn Fatu
Birthdate November 30, 1987
Birthplace Sanford, Florida, United States
Age 36 Years Old
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Black
Father’s Name McCray
Mother’s Name Grace
Education Oviedo High School
Height 5 ft. 5 inch
Weight 57kg
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Balck
Net Worth $1 million
Trained by Florida Championship Wrestling WWE
WWE Debut September 3, 2009
WWE Name Naomi
Nickname The Glow
Profession Professional Wrestler
Merchandise Action Figure
Siblings 1
Salary  $129,504 
Marital Status Married
Husband Jonathan Fatu (Jimmy Uso)
Billed from Planet Punk Orlando, Florida
Title wins First African- American to win SmackDown women’s championship (1 time) 
Social media Twitter, Instagram
Last Update April, 2024

Naomi “Wrestler” | Early Life

Trinity LaShawn Fatu, who is famously known as Naomi, was born on November 30, 1987. She was born in Sanford, Florida, United States.

Naomi Wrestler In The WWE Ring
Naomi Wrestler In The WWE Ring

Trinity was born to McCray (father) and Grace (mother). She is the second child of her parents after her brother. Naomi had an average yet happy childhood; she lived with her parent in Florida.

Naomi loved dancing; when she was 8 years old, she even started to take dance classes. She learned jazz, lyrical, modern, hip hop, and tap in her classes.

Naomi's beautiful smile.
Naomi’s beautiful smile.

Naomi graduated from Oviedo High School. Besides, she was a supremely talented kid in her school. Nonetheless, she even participated in various dance competitions and won a lot of medals for them.

Naomi was doing a great job; she even auditioned for NBA Orlando Magic. Not so surprisingly, she got her first job as a dancer and a cheerleader.

Even then, Noami never in her dreams thought she would be a wrestler. Then, however, a WWE show took place in Orlando, and WWE divas were also in the show.

Naomi, the black beauty.

Naomi saw them, and she instantly felt she needs to do this. Besides, she saw women with muscles who are very confident and beautiful. And the girl, who didn’t even know about wrestling, decided to join it.

“I just knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of,”

Naomi “Wrestler” | Wrestling Career

After she decided that she wants to be a wrestler, Naomi joined a Florida Championship Wrestling training school.

Naomi in NXT
Naomi in NXT.

However, Naomi never got the chance to wrestle for promotions before joining WWE, unlike other professional wrestlers.

Before entering the main rooster

Nevertheless, she was directly signed by WWE in august of 2009 and sent to FCW. Besides, she was given the name “Naomi” as her ring name.

Naomi debuted in FCW and Alex Riley as her tag team partner against Aj Lee and Bret DiBiase. Sadly, she lost that match.

Naomi wearing her vibrant outfit
Naomi wearing her vibrant outfit.

Later, on August 31, it was declared that Naomi would be the part of the all-female third season of NXT. Kelly Kelly was assigned as Naomi’s mentor (Pro).

Hence, on September 7, along with Kelly Kelly, Naomi made her debut in NXT. They were facing Maxine and Alicia Fox, and fortunately, Naomi won that match after she pins Maxine.

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Likewise, Naomi also defeated Layla, Michelle McCool, and Kaitlyn after teaming up with Kelly Kelly. But sadly, Naomi lost the match against Kaitlyn and lost the competition as well. But she secured the second position, which is also considered good.

After entering the Main Rooster

Naomi entertains her WWE fans.

Finally, Naomi got a chance to debut in the main RAW rooster in 2012, alongside Cameron as velvets for Brodus Clay; the duo of these two was named The Funkadactyls.

That same night, Naomi faced Eve Torres for a women’s championship match by winning in Santa’s little helper Batlle Royal. Unfortunately, however, she didn’t win the title match.

Besides, Naomi started having a feud with the Bella twins after they attacked the Funkadactyls backstage.

In a concise period of time, Naomi was liked by the audience and WWE fans. She had many opportunities to retain the women’s title, but sadly, she couldn’t win the title despite many chances.

Naomi suffered from a neck injury in February of 2012 and took a break up to march. After returning to WWE, she also became part of the Survivor Series traditional elimination tag team match. Undoubtedly, Naomi made her team win that match by pinning Paige.

Involvement with Usos’

In December of 2014, The Miz offered Naomi to uplift her musical career, which her husband Jimmy Uso didn’t like.

At that time, the Usos’ were having a feud with The Miz, and Miz offering Jimmy’s wife extended the feud. However, Naomi unwantedly became part of the feud.

Naomi shining bright like a star
Naomi shining bright like a star in her green outfit

While Naomi had a match with Nikki Bella for the women’s championship match in 2014, she almost won that match but later couldn’t because her husband distracted her from the match. The Mix was present in that match, which Jimmy Uso didn’t like at all.

