Brandon Nakashima Girlfriend: Is He Dating Amelia Ruiz?

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Brandon Nakashima’s girlfriend, Amelia Ruiz, was pictured with him after he won the 2022 Next Gen ATP Finals.

But on his social media, Brandon never or has shared posts about Amelia. So, fans are curious if the duo is still together.

The 22-year-old rising tennis star Brandon Nakashima remains a fairly private person.

He made his grand slam debut in 2020 at the US Open and went past Paolo Lorenzi before falling against Alexander Zverev in the second round.

Brandon Nakashima Pictured Making His Shot At The Miami Open Earlier This Year In March
Brandon Nakashima Pictured Making His Shot At The Miami Open Earlier This Year In March (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, the youngster made a big step forward, reaching the third round of the French Open. Later that year, he performed even better at Wimbledon before being defeated by Nick Kyrgios in the fourth round. 

The San Diego native, Nakashima, got his hands on his first-ever major singles title at the 2022 San Diego Open.  

And with his girlfriend Amelia in the cheering section, Brandon captured another trophy at the 2022 Next Gen ATP.

As of this writing, Brandon Nakashima is yet to win any title in the 2023 ATP Tour.

He lost to Arthur Fils in the semi-finals of the 2023 ATP Lyon Open; the latter took home the title. Then, he shifted his focus to the 2023 French Open, but Denis Shapovalov eliminated him in the very first round.

Nakashima awaits & hopes to get his name in his first-ever Grand Slam title at the 2023 US Open. It won’t be easy, though, let’s see what he has to deliver!

Is Amelia Ruiz, Brandon Nakashima Girlfriend?

Brandon Nakashima may not openly discuss his relationship with Amelia Ruiz, but it is likely that the two are dating behind the camera’s lens.

Brandon hasn’t shared any pictures of him with Amelia on his Instagram handle. But the young tennis player was pictured kissing Amelia Ruiz after his victory at Next Gen ATP Finals in November last year.

And though Brandon hasn’t shared any picture with Amelia, he does follow her and her family on his Instagram handle.

Amelia is available on Instagram with the username @mimiruiz_ but has kept her handle private.

Who Is Amelia Ruiz? 

Amelia Ruiz currently resides in London, England, and is a graduate of the University of Exter and completed her degree in science.

And like her boyfriend, Amelia played sports in college, excelling in lacrosse. 

But Amelia didn’t continue her sporting passion and chose to take an academic route. After graduation, Amelia worked at Brand Finance as an analyst. 

Amelia Ruiz Is A Graduate Of The University of Exeter
Amelia Ruiz Is A Graduate Of The University of Exeter (Source: LinkedIn)

She then worked at MASECO Private Wealth as a senior wealth associate for three years until 2018. Amelia took a break from work and returned to school, completing her master’s at BPP University. 

Currently, Amelia works as an assistant psychologist at Achieving for Children (June 2021- now), a social enterprise company created in 2014. 

Brandon Nakashima & Amelia Ruiz Relationship

Brandon and Amelia are low-key lovers, but posts of their relatives & family spill the beans.

Seemingly their family certainly supports their relationship.

\Nina Ruiz, the mother of Amelia Ruiz, is a film producer and previously made a documentary named “Sleeping Warrior,” which featured the story of the first female lacrosse team in Africa competing in world championships in Canada.

Previously, on her Instagram handle, Nina shared photos of her and Amelia attending Ruiz’s match in the US Open. 

Amelia Ruiz's Mother Nina Ruiz Shared The Group Photo Which Featured Brandon(Right) And Amelia By His Side
Amelia Ruiz’s Mother, Nina Ruiz, Shared The Group Photo, Which Featured Brandon (Right) And Amelia By His Side (Source: Instagram)

She shared a group photo that included Brendon and Amelia standing side by side. The Ruiz family had arrived in New York to root for Brandon at the US Open. 

On June 26, 2022, Nina also shared a picture of Brandon with Novak Djokovic. She captioned the post, “Got to spend the day watching Brandon knocking up with Djokovic. Awesome.”

In the gallery of images posted by Nina, Amelia was also seen with Brandon, with the tennis star hugging her. 

Brandon also follows Amelia’s sister, Feenie Ruiz, on Instagram. The little sister of Amelia Ruiz is a senior account executive at BCW Global and is a graduate of the University of Oxford. She later earned her masters from King’s College London in Global Health in 2021. 

The rising tennis star has never talked about his relationship publicly. He would want to place his feet firmly in the tennis world before answering anything related to his private life.

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