Bradley Chubb Brother: Brandon’s Life & Career

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Brandon Chubb is the elder brother of Bradley Chubb, who plays as a linebacker for the Denver Broncos of the NFL. Both the Chubb brothers have had a special relationship with the game of football since they were kids.

To be more precise, loving football was kind of a hereditary thing for them as their father, Aaron, was a professional player back in his youth, and they were just following in their dad’s footsteps.

They remember playing the game with their old man for as long as they can remember.

Bradley And Brendon Chubb
Bradley And Brendon Chubb (Source: Instagram)

Sadly, their father’s professional career ended sooner than expected, so he wanted both sons to have great NFL careers.

While the younger Bradley excelled and found a secure place in the league, the older brother had to leave the NFL field early because of frequent injuries.

However, for Brandon, life outside the football is no less exciting. Besides being an economics graduate, Brandon is a well-known social worker and a labor rights activist.

In this article, we shall discuss Brandon’s early life, short-lived football career, activism, relationship with his younger brother, and much more.

But before we dive in further, here are some quick facts you must know about Chubb.

Bradley Chubb Brother | Quick Facts

Full Name Brandon Chubb
Birth Date October 21, 1993
Birth Place Georgia, United States
Age 30 Years Old
Nickname Not available
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Education • Hillgrove High School (Powder Springs, Georgia)

• Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

Zodiac Sign Libra
Father’s Name Aaron Chubb
Mother’s Name Stacey Chubb
Siblings A brother (Bradley)
Height 1.85 meters/6 feet 1 inch/185 cm
Weight 245 lbs./111 kg
Build Sturdy
Shoe Size Not Available
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
League None
Marital Status Married 
Profession Football Player/ Labor Union leader
Position Linebacker
Currently Team Not Available
NFL draft 2016/ Undrafted
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Bradley Chubb Merch  Rookie Card
Last Update July 2024

Bradley Chubb Brother | Early Life & Education

Bradley’s brother, Brandon Chubb, was born on October 21, 1993, in Georgia, United States, to his parents, Aaron (father) and Stacey Chubb (mother).

Chubb’s family originally came from Cedartown, Georgia, but Brandon spent his childhood in another Georgia town, Marietta, with his younger sibling.

His father, Aaron, had settled there after his professional football career was over in the 1980s.

Brandon Chubb with his father brother Bradley and cousin Nick (Source: ESPN)
Brandon Chubb (second from right) With His Father, Brother Bradley, and Cousin Nick (Source: ESPN)

Besides, Brandon is the cousin of the Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb. Nick’s father, Henry, and Aaron, are brothers.

Brandon attended Hillgrove High School in Powder Springs, Georgia, where he graduated in 2011. 

After high school graduation, he attended Wake Forest University in North Carolina, where he played college football. He graduated from the University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

He later went to Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Bradley Chubb Brother | Age & Body Measurements

Born in 1993, Brandon Chubb is currently 30 years old.

He is tall at 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch) and weighs around 245 lb.

Chubb has always been enthusiastic about workouts since his high school days, and because of that, he is still in great shape and looks fit despite frequent injuries. 

Bradley Chubb Brother | Career

High School & College Career

Bradley Chubb started his career playing high school football for Hillgrove HS in Georgia. The passionate football player soon gained prominence, and the school immediately recognized him as a letterman.

Chubb primarily played in the defensive end position during his initial seasons, but the team management decided to move him to the outside linebacker position during his senior year.

After graduating high school, Chubb went to West Forest University, where he played college football for the Demon Deacons. He redshirted his first year.

Brandon had 88 tackles in his sophomore season, appearing in all 12 games. He received the ACC Top Six for Service award for his performance.

The following year, Chubb had his career-best season in which he played all 12 games and recorded 109 tackles. Brandon entered the senior season as the Decons’ senior defenseman with the most game starts.

Professional Career

Even though Brandon had a reputation for being one of the best Demon Deacons products, no NFL team showed interest in him. As a result, he went undrafted in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Los Angeles Rams signed him as an undrafted free agent that same year. Over the following years, Brandon tried redeeming his professional career but was unsuccessful.

