Top 10 Best Wakeboard Boats in the World Right Now

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Are you into wakeboarding? And do you want to find some of the best wakeboard boats in the world right now? 

Well, you’re the lucky one, as we will be discussing the 10 best wakeboard boats in the world as of now.

Wakeboarding or Wake surfing is an extreme sport that is loved and followed by many. However, the main component for an excellent wakeboard experience is the boat. Therefore, everything from comfort to design to engine and innovation matters. 

Best Wakeboard Boat
Wakeboard Boat. (Source:

To elaborate, every tiny detail about the boat is important for a better experience. Most minor details make a difference, whether for the rider at the helm or the person at the end of the ropes.

Hence, we have dug deep to find out some of the best wakeboard boats available right now.

Thus, let’s jump right into knowing the top 10 best wakeboard boats as of 2024.

10 Best Wakeboard Boats in the World Right Now

The best wakeboard boat record mentioned is assembled based on its popularity, upgrade, engine, price, and design. Most of them are compiled in reference to,, and

Further, before jumping into the details about the best wakeboard boat, let us quickly view the boat’s name present in the list.

Price (USD)
10. 2021 Tige 23RZX $162,200
9. Axis Wake A20 $74,000
8. 2020 Supra SA $137,200
7. Super Air Nautique GS22E $292,711
6. Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ $138,806
5. Centurion Vi24 $153,415
4. Moomba Kiyen $105,000
3. Sanger 231 SL $83,000
2. Centurion Vi22 $105,900
1. Mastercraft NXT22 above $69,995

10. Tige 23RZX

The 2021 Tige 23RZX is an award-winning boat that is superb in design and innovation. It is an absolute heart-crusher which is arguably the best wakeboard boat in the market. 

The 23RZX contains a system that balances the wave, which results in a comfortable ride. Therefore, the boat is operatable by any level of rider, from beginners to experts. Also, with the next generation of on-boarding technology, the 23RZX features Tige Clear scene touch.

The touch screen experience allows the intuitive user command and full customization of the boat. In short, it’s cheery on the cake to an already fantastic boat.

Similarly, the boat also features Wet Sounds Audio System that makes riding more fun. On top of that, the Go System powered by TAPS 3T quickly initiates with a click on the Tige Clear.

Hence, you will always get a consistent wake whether you’re wake surfing, wakeboarding, or skiing. Not to mention, you can also adjust the wakes with a simple touch.

Further with the industry-leading torque and horsepower, the 23RZX features the Indmar Raptor 6.2L engine, which is a game-changer.

The featured engine makes the boat a beast on the water. All in all, with these features, the 2021 Tie 23RZX ranks 10th as the best wakeboard right now.

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9. Axis Wake A20

Suppose you’re looking for something comparatively cheap but don’t want to compromise on performance. Well, the 2020 Axis Wake A20 is just what you’re looking for.

Axis Wake has knocked it out of the park with their A20 boat. In addition, the boat features more storage as they moved the batteries from the observer set to the bow.

Moreover, they have not only looked for performance but also comfort. As a result, the Wake A20 features sliding seats with detachable setbacks.

Further, compared to other boats that feature two or four-speaker, the A20 has seven in the entire boat. Four in the cabin, two in the bow, and one in the driver’s footwell.

Best Wakeboard Boat
Overview of the Stunning Axis Wake A20. (Source:

Not to mention, the boat also features a built-in cooler and 17 cupholders. Likewise, the boat’s helm also features an armrest that makes it comfortable for a long ride. As a result, the engineers have thought it through to provide maximum fun and comfort to the users.

Finally, for the best part, the boat features the Malibu Monsoon Engine, which is an absolute bad boy and affordable.

The engine is super reliable, provides better performance, consumes less fuel, and has a sound reduction.

8. Supra SA

A SA boat has always been outspoken and versatile. A great example of that statement would be the 2020 Supra SA, the most versatile boat out of all present in the list.

