Bill Bradley Net Worth 2024: Income And ‘Rolling Along’ Movie

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Former New York Knicks basketball player Bill Bradley has ventured into corporate, politics, and business, amassing an impressive net worth.

Subsequently, his multi-faceted talents and adaptability in different sectors have helped him lead a financially fruitful life.

Fomrer NY Knicks Player Bill Bradley
Former NY Knicks Player Bill Bradley (Source: NY Post)

Bill Bradley is a former New York Knicks basketball star who won two NBA titles with the franchise.

He has also had a notable political career, serving as a Democratic Senator in three different terms. Bradley also ran for the Democratic US presidential ticket in 2000, losing to Al Gore.

Bill Bradley Net Worth 2024

The former Knicks basketball star has been successful in diverse fields, earning significant fame and success.

Subsequently, his impactful NBA career with the New York Knicks garnered fame and substantial earnings, notably through the team’s championship victories.

Bradley played in the NBA during the 70s when the league was not lucrative. However, according to a 1976 NY Times article, his salary was $325,000 for that year.

For that season, he was the highest-paid player in his position. This implies his overall basketball career was economically fruitful.

Beyond sports, Bradley’s intellectual contributions as an author, particularly with works like “Values of the Game,” added to his income through book sales and royalties.

Bradley Has Had A Successful Career In Diverse Fields
Bradley Has Had A Successful Career In Diverse Fields (Source:

Moreover, his tenure at McKinsey & Company and subsequent involvement in corporate board positions, including those at Starbucks and Seagate Technology, underscored his financial acumen.

Engaging in public speaking engagements, leveraging his political and sporting experiences, provided additional revenue streams.

Moreover, his global business engagement, investments, and philanthropic initiatives also enhanced his portfolio.

Furthermore, his advisory roles in various corporate settings and potential involvement in television and media activities likely contributed to his financial success.

In summary, his wealth accumulation is the product of a versatile and accomplished career spanning basketball, politics, literature, finance, and business.

Bill Bradley Financial Report In 1999

When Bradley ran for the White House in 1999, there was a financial report about his overall fortune. During that time, his net worth stood at $5.1 million.

In 1998, he emerged as a financial powerhouse, earning over $1.6 million from 64 speeches, primarily delivered in destinations like Las Vegas and Palm Beach.

Simultaneously, he pocketed more than $430,000 in consulting fees from financial heavyweights such as Morgan Guaranty Trust Co., J.P. Morgan Services, and the Gartner Group.

Despite discontinuing his association with these firms before his presidential bid, Bradley secured $31,000 in donations from J.P. Morgan executives.

Juggling multiple roles, he found time to teach, earning nearly $50,000 from Stanford University’s Institute for International Studies and $77,000 from the University of Maryland.

Bradley also contributed essays to CBS News, earning $47,000. Subsequently, his book, “Values of the Game,” became a New York Times bestseller, yielding $137,000.

Additionally, he received monthly NBA pension checks from his playing days with the New York Knicks, totaling $52,490 in 1998.

Furthermore, his diverse assets, ranging from high-tech stocks and over $1 million in BankAmerica stock to Missouri farmland and a summer property in Athens, Greece, contributed to a reported net worth of over $5 million in 1999.

We can estimate the net worth of the former Knicks NBA champion to be around $25 million to $30 million in 2024.

Further corporate involvement and sensible business investments have boosted his overall wealth in the present day.

A Documentary About His Life

It is no secret that Bill Bradley has had an eventful life. From winning NBA titles to running for the US presidency, his life and career are filled with exciting anecdotes and stories.

'Rolling Along' Is Documentary Describing The Life Of Bill Bradley
‘Rolling Along’ Is a Documentary Describing The Life Of Bill Bradley (Source: Forbes)

Subsequently, a new documentary film has been released about his life, called ‘Rolling Along: Bill Bradley’, encompassing the significant moments.

The ex-NBA player and Senator reflects on his journey, starting from his athletic career, years in the Senate, and his bid for the White House.

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