Is Bobby Petrino Still Married To Becky Petrino? Affair Rumors

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Bobby Petrino Still Married To Becky Petrino: Bobby Petrino wife, Becky Petrino, remained throughout the struggling days of her husband to coaching prominence.

However, after her beau Bobby’s extra-marital affair with Jessica Dorrell highlights in 2012, fans wonder if the duo is still married.

Yes, they are- Bobby and his wife, Becky, are still in a marital relationship. Together, the pair shares four children, two sons & two daughters.

Arkansas Razorbacks Former Head Coach Bobby Petrino Is Father Of Four Kids With His Wife Becky
Arkansas Razorbacks Former Head Coach Bobby Petrino Is Father Of Four Kids With His Wife Becky (Source: Aggies Wire)

Born on March 10, 1961, Robert Patrick “Bobby” Petrino is an American football coach who’s been in a coaching career since 1983.

Currently, the Montana native serves as the offensive coordinator for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He joined in November 2023 under head coach Sam Pittman.

It marks his second stint with the Razorbacks, where he was the head football coach from 2008 to 2011.

However, his extra-marital affair and unlawful hiring of his mistress into the staff got a wavier earlier.

In a decade between 2011 & 2023, Petrino saw him with coaching duties in Western Kentucky, Missouri State, UNLV, and Texas A&M.

Is Bobby Petrino Still Married To Becky Petrino?

On April Fool’s Day of 2012, a motorcycle accident brought a storm in Bobby Petrino’s conjugal life with his longtime wife, Becky Petrino.

The nearly fatal incident got him four broken ribs & a cracked vertebra in his neck, along with a nearly broken marriage after lights on his extra-marital affair came up.

As reported, Petrino was with his mistress, Jessica Dorrell, a former University of Arkansas volleyball player, at the time of the accident.

Even though he tried to cover up things, the police investigation didn’t let him, so he eventually had to admit his affair. 

Football Coach Bobby Petrino And His Wife Becky Petrino
Football Coach Bobby Petrino And His Wife Becky Petrino (Source: Facebook)

However, even after that incident, Bobby and his wife, Becky, are still together.

The couple’s been together since their college days in Montana, i.e., Carroll College of Helena, where Petrino played quarterback (1980-82). They reportedly married on July 20, 1985.

Despite the cheating scandal that snatched his job as head coach at the Razorbacks, Petrino’s wife remained by his side.

Becky, whose full name is Rebecca Schaff Petrino, is from Missoula, Montana. She attended Loyola Sacred Heart High School before she went to Carroll College.

Petrino And His Wife Share Four Grown-Up Kids

Bobby and his wife, Becky Petrino, share four kids and eight grandchildren. They are parents of two sons, Nick (b. May 6, 1988) and Bobby Jr. (b. March 24, 1993), and two daughters, Kelsey (b. November 1986) and Katie.

The eldest of four, Kelsey Petrino Scott, has been married to Ladarien D. Scott since July 2, 2011.

Together, Kelsey and her spouse have four kids: Brianna, Braylon, Emmett, and Anissa (b. 2017).

Her husband is the defensive coordinator at Missouri State University, which he joined in 2020. On the other, she serves as the executive director at Petrino Family Foundation (2014- present).

She graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Sports Administration in 2009.

Bobby Petrino With His Wife, Kids And Grandkids
Bobby Petrino With His Wife, Kids And Grandkids (Source: Facebook)

Bobby and Becky’s other daughter, Katie, lives with her husband Ryan Beard, the head football coach at MSU Bears (2023- now).

They married on July 1, 2017, and are parents of four kids: Lainey Kathryn (b. Sept 2019), Beau (b. May 2018), and twins Kailey and Jake (b. March 5, 20022).

Katie Beard, a University of Louisville graduate, is a deputy director at Petrino Family Foundation.

The American football coach’s elder son, Nick, has been an offensive coordinator at Missouri State Bears since 2020.

Earlier, the University of Louisville alum worked as co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at UT Martin.

Petrino’s youngest son, Bobby Petrino Jr., who is openly gay, is the owner of Hotworx Boulder studio (2019- present). According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked as a patient healthcare assistant at Norton Healthcare.

He attended the University of Arkansas from 2009 to 2012 before moving to the University of Louisville and graduating with an accounting and finance degree in 2015.

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