After his injury in 2017, the little chances he thought he had were also over. However, he was associated briefly with NFL teams such as Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, and Carolina Panthers until 2019.

Bradley Chubb Brother | Brandon Off the Field

Brandon Chubb is involved in different other fields of work outside football. Until the end of the second year of his college, he had thought that playing football was the only thing he wanted to do and nothing otherwise.

However, one fateful incident during his time at Wake Forest changed his thinking. He learned about an organization named Help Our People Eat, in short HOPE, and joined it as a volunteer.

As the name signifies, the organization’s main aim is to deliver food to hungry people with the help of its volunteers and financial contributors. 

Although Brandon began contributing to them casually, he later became immersed in their tasks. At one point, he even thought about leaving football entirely and doing something that helps people in society.

Brandon Chubb Philanthropy
Brandon Chubb Philanthropy (Source: The Sport of Philanthropy)

Continuing that job, Brandon is now the CEO of the Chubb Foundation, which he and his brother founded to engage in community service programs. They have provided education, food, and mentorship to underprivileged people in society.

Furthermore, they conduct football training programs through football camps as well.

Aside from that, Chubb has been working as the player director at NFL Players Association (NFLPA) since 2021.

After his association with one of the oldest labor unions in the sports sector, he has been actively advising NFL players regarding various problems they face while dealing with stakeholders in the league.

In addition, he runs different other business companies, namely Captain Partners and Concrete Rose Capital, etc., among many others.

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About Bradley Chubb

As mentioned above, Bradley Chubb is a highly professional football player, unlike his older brother. He has been playing for the Denver Broncos of the NFL since 2018.

He was born on June 24, 1996, in Austell, Georgia.

Chubb attended Hillgrove High School, playing football for its team, following in his brother’s footsteps.

While there, he progressed a lot and was much better than his brother. Consequently, many universities offered him scholarships, after which he eventually chose to play college football for NC State Wolfpack.

Bradley Chubb
Bradley Chubb (Source: Instagram)

The Denver Broncos chose Bradley as the 5th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Broncos had shown complete trust in him from the start, and because of this, he made a debut for them in the season opener game against the Seattle Seahawks, which they won with a score of 27-24.

Bradley recorded three combined tackles in that game. It has already been around five years since his NFL entry, and the linebacker has recorded over 150 tackles.

Net Worth

As of this writing, Bradley Chubb’s net worth ranges from $10 million to $15 million.

Soon after the draft, the Denver Broncos signed Bradley in a four-year deal worth about $27 million, including a $17.91 million worth of signing bonus. 

In the 2022 season, the player has a base salary of $12.71 million.

Bradley Chubb Brother | Personal Life

Brandon Chubb is married to his longtime girlfriend, Cassidy Milan Chubb. There is no information about how they exactly met and when they began dating, but seeing Milan’s social media posts, the two seem to be together since Bran’s college days.

Similarly, Cassidy’s place of origin and details about her early life remain unknown.

Brandon Chubb and his wife Cassidy (Source: Instagram)
Brandon Chubb and His Wife, Cassidy (Source: Instagram)

She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with film studies as a minor subject. However, she currently works in the sports media sector and specializes in marketing. 

Aside from that, Chubb’s wife is enthusiastic about different things, such as food, new places, and books. In other words, she likes small things that cheer people up.

She has her website, where she posts blogs about her travels, food experiences, fitness routines, etc. If you want to read her stories and want to know here more, click the link here!

Cassidy Chubb is famous on TikTok, where she has over 26k followers. She posts funny videos with her husband, Brandon, which people enjoy immensely.

The couple lives together in Vinings, Georgia.

Bradley Chubb Brother | Social Media Presence

Instagram: @chubb

Twitter: @40cho

TikTok: @40cho

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How old is Brandon’s brother, Bradley Chubb?

As Bradley was born in 1996, he is 28 years old.

Is Bradley Chubb a free agent?

No, Bradley Chubb is not a free agent yet. If the Broncos do not retrieve him after the 2022 season, he will be an unrestricted free agent in 2023.

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