5 Best Zombie Board Games for Unlimited Fun

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Zombies are popular among the horror genre-loving masses. After the globally hit TV series, The Walking Dead, more and more zombie games has invaded the gaming market.

Likewise, there has also been the release of many zombie board games following the trends. From movies, serials, and video games, zombie-loving fans can also enjoy various board games on their tabletop.

Zombicide board game
Zombicide board game (Source: Amazon.com)

You might feel that the board games may fall short of the excitement of the video games.

That is a too naive way of thinking, as we present to you some of the best zombie board games that will give you the best experience for your game night.

These board games come with some of the most diverse, non-stop combat, survivalist theme for your enjoyment. There is something for everything. So why not look at the list of the best zombie board games together?

5 Best Zombie Board Games for Unlimited Fun

We have compiled this list with the help of internet sites like the Dicebreaker. But before the details, let us look at the overall rankings below.

Board Games Players
5. City of Horror 3-6
4. Dawn of the Zeds 1-5
3. Last Night on Earth 2-6
2. Dead of Winter 2-5
1. Zombicide 1-6

5. City of Horror

  • LxHxW (in inches): 11.13 x 11.13 x 3.13

We will be starting our list with a board game with simpler rules called the City of Horror. The game comes with an impressive board with many pieces, most of which are zombies on little plastic stands.

The game’s main objective is to outlive the zombie apocalypse and establish a society. The board game, however, does not have much combat situation. It is a fun game that involves diplomacy, negotiation, and betrayal.

The setup is of a city with a zombie outbreak, and each player will control three to five survivors. The players hide in various buildings waiting to be rescued.

City of Horror
City of Horror (Source: Amazon.com)

Similarly, the player has to keep their survivors alive throughout the four hours of the night. However, it is not an easy task as the buildings will eventually run out of space, and someone will have to be ejected.

A voting process among the fellow players decides which player is to be tossed out of the building. What might look like an alliance could eventually end up in betrayal.

The run time for the game is around 90 minutes, where the players will debate, make deals and alliances, trade items, etc. The game is best played between entire groups of five to six players.

The board game will provide exciting gameplay for zombie lovers as they try to survive the brain-eating miscreants.

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4. Dawn of the Zeds

  • LxHxW (in inches): 11.61 x 3.35 x 11.61

On our number 4, we have the cooperative States of Siege board game, Dawn of the Zeds. The game is suited for a group of players but is also ideal for players to play independently.

The game is set in the town of Farmingdale, where there has been an outbreak of Zombie Epidemic Disease. It is a versatile board game with six or seven game modes. Players can choose the difficulty levels before starting.

Likewise, the players can adjust the length of the game. The players will have to join forces to keep the town safe, supply ammo, and find the cure for the zombie infestation.

Dawn of the Zeds
Dawn of the Zeds (Source: Amazon.com)

Dawn of the Zeds is more of a complex board game. But it comes with five rulebooks that will help the players with the games. The best part of the game is that it is highly customizable.

The game’s first edition was more specifically designed for a single player. But with the release of the recent third edition, the board game now includes cooperative and competitive gameplay for up to five players.

Dawn of the Zeds is also perfect for those who love mind-blogging board games. The board game is highly engaging, and you can enjoy the game solo or with a group for a game night. 

3. Last Night on Earth

  • LxHxW (in inches): 12 x 3 x 12

There is no shortage of zombie movies that are guilty pleasures of many despite their lousy acting, brain-dead scripts, and cheesiness. The next board game on our list is precisely taken from that.

Last Night on Earth is a scenario-based, semi-cooperative game board with card art featuring real actors straight from the fictional B-movie zombie flick. One or two players will control the zombies while the others play the survivor.

This zombie board game is slightly different from other games where the zombies are no-brain flesh-eating miscreants. Since the players control the zombies, they are more competent and intelligent.

Last Night on Earth
Last Night on Earth (Source: Amazon.com)

Therefore, it will be quite a task to defeat the zombies compared to your average regular ones. On the other hand, the survivors will have to work together to get the weapons and resources.

Similarly, the survivors will have to complete scenarios without getting killed by the undead in the process. To further enhance the theatrical experience, the board game comes with a CD soundtrack.

It takes from 60 to 90 minutes for the game to complete. It is one of the best zombie games that has been out there for a while now. Last Night on Earth is one of the best, fun tactical combat board games.

2. Dead of Winter

  • LxHxW: Not specified

We have Dead of Winter on our number 2 of best zombie board games. The board game is a meta-cooperative psychological survival game set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world amidst harsh winter.

The players will have to work together in the game while completing their secret objectives. Each player will have to lead a group of survivors.

They must find a way to work together, resolve crises, find food and supplies, and keep their colony alive. However, the players’ alliance can also quickly change into betrayal as each player work to complete their secret mission to achieve victory.

Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter (Source: Amazon.com)

The players will often have to decide what action is best for the colony and themselves. There are dozens of unique characters that make the board game more engaging and thrilling.

The game playtime is approximately between 60 to 120 minutes. The wildly-varying and challenging decision will push the players to the edge of their seats without being overly too complex.

Dead of Winter is a perfect zombie board game. The fun thing about the game is that it could end with all players winning, some winning, or all the players losing.

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1. Zombicide

  • LxHxW (in inches): 11.81 x 3.94 x 11.81 inches

Our number 1 of the best zombie board games goes to Zombicides. It is a cooperative game and a perfect non-stop action zombie board game. The game has even been compared as the closest game to a box zombie RPG.

The board game comes with highly detailed miniature figures with six survivors and dozens of zombies. The players will have to face ten different, tricky scenarios and work together to make it out alive.

The players will have to find weapons to kill the zombies. There are varieties of colorful armaments to choose from. The players will gain more skills as they kill more zombies.

Zombicide (Source: Amazon.com)

However, the more higher-level heroes, the more danger it attracts. But the main attractive feature of the game is its limitless potential. The board has modular map tiles, and the players can create their own adventures and try to survive.

The game can last for 20 minutes for beginners, while it can last up to 3 hours for expert board players. The players who can complete the scenario’s objective will win the game.

As a result of its popularity, the board game has multiple expansions, sequels, and spin-offs. Zombicide is the perfect game for both the board lovers and fans of zombie movies, series and video games.

Honorable Mentions

  • Zombie Dice
  • The Walking Dead: All Out War
  • Zpocalypse


Board Games are a popular way of spending your nights together with your friends and family. These zombie board games are perfect for horror and zombie theme-loving people.

The game does not end with you rolling the dice and killing miniatures. You will have a great time thinking about the strategy for your game as you have to survive the brain-eating undead that comes after you!

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