12 Best Third Basemen Right Now- MLB’s Ranking

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Ranking the best third basemen right now can be quite a hectic task. But, with the help of the data, ratings, and player info, it has been relatively easier in current years.

Matt Chapman Nashville, 2017
Matt Chapman Nashville, 2017. (Source: Wikimedia)

However, the rating is not often agreed upon by fans and supporters. Similarly, in today’s article, we have ranked the 12 best basemen as of now in the Major League Baseball’s ranking.

The ranking also consists of a few exciting details about these basemen, so make sure to follow through with it.

12 Best Third Basemen Right Now- MLB’s Ranking

This list is based on the latest rating from the Pitcherlist.

Rank Name of Basemen Club
1 José Ramírez Cleveland Guardians
2 Nolan Arenado  St. Louis Cardinals
3 Manny Machado San Diego Padres
4 Alex Bregman Houston Astros
5 DJ LeMahieu New York Yankees
6 Anthony Rendon Los Angeles Angels
7 Rafael Devers  Boston Red Sox
8 Cavan Biggio Toronto Blue Jays
9 Eugenio Suárez Cincinnati Reds
10 Matt Chapman Oakland Athletics
11 Yoán Moncada Chicago White Sox
12 Max Muncy  Los Angeles Dodgers

12. Max Muncy 

Ranked 12th as one of the best third basemen right now, Maxwell Steven Muncy is a force to be reckoned with.

Muncy is an American-born professional baseball infielder playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the MLB. Before his professional career, he used to play college baseball representing Baylor Bears. 

Max Muncy 
Max Muncy

However, this talent wasn’t wasted as the Oakland Athletics scouted him during the fifth round of the 2012 MLB draft. So, after getting drafted, he played 2 years with Athletics and later joined the Dodgers.

Munchy is a two-time All-Star player and the 2020 World Series champion when talking about his career highlights.

11. Yoán Moncada

Coming in on the 11th rank Yoán Manuel Moncada Olivera is a talented third baseman from Cuba.

This Cuban professional third baseman plays for the Chicago White Sox in the MLB. 

However, before joining the MLB in the states, Moncada used to play in the Cuban National Series. In other words, he started playing baseball professionally for Cienfuegos, a Cuban national series. 

Later, after a successful career record and achievements in the Cuban leagues, Moncada left Cuba to pursue a successful career in the MLB. 

In 2016, Moncada made his first MLB debut for the Boston Red and was later traded to the White Sox during the 2016–2017 offseason.

10. Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman cannot be missed when it comes to raking the MLB’s best third basemen right now. 

Ranked 10th on the list, Chapman is an American-born professional baseball third baseman playing for the Oakland Athletics. 

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Plus, compared to other third basemen, Chapman’s baseball career debut might be more recent (2017), but it can’t be ignored. Not to forget, this talented baseman has collected some of the most prestigious awards and titles, given such a short duration.

In other words, Chapman won the Platinum Glove Award, Gold Glove Award, and the Fielding Bible Award all two times (2018 and 2019). Similarly, he also received the 2018 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award and the 2019 All-Star.

9. Eugenio Suárez

Considered one of the great third basemen right now, Eugenio Alejandro Suárez is a professional baseball infielder from Venezuela playing for the Cincinnati Reds. 

Suarez began playing in the professional leagues after joining the Detroit Tigers in 2008. However, after playing with the Tigers for six years, he was traded to the Reds. 

Eugenio Suárez (Source: Twitter)
Eugenio Suárez (Source: Twitter)

Besides, Suarez finished his first season with the Reds at a score of .284 batting average, 13 home runs, and 48 RBIs. 

Similarly, in 2018, Suarez was an All-star. 

8. Cavan Biggio

Born as the son of the legendary Hall of Famer Craig Biggio, Cavan Thomas Biggio has definitely taken to his roots.

He is ranked 8th on the list, he is one of the best third basemen right now. 

Biggio is a professional baseball second/third baseman and an outfielder of the Toronto Blue Jays. 

Talking about his early days, Biggio was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2013 Major League Baseball draft. However, he did not sign and instead decided to join college.

Further, Biggio proved his worth in college baseball’s three seasons by batting .272 with 15 home runs, 70 (RBIs) runs batted in, and 33 stolen bases.

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However, Biggio was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2016 Major League Baseball draft. Currently, he still plays for the Toronto Blues. Plus, on September 17, 2019, Biggio achieved the Hit for the Cycle.

7. Rafael Devers 

As one of the best third basemen right now, Rafael Devers Calcaño is a professional third baseman of the Boston Red Sox.

This Dominican professional has made sure to leave a mark on the crowds. 

Not to forget, Devers was ranked 6th among the top 50 international prospects when he was signed to the Red Sox. Given, he was just a 16-year-old boy at the time. Later, he signed a $1.5 million deal with the Sox. 