The design has been upgraded to provide users with the best riding experience of their life. In addition, the 22 feet 5 inches long boat with a 102-inch bean has a vast storage capacity.

Under every seat is a storage facility that can be easily removed which gives you wide-open access to your storage. The facility is present in the cabinet, bow, and back seat.

Moreover, the battery has also been moved to the floor to create more space. Likewise, there are attached trash cans with easy-to-access doors. 

Not to mention, all the materials are made with chill tech vinyl, which helps the boat stay cool even under a scorching sun. Hence, no more hurting naked feet while walking. Further, there are two touch screens in the helm area: the control screen and the view screen.

The view screen is placed on the front, whereas the control screen is to the right. Both the screens help navigate multiple apps such as media maps and video cameras as an extra pair of eyes.

A third controller, the passenger control screen, is also available to control audio, lights, and camera. Hence, the party will run smoothly without the captain being disturbed.

Like the 2021 Tige 23RZX, the 2020 Supra SA also uses the Indrmar Raptor 6.2L engine.

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7. Super Air Nautique GS22E

The Super Air Nautique GS22E certainly lives up to its hype of being a total beast on the water.

There is nothing like the Nautique surf system, making it an idol for creating wakes and waves. Further, the system can be controlled from the helm with a touch screen.

Not only that, even the rider at the end of the ropes can control the system through remote or by an app that connects with GS22E. Therefore, it gives the rider the advantage of adjusting the wakes and waves according to their need.

Further, with the Nautique Configurable Running Surface technology, the GS22E offers optimal speed and performance for any water sports activity. The boat also offers a GoPro attachment that holds the device at the perfect angle to capture the big wave shot.

Furthermore, the touch screen also connects with the GoPro resulting in complete control of the device.

Overall the boat is powered by the award-winning Ingenity engine that entirely runs on electricity. As a result, the engine makes zero noise and lets you have a peaceful time.

In addition, the engine provides the torque required for wakeboarding at least 2 to 3 hours on a single charge. 

6. Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ

If you’re a tech geek, then the Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ is a perfect choice. The boat offers an upgraded operating system that is as easy and clear to use as possible.

No more touching the screen multiple times to increase the speed or the ballast. Now the user can dial the speed and the ballast percentage. An easy swipe navigates through multiple features that are simple to understand and use.

Further, there is no fuss about using the system with a quick response as nothing gets more straightforward than this. In addition to the operating system, the boat is also Wi-Fi enabled.

Best Wakeboard Boat
Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ in action. (Source:

This means that you can connect to your Spotify through the system and enjoy your music. Similarly, wireless phone charging arrangements are also provided.

Besides that, the 23 MXZ offers the most significant space by any Malibu boat as of now. Hence, with multiple hinging cousins, the storage facility can be easily accessed.

Not to mention, the storage facility is very deep to a point where half of your body can fit.

Moreover, the boat offers the best customization of wakes and waves through its Malibu Power Wedge 3 engine.

5. Centurion Vi24

If balance ever looked like a boat, it would probably be the Centurion Vi24, the most stable boat on the list.

The thing that makes it stable is the Opti-V hull upon which it is built on. Further, this V-angle structure is a much steeper angle than most other boats.

Therefore, it not only stabilizes the boat but also helps create a world-class surf. In addition, a quick surf pros system is also available in the form of a plate at the back of the boat.

These plates allow the rider to switch from one side to another as fast as 1.8 seconds. Hence, there will be no problem to surf on the regular side rather than the goofy one.

Aside from that, the seatings are made from centurions hex vinyl with Gorton air threat stitching. Thus, they are very durable, waterproof, and dissipate heat.

Furthermore, all the compartments have hinge seating that means more storage facilities for the 24 feet longboat.

In addition, the Vi24 features the most extensive single-screen system right in front of the driving seat. As a result, it gives the driver a broad view to control everything in the boat.