After Alicia Fox joined the Miz and formed a time, Naomi and The Usos’ also formed a team to compete against Miz’s team in Mixed tag team matches. But, sadly, Naomi and the Usos’ were always defeated by Miz’s team.

From 2014 to 2016, Naomi got numerous chances to retain the Championship, but sadly she didn’t win any of the title matches.

SmakeDown Women’s Championship

Even after so many unsuccessful tries towards the championship title, Naomi didn’t back out. She was determined to win the women’s championship title.

Naomi was drafted to SmakeDown in the 2016 draft. Besides, after her draft, she suffered several losses in SmackDown.

Then, she decided to take a break from WWE for a while, and after 3 months of break, she was back with a bang.

Naomi transforms her championship belt
Naomi transforms her championship belt.

At that time, Alexa Bliss was the women’s champion, and Naomi challenged her for a title match in Elimination Chamber.

However, this time Naomi got the victory and became the SmckDown Women’s champion for the first time. Interestingly, she is the first African-American to win the women’s championship title. Indeed, this was the happiest and proudest moment for her.

Finally, Naomi gets what she wanted after so much hard works and problems. Definitely, she deserved that win.

Not surprisingly, she customized her title with a lot of lights, making it bright and colorful. Sadly, just after 140 days of her reign, Naomi dropped the championship title to Natalya in Summer Slam.

At present

Naomi's main move.
Naomi’s main move.

Naomi has been seen in various storylines till now. She has been giving her best. However, WWE needs to know her potentiality and push her for more championship matches. Indeed, she is one of the best wrestlers in the women’s division who needs to be recognized.

However, due to her injury, she took a break from her career in 2019. Currently, Naomi is drafted to the RAW brand.

Naomi “Wrestler” | Age & Body Measurement

Naomi In ring entrance.
Naomi in-ring entrance.

At the time of writing, Naomi is 32 years old. She has black hair and dark brown eyes. Besides, she is 5 ft. 5 inches and weighs around 57 kg. She has maintained her body really well.

However, it is surprising to hear that Naomi doesn’t like going to the gym, unlike many wrestlers. Similarly, she loves eating junk food, but the thing is, she has to control her eating habits to maintain her physique.

Naomi “Wrestler” | Net Worth & Salary

Naomi is a WWE superstar; there is no doubt that she earns quite a good amount of money. So definitely, she does earn well.

It is assumed that she has a net worth of $1 million. Besides, she also earns $129,504 annually from WWE. Furthermore, she lives with her husband, and it is obvious that she lives a happy and luxurious life.


  • You always have to believe in yourself and not let your confidence fade.
  • I really believe in the ‘Glow’ and live my life that way. It’s about being positive inside and out and being the best version of yourself possible. 
  • I just felt like I needed an opportunity to be on my own. I knew that once I got that moment, the ‘Glow’ was what I wanted to do. That’s who I was. 

Naomi “Wrestler” | Personal Life

Jimmy and Naomi.
Jimmy and Naomi.

Jonathan Fatu (Jimmy Uso) and Naomi are married to each other. However, they both are WWE superstars and the power couple of WWE.

Their story started when Jimmy’s brother informed him about the two new divas in WWE. In the beginning, Jimmy was not interested at all, but later, he went to see who those two divas are for a formal introduction.

At first, he only saw the back of their heads, but he found her beautiful when he actually saw Naomi. Jimmy describes, “Naomi had black and purple hair at that time; she had beautiful dark skin with brown eyes.” The other superstar was Ruby Riot. However, Jimmy found Ruby pale as a vampire.

Naomi Wrestler
Naomi Wrestler

However, he felt so nervous about introducing himself in front of Naomi. In their very first meeting liked her so much. But later, he felt she was different and beautiful.

Even though Jimmy is Naomi’s first husband, however, Naomi is Jimmy’s second wife.

Jimmy has two sons from his past marriage. However, Naomi has no problem with it, and she takes care of his sons. They all live as one happy family.

Naomi “Wrestler” | Social Media Presence

Naomi is active in social media and gives her opinion without any hesitation. Besides, she always talks about rights and equality.

She believes every human is the same and should be treated the same. Naomi, on various occasions, has talked about the color discrimination that she has faced.

She is always against such activities and speaks against them, no matter what. Definitely, she has used her social media to handle people’s awareness.

Instagram (@trinity_fatu) : 2.5 million followers

Twitter (@NaomiWWE) : 1.1 million followers

Naomi Wrestler | FAQs

Why did Naomi leave WWE?

The fighter hasn’t left WWE. However, she underwent a six-hour surgery to have her fibroid removed. She said that the fibroid had been causing her a lot of abdominal pains and severe anemia fatigue.

What is Naomi’s birth name?

The wrestler’s birth name is Trinity McCray.

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