Bill Hillgrove Wife Rosette Sapienza: Retired Life, Kids & Net Worth

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As the esteemed sports broadcaster Bill Hillgrove retires, speculations arise among the public about whether his wife influenced his retirement.

While the spotlight mainly falls brightly only on his professional achievements, everyone is aware of the deep bond he shares with his wife.

Bill Hillgrove American Broadcaster And Radio Personality
Bill Hillgrove, American Broadcaster And Radio Personality (Source: WPXI)

William Thomas Hillgrove is a sports broadcaster, radio personality, and sports journalist from the United States.

Attending Duquesne University, Hillgrove served as a student sports broadcaster for Duquesne basketball games during college.

Hillgrove began his career as a disc jockey at WKJF and transitioned to WTAE-TV as the station’s booth announcer in 1968.

From 1994 until 2024, Hillgrove became the primary play-by-play broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Steelers football network.

Additionally, Hillgrove leads broadcasting for the University of Pittsburgh, providing commentary for Pitt football games on their sports network.

Who Is The Wife Of Bill Hillgrove? Do They Have Kids?

Bill Hillgrove, a prominent figure in sports broadcasting, was married to Rosette Sapienza in 1965.

The couple began their fulfilling journey of marriage and have been together ever since.

Initially, they resided in Wilkinsburg at 706 Wood Street after their marriage.

However, they later made their home in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, where they raised their family.

His wife, Rosette, is a vocal music teacher, and together, they have two children, Leah and Bill, and two grandchildren.

Bill Hillgrove With His Grandson, Jack
Bill Hillgrove With His Grandson, Jack

Despite their father’s prominence in the public eye, children and their parents opt for a low-profile existence.

The family also maintains a deliberate distance from social media, making it even more challenging to learn about them.

However, recent reports claim that Hillgrove is stepping back from his illustrious broadcasting career for personal reasons.

With his wife, Rosette, battling depression, Hillgrove says that his increased presence and support are more required at home. 

This has prompted his retirement from his long-standing career, marking a significant transition for the family.

However, the Hillgrove legacy in sports broadcasting continues with their grandson, Jack Hillgrove, following in his grandfather’s footsteps. 

A senior at Baldwin High School, Jack is reportedly pursuing a career in sports broadcasting.

Additionally, he has already made strides in the field, earning a spot as a spotter for Pitt football radio broadcasts. 

With Jack, the Hillgrove family continues to leave an indelible mark on Pittsburgh and beyond.

Carrying aspirations to become a sports broadcaster, Jack’s dedication to the craft reflects the enduring influence of the Hillgrove name in sports commentary.

How Is The Retired Life Of Bill Hillgrove? What Is His Net Worth?

Following his retirement announcement on WDVE-FM, Bill Hillgrove bid farewell to the radio booth, leaving behind an esteemed career in sports broadcasting.

Despite retiring from his role as the play-by-play announcer, Hillgrove’s voice will continue to resonate through his work with Pitt football and basketball.

He has broadcasted four Super Bowl appearances and numerous memorable games throughout his nearly three-decade tenure.

As Hillgrove embraces retirement, he looks forward to indulging in personal activities during July and August.

Retired Life Of Bill Hillgrove
Retired Life Of Bill Hillgrove (Source: Steelers Report)

He mentions boat trips to Conneaut Lake to appreciate the autumn scenery, a luxury he couldn’t afford previously due to professional commitments.

Additionally, he acknowledges the opportunity to be more available for his wife, Rosette, who is currently battling with depression.

Furthermore, Bill boasts a net worth estimated at $1 million as of March 2024.

Hillgrove was the lead play-by-play broadcaster for the Steelers football network, earning an average salary of approximately $92,527.

He earned most of his income from his illustrious sports broadcasting career.

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