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4. Moomba Kiyen

If you’re looking for a smaller boat but with the same aggressiveness and efficiency, then the 21.5 foot Moomba Kiyen is the perfect suit for you.

With their impressive 3,700 pounds of ballast, the Kiyen can fit up to 15 people while quickly generating required wakes and waves.

Further, with analog technology, controlling and customization are very easy. Not only that but also toggles control makes the process of changing wakes or waves easy.

Therefore, the driver can easily access the toggles behind the steering wheels. Despite the boat comparatively being negligible, it still offers maximum storage capacity.

And don’t get me started about the 6.2L Ford Raptor engine capable of creating 400 hp. For a small boat, that is a massive power that doesn’t affect its stability.

Overall, Kiyen meets the expectation while talking about the best wakeboard boat in the world right now.

3. Sanger 231 SL

If classy is your style, you will love the Sanger 231 SL, also the best high-performance wakeboard boat on the list.

One might argue that a 23-foot boat built around wake surfing is trash, but with the 231 SL, that’s not the case.

With two power engines option: the Indmar Raptor 440 and the Indmar Raptor 575, it’s as fast as anything on the water. Not to mention, you also get a lifetime warranty.

The most standout thing apart from the engine is the upholstery look. With fabulous colorways and a well-stitched interior, the boat is nothing less than a piece of beauty.

Further, the helm contained two big traditional analog gauges; one for speedometer and another for fuel, volts, and temp pressure.

In between the two gauges is a 4.3-inch touch screen that lets you control the entire boat. Also, an old fashion kicker head unit is provided that gives it an aesthetic look.

Besides that, with 5200 pounds of available ballast, you can take your surfing or wakeboarding game to the next level.

2. Centurion Vi22

It’s hard not to mention the Centurion Vi22 during the conversation of the best wakeboard boat in the world right now.

Despite it only being a 22-foot boat, the space available is quite impressive. Behind every seat is a storage compartment that can easily fit tons of weights.

Further, the helm is at its best with a swanky captain chair. Likewise, behind the steering wheel, two paddle shifters controlling the wake plate and control speed are present. 

In addition, the helm also has a touchscreen that highlights the menu for everything that the boat has to offer.

Centurion Vi22 with its unique pink color look.
Centurion Vi22 with its unique pink color look. (Source:

The Vi22 is so well designed that the more weights you put on the boat, the more wake you get. Hence, there will be no problem even if the boat goes overweight.

The wakes generated are very symmetrical with the optic-V hull, making anyone comfortable from beginner to advanced riding.

With the PCM 409 engine integrated, you can take up a notch anytime you want, even to a point where there are 20 degrees of deadrise in wakes or waves.

These deadrises are similar to the ones we can find in the ocean. Overall, Vi22 is a very spectacular boat that delivers on all fronts.

1. Mastercraft NXT22

If your heart has not skipped a beat by now, then get ready for that, as the Mastercraft NXT22 is hands down the best wakeboard boat in the world right now.

The NXT series from Mastercraft has always lived up to their hype. They are massively popular due to their impressive stability, comfort, and value. With cool designs and a much powerful engine, the NXT22 tops all its competitors.

Remarkably, the gen2 surf system pumps out the best waves for any rider. Hence, it is a perfect choice for beginners or advanced riders.

The NXT22 can fit up to 14 people comfortably while providing them with tons of storage capacity. Furthermore, every seating can be removed for complete access to the storage.

The helm is designed with a mix of analog and digital technology that is perfectly aligned to comfort the driver. Also, multiple switches are available that independently adjust the wake devices that provide a tremendous customizable experience.

Analog gauges and a head unit are also present in the dash. Overall, the 23.5-foot boat is just the best thing you can find on the water.

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It can be pretty hard to find the idol boat suited for you. There is just about everything offered by various boats, which can be very confusing.

However, with various research, these 10 boats have proven to be worthy enough for any event. Whether it’s for sporting, partying, or even some peaceful family time.

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