Talking about his career highlights, Devers is the 2018 World Series Champion, 2021 All-Star, 2021 All-MLB Second Team, and the 2021 Silver Slugger Award, winner.

6. Anthony Rendon

Ranking 6th on today’s list, Anthony Michael Rendon is among the best third basemen right now. 

Moreover, the American third baseman plays for the Los Angeles Angels. Before this, Rendon used to play for the Washington Nationals and was also a member of the 2019 World Series champion team. 

Nationals at Orioles July 9, 2014.
Nationals at Orioles July 9, 2014. (Source: Wikimedia)

Besides, Rendon was a talent from a young age. He won the 2010 Dick Howser Trophy during his college days playing for the Rice University Owls. 

However, he entered the professionals after getting selected sixth in the 2011 MLB draft by the Nationals. 

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Rendon is also an All-Star player and a two-time Silver Slugger Award winner.

5. DJ LeMahieu

When it comes to ranking the best third basemen right now, it is hard to miss David John LeMahieu

LeMahieu is a highly talented American professional third baseman for the New York Yankees. Before this, he used to play for the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs.

Most importantly, LeMahieu is known for his defensive play and hitting abilities. This earned him the nickname “LeMachine.” 

Moving on to his trophies; this talented baseman has plenty at his side.

Some of them are 3 times All-Star, 3 times Gold Glove Award, 3 times Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award, 2 times Silver Slugger Award, 2 times batting champion, Fielding Bible Award, and many more.

4. Alex Bregman

Alexander David Bregman is the 4th ranking professional American shortstop and third baseman for the Houston Astros.

Not to mention, Bregman was a prodigy from a young age. He is the first high school player ever to win the USA Baseball Player of the Year Award. 

Alex Bregman (Source: Instagram)
Alex Bregman (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he broke the New Mexico season record with 19 home runs as a junior the following year. 

Plus, Baseball America voted him for the 2013 National Freshman of the Year. Followed by winning the 2013 Brooks Wallace Award as the best college shortstop in America. Bregman was also a two-time All-American. 

Likewise, Bregman made his MLB debut in July 2016 after being selected by the Houston Astros on the second pick of the first round of the 2015 MLB draft. 

3. Manny Machado

Being the second Dominican descendant third baseman on the list, Manuel Arturo Machado is a name that doesn’t go unrecognized. 

This talented Dominican-American professional shortstop and third baseman plays for the San Diego Padres. 

Raised in Miami, he was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles at a very young age. During the time of his draft, he attended Brito High school. Machado is a right-handed player in both throws and bats. 

However, Machado joined the professional MLB only in August 2012. During his time at Orioles, he collected some of the most prestigious titles.

Some of his achievements are 5 times All-Star, 2 times Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award, Fielding Bible Award, and an All-MLB First Team award. 

2. Nolan Arenado 

The second-best third baseman in today’s listing we have, Nolan James Arenado.

Arenado is an American professional third baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals. Considered one of the best third basemen right now, he is the third baseman you’d look out for, especially if he is in the opponent team.

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As per his debut, Arenado made his first debut in 2013 with the Colorado Rockies. Most notably, he is known for being an excellent hitter with an outstanding defense. 

Plus, Arenado reached 100 home runs and became the youngest player in Rockies franchise history to do so. Furthermore, he also played in the 2017 World Baseball Classic for the United States national team, winning the first gold medal for the team in the tournament. 

Similarly, some of his career highlights and achievements consist of 9 times Golden Glove Award, 6 Times All-Star, 4 times Silver Slugger Award, 3 times NL home run leader, 2 times NL RBI leader, 4 times Fielding Bible Award, and Hit for the Cycle.

1. José Ramírez

Ranked as the best third baseman right now, José Enrique Ramírez is among the most respected and talented athletes in the MLB. 

This Dominican professional plays as a third baseman for the Cleveland Guardians. Ramírez first signed as an amateur free agent for the Indians in 2009. Ramirez made his professional MLB debut in 2013.

José Ramírez. (Source: Wikimedia)
José Ramírez. (Source: Wikimedia)

Not to forget, Ramirez led the Indians to their first World Series in 2016. So, he was named the Bob Feller Man of the Year Award winner. 

Besides, Ramirez also became the 19th player in the history of MLB to hit 56 doubles in one season.

Moving on to his achievements, some of his career achievements are; 3 times All-Star, 2020 All-MLB Second Team, 3 times Silver Slugger Award, and 30-30 Club.


The athletes mentioned above are undoubtedly talented. But, this talent didn’t come for free. It came with nonstop grind and dedication. 

The hard work, dedication, and willpower made these athletes who they are today. Else, they wouldn’t be ranked here as one of the best third basemen right now.

There is a lot we all can learn from these athletes. So, from the athletes mentioned above, best third basemen, which one was your favorite? Feel free to let us know.

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