Bo Jackson Wife: Linda Jackson Is A Rehabilitation Counselor

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The former professional baseball and football player Bo Jackson is married to his wife Linda Jackson, a rehabilitation counselor.

Together the couple have three children; sons Garrett and Nicholas and a daughter, Morgan Jackson.

Bo Jackson‘s college career was nothing short of remarkable, amassing an impressive 4,303 rushing yards and scoring an astounding 43 touchdowns while playing for the Auburn Tigers from 1982 to 1985.

His exceptional talents transcended sports as he achieved stardom in not just one but two major professional leagues.

Bo Jackson With His Wife Linda
Bo Jackson With His Wife Linda (Source: Sports Illustrated)

He showcased his prowess as a pivotal player for both the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and MLB’s Kansas City Royals.

Unfortunately, his promising journey was cut short by a devastating hip injury that forced him to retire prematurely, leaving fans to wonder what further heights he could have reached.

Despite Bo Jackson’s extraordinary legacy on the football field and baseball diamond, his children have chosen different paths, veering away from their Heisman-winning father’s football heritage.

Bo Jackson Wife: Linda Jackson Is A Rehabilitation Counselor

In 1986, Jackson entered a new chapter of his life by marrying his college sweetheart, Linda Garrett.

The bond they shared led to the joyful addition of two sons, Garrett and Nicholas, followed by the blessing of a daughter named Morgan.

Then, in 1994, Jackson made a decision that caught many by surprise – he bid farewell to his illustrious professional athletic career for good.

This choice, like many others in his life, demonstrated his willingness to embrace unexpected turns.

Jackson’s motivation behind this decision was deeply personal: he expressed a strong desire to prioritize spending quality time with his beloved family.

His own upbringing had been marked by poverty and the absence of a father figure.

Additionally, his mother’s busy schedule left little room for meaningful interactions with her children.

Determined not to replicate his past experiences, Jackson was resolute in ensuring that his own family would benefit from his presence and attention.

Relationship Timeline & Kids

Linda and Bo Jackson’s meeting story could easily be the stuff of a classic romantic movie.

Their journey began in the student lounge of Auburn University back in 1984.

Linda, a brilliant doctoral student, was engrossed in her studies when fate introduced her to Bo, who would soon become an integral part of her life.

At the time, Linda was navigating the challenging path of academia, focused on her pursuit of a doctorate.

Bo, on the other hand, was rising to fame as the star player on a football scholarship, captivating the entire school with his exceptional athletic prowess.

The initial spark between Linda and Bo was one of genuine friendship, a connection formed through shared laughs, thoughtful conversations, and a growing appreciation for each other’s unique qualities.

As the seasons changed, so did the nature of their relationship.

What began as a friendship gradually blossomed into a love story.

Bo’s Heisman-worthy performance during the 1985 football season was not the only highlight of that year.

It was during this remarkable time that Linda and Bo discovered they were expecting a child.

Yet, Bo’s response to the news showcased his character and the depth of his feelings for Linda.

Instead of shying away from the situation, he chose to embrace it. Bo’s commitment to their relationship deepened, and his sense of responsibility grew stronger as he faced the reality of impending parenthood.


Following the arrival of their first child in 1986, Linda’s journey led her to Kansas City the following year.

By the time September rolled around, Linda and Bo joyfully exchanged vows, solidifying their bond.

At the youthful age of 24, Bo, the sports superstar, embraced a new title: that of a devoted and married man.

On July 13, 1986, they joyously welcomed their first son, Garrett Jackson, into the world—a day doubly significant as it coincided with Bo’s triumphant launch of his first professional home run.

In 1988, Linda’s maternal embrace expanded once again with the birth of their second son, Nicholas Jackson. Despite their father’s illustrious athletic legacy, neither of Bo’s sons pursued a path as college athletes.

Just a year after Nicholas’ arrival, their family circle felt complete with the birth of their cherished first daughter, Morgan Jackson.

A Brief On Bo Jackson

Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson, born on November 30, 1962, is a renowned American athlete who achieved remarkable success in both professional baseball and football.

He stands as the sole professional player in history to be recognized as an All-Star in two prominent North American sports, a distinction that solidifies his reputation as one of the greatest athletes ever.

Bo Jackson’s illustrious journey began as a college football running back for the Auburn Tigers, culminating in his Heisman Trophy win in 1985.

He transitioned to professional sports, excelling in the National Football League (NFL) with the Los Angeles Raiders and in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, and California Angels.

His remarkable accomplishments led to his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1996.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Jackson’s fame transcended sports due to the iconic “Bo Knows” advertising campaign by Nike.

This campaign featured him alongside musician Bo Diddley, endorsing a versatile cross-training athletic shoe named after him.

Unfortunately, his sporting career was marred by a hip injury in 1991 that ended his football endeavors, and his baseball journey concluded in 1994.

Jackson continued to diversify his pursuits, completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Child Development at Auburn University.

He still holds the record for the most runs of 90+ yards from scrimmage, a testament to his exceptional speed and agility.

Additionally, Jackson dabbled in acting, appearing in minor roles in TV shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Married… with Children, as well as films like The Chamber.

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